New series: Building a hybrid cloud

As you remember, this blog is related to Hybrid Cloud. I've already wrote a long far ago what "Hybrid Cloud" means for Microsoft. "Hybrid" means that we combine customer's private cloud, service provider cloud and public cloud services to deploy our workload in a flexible way.

But some partners told me, that there is a big amount of marketing materials about Hybrid Cloud and word "Hybrid" is everywhere, but there is no much information about the process of building the hybrid cloud. To change this, I've decided to start a dedicated series of posts to show how to build a hybrid cloud in details.

I plan to cover these topics during next months:

  1. Hybrid LAN: Integrating LAN among customer's location, service provider vNet and Azure vNet into one stretched LAN
  2. Hybrid Identity: Building an Identity solution for Hybrid Cloud using Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, ADFS, Azure Multi-factor Authentication and Azure AD Connect Health (4 posts in the series)
  3. Monitoring of Hybrid Cloud environment - will be available soon.

So stay tuned to get the fresh info about Hybrid Cloud 🙂

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