Boris Yanushpolsky’s OpsMgr Toolbelt Boris has been authoring some really good utilities like Override Explorer, Proxy Enable (bulk computers), and Override Creator.  If you are an OpsMgr Admin, you need to check back at his site often. My name is Boris Yanushpolsky and I am Program Manager in the Enterprise Management division. I started at Microsoft exactly a… Read more

Monitoring at Microsoft with Operations Manager

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft monitors its internal server infrastructure? For instance, what products are we using, how are using them and what challenges have we faced when scaling these products in our environment? Hopefully we can shed some light on these topics and in the process provide you with some information that can… Read more

MSDN Magazine MOM Article

MSDN Magazine has a great article on how to write a manageable application and then montoring it with MOM, entitled Instrument and Monitor Your ASP.NET Apps Using WMI and MOM 2005. This really gets to much of the core of DSI which starts wtih designing applications with management in mind and then developing a feedback mechanism… Read more