Changes to Disable Security Center Notifications in Windows 10

Hello Networking blog readers! Adam here with a quick blog to discuss changes to the Security Center Notifications registry keys.

Before Windows 10, users could configure the following registry keys that would suppress the balloon notifications from Security Center indicating that AntiVirus, Firewall or Updates have been disabled.
Setting Name
Default Value
Possible Value
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Security Center
AntiVirusDisableNotify (DWORD)
0 or 1
FirewallDisableNotify (DWORD)
0 or 1
UpdatesDisableNotify (DWORD)
0 or 1
With Windows 10, users may notice that even with these registry keys configured and set to disable the notification, they still receive the Action Center alerts if any of the components are disabled. The reason for this change is because it had been identified that the underlying registry keys were a vulnerability that was commonly exploited by malware to hide Security Center warnings. Due to these security concerns, the functionality and underlying registry keys are removed.
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– Adam