Disappointment with the latest internet explorer

Talking to others who have upgraded to Build 5456 of Vista, it is clearly better than the Original Beta 2 build 5384, both in performance and polish. But it has it's disappointments. I have already said that drag and drop from explorer to a command prompt being broken on purpose is seriously uncool.

Next up in the list of disappointments is Internet Explorer. I've been a fan of IE 7 from the first time I saw it, and last week the wraps came off IE7 beta 3, which has dragable tabs, zooming in on images, better FTP, new keyboard short cuts, new icons. Only dragable tabs made it to this build - the rest will come later, which is more than I can say for drag and drop to the address bar and the search box - I bugged these and they're not going to be done this time round. Sorry guys, Uncool

Then there are things that have broken since 5384.

  • A secondary process called IEUser.exe keeps locking up the rest of Internet explorer and needs to be killed before IE continues. (See my earlier post maybe I should brand it "easi-kill" ). When I figure out the role of IEUser I'll post about it.

  • The view files button for Podcasts is greyed out on the RSS Feeds. So the method I posted before for adding a Podcast no longer works.

I'm sure both of these will get fixed and we'll have the full beta 3 functionality in Vista but I WANT IT NOW

By the way the page I linked to with the new shortcuts links to The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE, which is worth a read. I thought everyone knew you could type "Microsoft" in the address bar and press Ctrl+enter to turn it into http://www.microsoft.com - then again I thought everyone knew that browsers would assume http:// if you didn't enter it. If you didn't know either of those I'd check out that page.  

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 Update. The view button problem was a problem with the update process, not something wrong with IE itself. 

Update 2: fixed a typo.    

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