Storage and File Services Powershell Cmdlets Quick Reference Card For Windows Server 2012 R2 [Preview Edition]

Hi, my name is Roiy Zysman and I’m a senior Program Manager in the Hybrid Storage Services team.

Last year, with the introduction of Windows Server 2012, we published a File and Storage Services PowerShell cmdlets quick reference sheet.
The motivation for this reference card was to provide a set of common Windows PowerShell cmdlet examples that span across different File and Storage Services modules to help simplify performing common tasks.

To further explain how this reference card can be used in real life, consider the following scenario:
Amy, the file server administrator, is asked to create a new SMB share for the HR team. While she knows she can accomplish this task using Server Manager’s wizards and dialogs, she prefers to perform this task by running a set of commands on her Windows PowerShell console. From her previous experiences, she knows that this task would require her to execute cmdlets from several different File Services related modules. She’ll probably have to start with Storage cmdlets to provision pools, disks and a volume. Then she’ll use the SMB cmdlets that create an SMB share, followed by the File Server Resource Manager cmdlets to apply quotas, and Automatic Classification and Access-Denied Assistance settings. She then might use the DFS Namespaces cmdlets to add the new share to the org’s shares namespaces. Lastly, she’d probably optimize the storage capacity by using the Data Deduplication cmdlets to turn on data deduplication on the newly created volume. There are even more File and Storage Services modules that might be included in this scenario such as iSCSI Target Server, iSCSI Initiator as well as Failover Clustering if the request demands a robust and highly available file access solution.

Remembering every cmdlet is not trivial, so to ease up Amy’s job and other file server admins out there, we’ve collected and organized a set of File and Storage Services-related cmdlets into a printable quick reference guide that you can hang on your wall, place it on your desk, or fold up and store in your coat pocket for impressing people at parties.

We had a lot of feedback from customers that liked the previous version of our reference sheet, so we went ahead and produced a new reference card for the preview version of Windows Server 2012 R2.
In the new reference card there are two new sections: one for DFS Replication and one for the Work Folders – a new sync technology for Windows Server 2012 R2. It is also worth mentioning that there are new storage cmdlets to manage storage tiers.

We hope you’ll find the updated version useful and we encourage you to download and print or save a copy to use while you’re exploring the File and Storage Services world.

[Download here]



Roiy Zysman