Service Map for SCOM


Ever compare your work to an amusement park?

Every business application compares to a ride, roller coaster, or even a kiddie ride.

Anyone ever ask you directions to that ride, or more technical based questions like 'what' communication makes up that business application?



In comes Service Map to save the day!



Last year I blogged about setting up Service Map with OMS/Log Analytics, but I didn't get the feature installed for SCOM.

December blog on how to set up OMS/Log Analytics


It's basically the SCOM Agent (MMA) and a Dependency Agent (think old Blue Stripe agent)


Excited to see the new Service Map to hit public preview, hoping by September



Check out the blog series

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Set up Azure Service Principal blog
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Comments (2)
  1. peter doell says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I have been playing around with ServiceMap and SCOM. Even though we have SCCM in place I was wondering if you know of a way to deploy the Dependency Agent together with the MMA/SCOM Agent using the Discovery Process from within SCOM.


    1. kjustin1996 says:

      Sorry Peter,
      I didn’t see this earlier.

      Do you use SCCM to install the MMA/SCOM agent?

      If not, that’s okay, I would imagine it easier if you were using SCCM to deploy the agents.

      The SCOM Discovery Process wizard in SCOM can’t be changed, but it may be possible via the SCOM console to use Holman’s SCOM management pack (which has a task to execute any PowerShell command)
      Once the pack is loaded to your management group, test incorporating the installation script example
      OR test the Command line syntax for Windows example

      Dependency Agent download

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