iOSProfile Signing Certificate Expiry Date

Microsoft Intune has recently renewed the iOSProfile signing cert throughout its production environment.  This Cert is needed to install the management profile on iOS devices during the enrollment process.


The old cert expired on 3/26/2016 and the majority of devices enrolled prior to this date used this cert during the enrollment process.  Any newly enrolled devices will pick up the new cert.


There is NO action needed from the end users.


Customer Impact:

Devices that used this old cert during enrollment will show an expiration of 3/26/2016 and this may alarm some end users.  There is no end user impact to device management scenarios other than the cert displays that it is expired.  This cert is NOT used outside of the enrollment process.  Since these devices have successfully enrolled there is no customer impact other than it may be unsettling to some end users that they have an expired certificate on their device.

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