Best Practices Analyzer for Lync Server 2010 Now Available

Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Best
Practices Analyzer automates the verification of settings and the status of
components in your Lync Server 2010 environment.

Author: Peter Schmatz and Linda Wells

Publication date: February 2011

Product version: Microsoft Lync Server 2010

You've deployed Microsoft Lync Server 2010. The Lync Server wizards
guided you through much of the design, setup, and configuration, but how do you
know if you followed the appropriate recommendations and best practices, put it
all together correctly, and got everything right? And what if something is not
right, but you don't know what it is? You can use Lync Server 2010, Best
Practices Analyzer to check components in your environment, as follows:

  1. Install Lync Server 2010, Best Practices
  2. Use Best Practices Analyzer to scan your Lync
    Server environment and automatically capture the results in reports that you
    can then view in Best Practices Analyzer. You can scan your entire environment
    or select only the items you want to include in a scan. Scans usually take only
    a couple of minutes. And you can run as many scans as you want.
  3. Review and analyze the issues in the individual reports
    to determine if you need to make any changes to your environment. Issues can
  • Errors Critical
    issues that require a change to one or more components. For example, missing
    prerequisite software.
  • Warnings Important
    issues that might require changes. For example, a server role that is running
    on system hardware that does not conform to recommendations.
  • Information Additional
    details about the state of your environment and the scan results. For example, the
    number of Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition server objects in Active Directory
    Domain Services.

Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007
R2 provided an extensive set of rules to enable extensive screening of Communications
Server environments. This initial release of Lync Server 2010, Best Practices
Analyzer supports basic screening of Lync Server 2010 environments, using a
core set of rules. Future updates will build on this functionality.

The Help provided with Best Practices Analyzer provides guidance for
installing, using, and updating Best Practices Analyzer, as well as information
about primary issues that you can use to troubleshoot and resolve specific

You can download and install Best Practices Analyzer for free at
For details about installing and using Best Practices Analyzer, see the online
documentation at

NOTE   The
Lync Server 2010, Best Practices Analyzer gathers configuration information
only from Lync Server 2010 components. You can use the previous version of the
tool to scan Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Office
Communications Server 2007 R2 environments. For details about downloading and
installing the previous version of Best Practices Analyzer to scan
Communications Server environments, see Best Practices Analyzer for Office
Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications
Server 2007 R2 at

you recently deployed Lync Server 2010 and just want to verify your deployment,
or you are looking for an effective method to help monitor and maintain your Lync
Server 2010 environment and troubleshoot issues, Best Practices Analyzer can
make your job easier.

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