Disabling Firewall Alerts in the Action Center

We are occasionally asked how to disable the notification you get from Action Center that the Firewall Service is not enabled. I am writing this to explain what options are available. Why are you stopping the Firewall Service? Consider why you are stopping the Windows Firewall Service. This is not a recommended practice and becomes… Read more

Disabling Network Discovery/Network Resources

We often get requests from people asking how to disable Network Discovery because they either don’t want to see any machines in the Network Resources list or they perceive a performance issue with the feature. I am writing the blog to discuss this feature and explain some of the potential options. What is Network Discovery?… Read more

New Networking–related articles for the week of November 14 – November 27

I am playing catch-up this week after being out on holiday – and only have one new networking-related article to share for the past two weeks – enjoy! 2458828 The RPC over HTTP connection cannot be set up when you try to access certain services on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows… Read more