Understanding Virtual Disks in iSCSI Target Server

ContextIn Windows Server 2012 R2, iSCSI Target Server made significant improvements in its persistence layer by providing larger, resilient, dynamically-growing SCSI Logical Units (LUs) that are based on the VHDX format. For more details on what is new in this release, see my previous blog post iSCSI Target Server in Windows Server 2012 R2. In… Read more

Complete PC Backup (Vista and Vista SP1) / Windows Server Backup (Longhorn Server) and BitLocker FAQ

Are the Backups secured? Yes. The Complete PC Backup (CPC) or Windows Server Backup (WSB) can be only invoked by a user belonging to either Administrators or Backup operators Group. §  Disk: Backups are ACLed to be accessible only for only Administrators and Backup Operators Group. §  Network: By default the Backups inherit the ACLs… Read more

New guides posted on Microsoft Downloads page

Hello, Just a quick update: we had new content posted on Microsoft Downloads page. Check it out below:Windows Server 2008: ·         Windows Server 2008 Step-by-Step GuidesContains interesting Step-by-step articles, like:–  Configuring a Two-Node File Server Failover Cluster–  Configuring a Two-Node Print Server Failover Cluster–  Check specifically: Creating and Deploying Active Directory Rights Management Services Templates;– … Read more

Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR

Have you ever felt your DFSR infrastructure wasn’t quite replicating up to your expectations, but didn’t know where to begin diagnosis? If this is the case, we recommend taking a look at this recent post by Ned Pyle, our resident DFSR expert: Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR. It’s a great starting… Read more

File Backup in Windows Vista FAQ

[Last updated 4/26/07]  On Windows Vista, how can I restore a .bkf backup made using NTBackup in Windows XP?Use the NT Backup Restore Utility located on the Microsoft Download Center. The new File Backup is too simple. Why didn’t you add more features, such as location-based backup?The file backup feature in Windows Vista is targeted… Read more

Disk Defragmenter FAQ

[Last updated 4/26/07]  Why did you simplify the Disk Defragmenter interface?The Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter was simplified primarily for the purpose of removing it out of the face of the user. It runs periodically and keeps your file system fragmentation at acceptable levels, making it unnecessary for you to launch the tool itself. With the… Read more