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Last week, when we posted the first Lync Server PowerShell One of These Things is Not Like the Other Challenge, we were afraid that the question we came up with was too hard, and that no one who entered would be able to come up with a correct answer. As it turned out, though, pretty much everyone who submitted an entry not only got it right, but also had a better explanation for why their answer was right than we had for why our answer was right. That can only mean one thing: you guys are way smarter and know way more about Lync Server PowerShell than we gave you credit for.


Note. What's that? Couldn't it also mean that we aren't anywhere near as smart and knowledgeable as we thought we were? Uh, no, of course not ….


Either way, we knew that, for this second challenge, we'd have to come up with something a little more challenging. With that in mind, we decided to shift gears a little and, instead of showing your four cmdlets and asking you to pick which cmdlet was not like the others, we're going to show you four parameters from the Set-CsConferencingPolicy cmdlet and ask you which parameter is not like the others. That's right: which parameter is not like the other parameters.


Hey, we told you this week's challenge was going to be more challenging.


Note. Isn't it terribly unfair to post such a difficult challenge? You bet it is. Now, it would be fair if there was some cmdlet help somewhere that you could use to assist you in solving the challenge. But seeing as how there isn't any cmdlet help like that, well, that does make this terribly unfair, doesn't it? The again, whoever said life is fair, right? Besides, maybe someday someone will write cmdlet help that could assist you in tackling a challenge like this. Until then, that is, until the day some cmdlet help exists, well, looks like you're on your own.


At any rate, here's Challenge No. 2: Which of these Lync Server Set-CsConferencingPolicy parameters is not like the others?







If you think you know the answer, send that answer, along with your name or alias, to Correct entries received before 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, January 27, 2011 will be awarded 3 challenge points. (Note that you can send in multiple entries. But you can only get a maximum of 3 points per challenge.) On Thursday, January 27thth we'll post a hint to this challenge. After the hint has been posted, correct entries received before 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on Monday, January 31, 2011 will be awarded 1 challenge point.


Sounds like a heck of a deal, doesn't it?


And remember, we don't believe that the answer we came up with is necessarily the answer to the challenge: there might very well be several different ways to solve this challenge. With that in mind, and to increase your chances of getting credit for your submission, it's a good idea to include a brief explanation as to why you think that your answer is the correct answer. For example, maybe you think that the answer to this week's challenge is "Red." Admittedly, that doesn't sound right, at least not to us. But if you can make a convincing enough case for it, well ….


Note. OK, having said that we should also mention that there should be a Lync Server PowerShell reason for your answer. For example, it's true that, in this week's challenge, all the parameter names, except for AllowPolls, contain more than 10 characters. That's true, just like AllExternalUsersToRecordMeetings is the only parameter that has the letter g in its name. But that's not really what we're looking for.


Just something to keep in mind.

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  1. Thomas Lee says:

    Here in the UK, we have a TV show called Have I Got News For You. Two teams of two and a moderator, the show examines stuff that happened in the news that week. Meant to be humor, but it's after the 9:00 watershead so can get surreal and sarcastic!!

    The show features a contest, usually half way through each episode, called The Odd One Out. I think that on occasion, you should rename this contest "The Odd One Out" so as to cater for us non-Yanks who have not been impacted by Sesame Street. 🙂

    But no matter what you call it, this is a fun contest. And frankly, it's making me learn more about the cmdlets used for Lync which is no bad thing!  I now ask my Lync Server training attendees to try their hand at this contest. Makes them think!!

  2. CSPShell says:

    Hey Thomas, Glad to hear you're enjoying the Challenge, and passing it on!

    I have to say we were really surprised to hear there's no Sesame Street in the UK. We knew that The Jim Henson Company has a shop in London (, and that Sesame Street is international ( From what we could find it used to be in the UK, but isn't anymore. Too bad, you guys are missing out. (Although we're sure Have I Got News For You comes in a close second.)

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