Common Problems When Recording Browser Sessions

 When trying to record a browser session for the first time, you might see the following error (click for larger picture):

To fix this problem, follow these steps in Internet Explorer: 

  1. Click Tools->Internet Options.

  2. Click the Advanced tab.

  3. Under Browsing, select Enable third party browser extensions (requires restart).

  4. Close Internet Explorer and click Record a browser session to open Internet Explorer again.

I also recently ran into another problem when recording a browser session. I successfully recorded the session, but when I clicked Run Test, it failed with the note that the server name or address could not be resolved:


The solution was to set my proxy configuration on the Management Server. The Run Test tool uses the proxy configuration that is set with the proxycfg tool, not the proxy configuration that is set for Internet Explorer. Once I ran proxycfg -p with the name of our proxy server, it worked like a charm:

Successful run test 

The Run Test feature uses the Management Server to run the recording, but for standard operations, you’ll need to make sure that the proxy settings are correctly set on your watcher nodes.

And, while we’re talking about recording browser sessions, what do you wish you knew about them? I’ll answer your questions in a future post.

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