Event, Alerts, Perf Data Flow in OpsMgr 2007

A couple of people asked me questions on how data flowed in OpsMgr 2007 this weekend so I thought this would be a good topic for this week’s blog. Unfortunately this is not documented anywhere.

Data Type Flow:

Events/Perf/State data is sent from OpsMgr 2007 agents to their primary Management Server which then write to the Operational database and data warehouse simultaneously.

Heartbeats are sent to the Root Management Server from the management servers in the environment. If an OpsMgr 2007 agent goes down for some reason and therefore does not report to its primary or secondary management servers the root management server will change the state of the agent from healthy to unavailable. Only these state changes are registered in the Operational Database, otherwise heartbeats data is not written in the Operational Database.

Alert/Discovery Agents send alert and discovery data to their primary management servers which then write directly to the Operational Database and the SDK service on the root management server then pulls the data from the Operational Database and displays in your console. The sync module on the root management server then reflects the alerts and discovery data changes into the data warehouse.

– Satya