New Networking-related KB articles for October 21 – October 27

I’m sorry for not getting these posted sooner; I have been out of the office on and off over the past several weeks.  I will publish a few of these posts in a row to get caught up again.  Thanks! 955860  High CPU usage occurs for six seconds on a Windows Server 2003-based computer that… Read more

Balancing Act: Dual-NIC Configuration with Windows Server 2008 NLB Clusters

BALANCING ACT   Dual-NIC NLB Configuration with Windows Server 2008 NLB Clusters We’ve had a few calls from customers who have run into a particular issue when they’ve deployed NLB on a Windows Server 2008 cluster.  Most of them have had older NLB deployments and thought we made a change to 2008 NLB to cause… Read more

The effect of TCP Chimney offload on viewing network traffic

Have you ever run in to a problem where you are attempting to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue with a network capture utility and seen only the 3 way handshake? This will happen if you are using Netmon 2.x, Netmon 3.x, Wireshark, Ethereal and most other network capture utilities. It is relatively common knowledge that… Read more

Unable to ping the tunnel address of a Demand Dial Connection on Windows Server 2008 RRAS

Problem Description When a demand dial connection is setup between two RRAS servers each server receives an address from the pool of available addresses located on the server it is connecting to. When Server 2003 servers are used on both ends of the demand dial connection you are then able to ping from each server… Read more

Failover Cluster can delay DNS Registration for 10 minutes

Given the following scenario: Two Windows 2008 Servers running as an Active/Passive Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster. Each node is part of a multi-site cluster and each is located in a different subnet and point to different DNS server. The IP address needs to change in DNS each time a node fails over so that clients… Read more