Parameter Extraction in Web Application Synthetic Transactions

In Operations Manager R2 CU3 we added a new feature that expands our capabilities in monitoring web applications via synthetic transactions. Parameter extraction allows us to extract data from the HTTP responses to web requests and store the value in the test context as name value pairs which can then be reused in subsequent requests… Read more

Introducing the new Microsoft Support Top Solutions RSS feed for System Center Operations Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials

Microsoft customers can now easily monitor new high-impact support issues and get links to the best Microsoft KB articles, blogs, TechNet and MSDN articles to resolve them by subscribing to the Microsoft Support Top Solutions RSS feed for System Center Operations Manager 2007. The RSS feed also keep you ahead of the curve by alerting you… Read more

Microsoft acquires AVIcode, Inc.

Today, Microsoft announced its acquisition of AVIcode, Inc.  Read the official blog here. We hope that the rest of the Operations Manager community is as excited as we are about the enhanced capabilities that the AVIcode technologies bring to Systems Monitoring, including not only .Net application monitoring, as well as rich performance metrics: In addition,… Read more

Unit Monitors for Multi-Instance Perfmon Counters

It’s not uncommon to want to monitor a perfmon counter like Logical Disk\% Free Space where there are multiple instances and you only want to be alerted if one instance goes below the threshold.  Authors will typically try to do this through the UI building a monitor such as: You set the threshold, set the… Read more