Windows Server 2012 Beta with SMB 3.0 – Demo at Interop shows SMB Direct at 5.8 Gbytes/sec over Mellanox ConnectX-3 network adapters

The Interop conference is happening this week in Las Vegas (see and Mellanox is showcasing their high-speed ConnectX-3 network adapters during the event. They are showing an interesting setup with Windows Server 2012 Beta and SMB 3.0 that shows amazing remote file performance using SMB Direct (SMB over RDMA). The short story? 5.8 Gbytes per second from a single network port. Yes, that’s giga bytes, not giga bits. Roughly one DVD per second. Crazy, right?

Get all the details in the link below, including a comparison between Windows Server 2012 Beta with SMB 3.0 running with traditional non-RDMA Ethernet at 10Gbps, InfiniBand QDR at 32Gbos and InfiniBand FDR at 54Gbps: