Deployments to Ungrouped Users and Devices: Fix Your Intune Migration Configuration Issues

By Matt Shadbolt | Senior Service Engineer |

Important: This guide is intended to explain how a migration blocker occurs, and how to remove the blocking issue. The guide is not intended to provide guidance on how to redesign your grouping/targeting to achieve functionality caused by the blocking issues.

We suggest you thoroughly review your grouping/targeting strategy before making any changes.

There is no concept of ‘Ungrouped Users/Devices’ in Azure Active Directory. Your Intune tenant migration will be blocked if you have any apps, terms and conditions, or policies deployed to these groups, because there is no way to migrate the deployments.

There are three steps to resolving this blocker.

First, we suggest moving any ungrouped users/devices into groups, so that they’re targeted by the correct apps, terms, and policies. If all of your deployments are targeted at ‘All Users’ or ‘All Devices’, you won’t need to create the temporary group described in the next section.

1. Login to using your admin credentials.

2. Browse to Groups > All Users > Ungrouped Users and click the Users tab.


3. Select all of the users and then click Create Group from Selection.


4. In the Create Group dialog, give your new group a name. For the long-term, we recommend adding these users into deliberate, production-targeted groups. For now, create this group as a temporary measure to ensure your users don’t lose anything that should be deployed to them.


5. Leave the Membership Criteria page empty, and then click Next.


6. Your selected users should automatically show up. Click Next.


7. Click Finish.


8. Now repeat the process for Ungrouped Devices.

Now you need to remove any deployment that is targeted at the Ungrouped Devices or Ungrouped Users groups. We’ll start with App deployments.

1. Login to using your admin credentials

2. Browse to Apps and click Apps.


3. Sort your apps list by Deployed.


4. For each app that Deployed = Yes, select the app and right-click. Click Manage Deployment.


5. In the Manage Deployment dialog, view the Selected groups pane. You’re looking for any apps that are targeted at Ungrouped Devices or Ungrouped Users. If there are no Ungrouped Devices/Users, you can move onto the next app in your list.


6. If you see Ungrouped Devices or Ungrouped Users, click these deployments and click Remove.


7. Next, add the new group you created by selecting the group and clicking Add.


8. Click Next until you close the wizard.


9. Do this for every app where Deployment = Yes.

Next, we need to remove policy deployments.

1. Login to using your Admin credentials.

2. Browse to Policy > Configuration Policies.


3. On each of your Configuration Policies, click the Management Deployment button.


4. Remove the Ungrouped Users and add in the newly created temp group and click OK.


5. Add your temp group and click OK.


6. After you’ve checked your Configuration Policies, check your Compliance Policies. Click the Compliance Policies node and select the policy.


7. Select the Manage Deployment button, remove the Ungrouped Users/Devices, and add in your temp group.


8. Finally, any deployed Intune Terms and Conditions to ungrouped users/devices need to be removed. Browse to Policy > Terms and Conditions to view the Terms and Conditions Policies.


9. Select each policy and click Manage Deployment.


10. Just like the other policies, if the Ungrouped Users is selected, click Remove.


Your migration should now be unblocked for this issue. For more information about configurations that can block your Intune migration, see

Comments (4)

  1. Alex Lush says:

    Thanks so much for writing this up. I logged a support call last week requesting this guidance but the support person didn’t have a clue what i was talking about!

    1. Hi, Alex, sorry, about that. Yesterday, in conjunction with posting to the Message Center and posting this blog update, we also made sure Support has the lists of customers blocked by these issues. I’m sorry if you didn’t get what you needed last time, but if you try again, they should have it at hand now.

  2. Bob says:

    What can I do when I continue to get messages that Intune Migration is blocked due to ungrouped users/devices, despite that there is absolutely no policy deployed to ungrouped users or computers, and the ungrouped users and devices groups are empty (and have been for months)? I have been waiting patiently for months for 2 of my 3 Intune tenants to be migrated but both are being blocked and I have followed every guideline available to ensure they wouldn’t be.

    1. Hi Bob. Please raise a free support ticket via and our support engineers can take a look into what’s blocking your tenant. Matt

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