New Networking-related KB articles for October 7 – October 13

953835  You cannot perform NetSH commands by using a user account that belongs to the “Network Configuration Operators” security group on a Windows Vista-based computer or on a Windows Server 2008-based computer

957931  A Windows Vista-based or Windows Server 2008-based computer does not response to 802.1X authentication requests for 20 minutes after a failed authentication

942290  The private memory size that is allocated by the Snmp.exe process increases if the MIB II Objects are frequently accessed in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

958336  Windows Vista does not keep its DHCP IP address if a DHCP server is not available

957808  After you start or stop the Network Access Protection Agent service on a Windows XP Service Pack 3-based client computer, the value of the IKEFlags registry entry may change

– Mike Platts