Updated Management Packs have been released with Server 2008 Support!

OpsMgr 2007 SP1 and SCE 2007 SP1 have recently announced support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 in knowledge base article 953141.  Along with the release of this support statement, the first batch of management packs that provide monitoring for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Operating System have been released to the MP Catalog.  This batch… Read more

Service Level Dashboard Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 RTM

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Service Level Dashboard Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 for download on TechNet.   IT departments need ever more sophisticated tools to monitor the performance and availability of line-of-business (LOB) applications that make the organization run. These tools need to go beyond traditional server-based monitoring where… Read more

What other operations happen during (Push/Manual)agent install (Push/Manual)?

You want this information if you are going to use SCCM or some other product to deploy Ops Manager agents. So here is what happens in splash screen underneath (same happens in push-agent) 1.       If MSXML 6.0 is not installed install it (You can get it from CD under msxml<CPU arch of agent> dir) 2.      … Read more

Audit Collection (ACS) Database and Disk Sizing Calculator for OpsMgr 2007

Recently I got some emails requesting for a ACS DB sizing calculator similar to what I had published for the OpsMgr Database and Data warehouse.  While I was unable to put one for the ACS DB I did find that a couple of months ago Pete Zerger one of the OpsMgr MVPs put together an… Read more

Linked report samples

I was asked recently to help solve a problem whereby a customer had the need to report on the availability of their servers over time. Easy you may think, run the availability report and you are done! (Well this was my first response; turns out they had a much more specific requirement!) The customer had… Read more

Performance IOPS for the DB and DW in OpsMgr 2007

The performance team had a thread discussing IOPS requirement with a customer who had some really good questions so and I thought I would share the thread with you all. For sizing the Operations Manager Database and Data warehouse I would highly recommend trying out SCCP planning tool which will give you a lot of… Read more

Search gadget updated

I updated the Vista gadget that makes it easier to find help for System Center products. The gadget now contains more scoped searches and the new System Center branding, and it also workes better than version 1.0 did while using a slow internet connection. Use the settings in the gadget to pick the product (such as Operations Manager) that you want… Read more

The OpsMgr 2007 Message Queuing 3.0 MP version 6.0.6278.23 is Released

This is a brand new management pack for OpsMgr 2007 so if you’ve been waiting for MSMQ 3.0 monitoring with OpsMgr 2007, here it is!  The MP was released to the MP Catalog on 6/3/2008 (version 6.0.6278.23) and it provides monitoring for MSMQ Servers, MSMQ Triggers, MSMQ Queues and Dependant Clients.  Following are some relevant… Read more