Understanding Virtual Disks in iSCSI Target Server

ContextIn Windows Server 2012 R2, iSCSI Target Server made significant improvements in its persistence layer by providing larger, resilient, dynamically-growing SCSI Logical Units (LUs) that are based on the VHDX format. For more details on what is new in this release, see my previous blog post iSCSI Target Server in Windows Server 2012 R2. In… Read more

Getting started with SMI-S on Windows Server 2012

In my last blog, I discussed the industry standard Storage Management Initiative (SMI-S) in general terms. Microsoft started supporting SMI-S for storage provisioning in System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager, released earlier this year. With the upcoming Windows Server 2012, SMI-S support will be available to all of our server customers. Coupled with the new… Read more

Diskshadow scripts for LUN Resync

  In a previous article, we looked at LUN Resync a new fast recovery scenario in Windows Server 2008 R2. Himanshu from the VSS team has posted a few sample scripts to demostrate the scenario using Diskshadow and the VSS tools in the Windows 7 SDK.   This is the blog – LUN-RESYNC WITH DISKSHADOW AND… Read more

Storage Tip: How to calculate Windows Server 2008 LUN Limit per HBA

For each target, we support 254 LUNs. Each HBA can support 128 Targets per “Bus” where bus might be an artificial construct, and there could be 8 buses per HBA (officially). So, per HBA (theoretical): 254 * 128 * 8 = 260,096 LUNs per HBA The system will run out of resources long before that… Read more

May Windows Server 2008 Knowledge Base Articles

Hello,   Below you have a list of KB articles for Windows Server 2008 released or updated this May. 949429 05/27/2008 The virtual IP address of a Windows Server 2008 NLB cluster is bound to the NetBIOS host name of a particular server or of multiple servers 952247 05/27/2008 The Cluster network name resource and… Read more