Support Tip: Enable modern authentication in order to use Intune’s Mobile Application Management (MAM) policies with Skype for Business Online

Friction-free use of apps and services that matter to you is important to us. So, we want to make you aware of a requirement for Skype for Business (SfB) Online to work with MAM policies.


In order to use MAM policies with SfB Online, your SfB Online tenant must be enabled to support modern auth.

If the tenant is not enabled for modern authentication, MAM policies will not get applied to the SfB app on iOS and Android devices. As a result, an end user may see an error message like "Action Blocked: This action is blocked by your IT group." when he/she tries to open a calendar invite from managed Outlook app in order to join a Skype meeting.

How to enable Skype for Business Online tenant for modern authentication

Please follow these steps to enable SfB Online tenant for modern authentication:

  1. Connect to Skype for Business Online using remote PowerShell:
  2. Run the following command: Set-CsOAuthConfiguration -ClientAdalAuthOverride Allowed
  3. Verify that the change was successful by running the following: Get-CsOAuthConfiguration

Please refer to the following articles for more information and background:

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Hitakshi Nanavaty

Intune Customer Experience Team


Comments (1)

  1. Great find here,
    Upon troubleshooting a user level issue where all important user attributes where in place from an SFBO standpoint and became a bit stumped except for an IDCRL error in the UCCP component log. Applied the steps listed here for the user who was unable to sign in to the Skype for business online service via the local S4B client. After the normal propagation period (24rs or less) the user was able to sign in to the service without further incident.

    Thank you!


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