User Experience Update to the Intune iOS Company Portal app

By Esther Michel | PM

1/11/18: Updated to include improved screenshots

1/12/18: Updated with a new link to sign up for TestFlight

1/22/18: Updated to announce availability of pre-release version through the Apple TestFlight program

2/20/18: Updated to announce availability of a new version (version 2.14.0) of the iOS Company Portal user experience update through the Apple TestFlight program

3/22/18: Updated to announce availability of a new version (version 3.0.0) of the iOS Company Portal user experience update through the Apple TestFlight program. We don’t anticipate any more changes or updates through the Apple TestFlight before public release to the App Store, which will be available shortly.

4/2/18: We’ve released the major user experience update of the Intune iOS Company Portal app (version 3.0.0) to the App Store.

We’re excited to announce that Intune will soon be releasing a major user experience update to the iOS Company Portal app. The update will feature a complete visual redesign, which includes a modernized look and feel with increased usability and accessibility. All current iOS Company Portal functionality will be maintained.

Register for early access

Are you interested in using the new iOS Company Portal app before it's generally available? We had initially made a pre-release version of the app available through Apple TestFlight. If you're a part of  the Apple TestFlight program for the iOS Company Portal app, you will now have access to a new version (version 2.14.0) of the iOS Company Portal user experience update. 

If you’re not already part of our Apple TestFlight program, it’s not too late to register. Registering will enable you to use the updated Company Portal before it’s available to your end users. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Intune team. We plan to continue releasing Company Portal updates through Apple TestFlight until we release publicly in the App Store.

Sign up at for TestFlight access. The testing requirements include:

1. An active Intune tenant with Apple Push Notification service (APNs) set up

2. An iOS test device

3. A willingness to provide feedback on the experience

Before and After

Here's an example of how we've updated the user experience.



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