Global Service Monitor location changes

Attention Global Service Monitor users!

Due to changes in the GSM cloud infrastructure, we will be moving four monitoring nodes. The nodes will be moved to the locations within the same geo-area. Specifically, we will move

  • London to Dublin

  • Taipei to Hong Kong

  • US: Newark to US: Ashburn

  • US: Los Angeles to US: San Jose

What it means for you?

  • The tests which you configured in London, Taipei, Los Angeles, or Newark, will be automatically moved to the corresponding monitoring nodes in the new locations. You will notice new location names in the GSM monitoring templates and new locations on the map.

  • The display names for the existing tests will not be updated automatically. For example, you will see the old display name, but the test will be displayed in a new location on the map. To fix this display name issue, you would need to re-save the template for you tests. For example, you could remove one of the locations, add it back, and save the template (please see the screenshots below). This will cause the location display names to be updated.

  • You may notice about 10-15 min gap in test execution for the tests configured in London, Taipei, Newark, and Los Angeles while they are being moved.

  • The move is scheduled to occur in the months of April and May of 2014.

Please reply to this blog post with questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Global Service Monitor engineering team


Steps to refresh location display names:

Find the template for your GSM monitoring tests. They may be under Visual Studio Web Test Monitoring, or under Web Application Availability Monitoring. Double-click the template to edit the monitoring settings.


In the dialog, go to the “Where to Monitor From” tab, and remove any of the locations.

For example, remove Amsterdam. Then add Amsterdam back: at this point the “Apply” button should become enabled.

Click “Apply”, then “OK” to dismiss the dialog: the display names for the locations in this template should get updated to the new values.