Parameter Extraction in Web Application Synthetic Transactions

In Operations Manager R2 CU3 we added a new feature that expands our capabilities in monitoring web applications via synthetic transactions. Parameter extraction allows us to extract data from the HTTP responses to web requests and store the value in the test context as name value pairs which can then be reused in subsequent requests… Read more

Reporting Scenarios – More Samples

At MMS last week I presented a session looking at various reporting scenarios based on the feedback we have received since we launched R2 last year. The purpose of the session was to try and address the common problems and show the options available to Operations Manager users with regards to report creation.  Some of… Read more

Some Sample Reports…

Back at MMS this year we presented a session on authoring reports. During that session my colleague Vitaly created a SQL stored procedure that allowed us to create a server overview report showing key server metrics such as Processor Count, Physical Memory, CPU Utilization, Availability and Logical Disk Space.  I have now eventually gotten round… Read more

Report Models in Operations Manager 2007 R2 RC

In Operations Manager 2007 R2 RC we have added two report models (Performance and Event) that can be used with the report builder functionality of SQL Reporting Services to create ad-hoc performance and events reports. The instructions attached show how to deploy and start using these models. Daniel Savage ————————-This posting is provided “AS IS” with… Read more

Designing a custom performance report

On February 27th 2009 I presented a TechNet Webcast to show how to author your own custom performance reports using Operations Manager 2007.  The webcast can be viewed from Attached to this blog are the step by step instructions and sample files that accompany the webcast. Extract files to view. Using both the webcast… Read more

Operations Manager and PerformancePoint Server

Last year we released a whitepaper that details how to extract Operations Manager data and view this in PerformancePoint dashboards. The original solution which can be downloaded here : The sample code is here : contained sample data and scorecards to highlight the possibilities. Thanks to some help from Ted Tasker at Microsoft we… Read more

Installing Operations Manager 2007 Reporting successfully

Detailed below are some validation steps that should be completed before attempting to install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting.   During this installation, you are prompted for two accounts: the Data Warehouse Write account and the Data Reader account. These accounts are created as domain user accounts and added to the local Administrators group on the… Read more

Operations Manager/SSAS and PerformancePoint Scorecards

Yesterday the PerformancePoint team released a sample solution that shows how to build cubes from the Operations Manager DW and then build balanced IT scorecards using Office PerformancePoint server from these cubes.   The solution contains the queries to pull from the OperationsManagerDW using SSIS, the samples cubes and sample scorecards.   The solution can be… Read more

Linked report samples

I was asked recently to help solve a problem whereby a customer had the need to report on the availability of their servers over time. Easy you may think, run the availability report and you are done! (Well this was my first response; turns out they had a much more specific requirement!) The customer had… Read more