One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 10

One of These Things is Not Like the Others: Challenge 10


Welcome to Monday, the best and most-anticipated day of the week!


Now, we admit that, historically speaking, Monday hasn't always been viewed in such a pleasant light. For example, consider this fairly typical quote:


"Tear my heart out, slow roast me over a fire, pull off my eyebrows strand by strand, push pins though my fingernail … do anything to me, anything but a Monday."


And that was actually one of the milder quotes about Monday we were able to find. Many of the others couldn't be published on a respectable Web site.


Note. What do you mean "What does 'a respectable Web site' have to do with the Lync Server PowerShell blog?"


But the days when people dreaded the arrival of yet another Monday are long gone; today people actually look forward to Monday morning. Why? Because Monday morning is when we post a new Lync Server One of These Things is Not Like the Others challenge. And, now that we mentioned it, which of these Lync Server PowerShell parameters is not like the others?









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