Expedite your Microsoft Intune Support Call

When contacting Microsoft Support for help with Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management, there are a few things that will help expedite a resolution for your incident. We are here to help, and providing us with this information up front is a great way to gain momentum towards a resolution.

Describing Your Issue

An accurate description of your issue or question can give your Support Engineer important information to research before you are even contacted. We’d love to call you back with the answer straight away, and the more information you can give us when the case is opened, the better chance we have of quickly resolving your issue. We have to scope each ticket down to the core problem and need information from you to do that. It benefits you and the engineer to have a clear, agreed upon goal, and accurate information and a detailed description of the issue helps get this done. We never mind spending the time getting an issue scoped but we always appreciate the collaboration.

To give you an example, if you simply describe your issue as “Launched the console and got an error” then that doesn’t really give us much to start with.

BETTER: When I launch the Intune Admin console and try to add an APNs certificate I get an error that the certificate isn’t valid.

BEST: I recently took over admin duties for Intune and I’m trying to configure enrollment for iOS devices. I obtained a new APNs certificate from Apple but when I try to upload the certificate from the Intune console I get the error “The APNs certificate doesn’t match”. It also says “You are trying to upload a new certificate rather than renew your existing certificate.” I’m not aware of anyone at my company trying to set this up before but I need to be able to configure Intune to use my new APNs certificate.

It’s always best if you can be as specific as possible. Telling us what you are ultimately trying to accomplish is also very helpful. It matters if you are having an issue with device management, application management, enrollment, or administration. Let us know the device types, OS, application, observed behavior, expected behavior, etc.

Document with Images

Screen captures can often eliminate any vagueness or misunderstanding when working on an issue. We always appreciate getting them, especially when they are included right away in a ticket. Any files you upload to your case during the ticket submission process are saved securely to protect your company and personal information. Just like a good description, a good file name will provide even greater clarity, so instead of naming your image file something like DCIM07.PNG, a more descriptive name such as Error after adding APN cert.PNG will help eliminate any confusion.

BEST: Use the Steps Recorder built into Windows to easily record the exact steps and images while you reproduce the issue. Depending on your OS, this may be called the “Problem Steps Recorder” or “Steps Recorder”. The easiest way to find it is to type “steps” in your start menu search or Cortana.

We Will ALWAYS Need This Information

  • Your Tenant Domain or Company ID. For more information see About your initial onmicrosoft.com domain in Office 365.
  • Are you using Intune for Mobile Device Management?
    • If so, is this Intune Standalone, or Hybrid with Configuration Manager?
    • If not, are you using Office 365 or a 3rd Party MDM?
  • Has this ever worked?
    • Are we dealing with a brand new issue or has something broken? If this is something that never worked, it might just be a configuration issue or something the product isn’t actually designed to do. If it is broken, then we know it worked before. This distinction gives us direction where to look and what to collect. If it worked before, let us know when you first started experiencing the problem.
  • Device Management or Application Management?

When you call Microsoft for help with one of our products, we want to do everything we can to provide the best support experience in the world. Hopefully all of this information helps you, and as a Support Engineer, I promise you that it will help us.

Steve Bucci, Senior Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group

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