OpsMgr 2007 Database and Data Warehouse Size Calculator

I have attached the OpsMgr 2007 Database and Data Warehouse excel calculator I have been using the last couple of months to calculate what I think the size of customers databases would be. This tool is put together based on data we got from MSIT DB and a couple of TAP customers. While the tool has been pretty accurate so far somethings to consider before using the tool are a) I gave a lot of buffer in the tool b) there maybe things I did not account for (such as AEM data) c) no one outside MS has verified the accuracy of the data with any other data sample.  The average data size per data type took into consideration raw and aggregated data and the fudge factor is the overhead that we assume that SQL may need.


Satya Vel

OpsMgr2007 DB-DW Size Calculator.xlsx