Offline Files (CSC) to Work Folders Migration Guide

Hi all, I’m Jeff Patterson, Program Manager for Work Folders and Offline Files. Jane wrote a blog last year which covers how to use Folder Redirection with Work Folders. The blog is great for new environments. If Folder Redirection and Offline Files are currently used, there are some additional steps that need to be performed… Read more

Storage IOPS update with Storage Spaces Direct

Hello, Claus here again. I played one of my best rounds of golf in a while at the beautiful TPC Snoqualmie Ridge yesterday. While golf is about how low can you go, I want to give an update on how high can you go with Storage Spaces Direct. Once again, Dan and I used a… Read more

Azure Active Directory Enterprise State Roaming for Windows 10 is now generally available

Hi folks, Ned here again with a quick public service announcement from colleagues: Azure Active Directory Enterprise State Roaming for Windows 10 is now generally available. With Enterprise State Roaming, customers benefit from enhanced security and control of the OS and app state data that are roamed between enterprise-owned devices. All synced data is encrypted… Read more

Storage throughput with Storage Spaces Direct (TP5)

Hello, Claus here again. Dan and I recently received some Samsung PM1725 NVMe devices. These have 8 PCIe lanes, so we thought we would put them in a system with 100Gbps network adapters and see how fast we could make this thing go. We used a 4-node Dell R730XD configuration attached to a 32 port… Read more

What’s new in Storage Replica for Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5

Hiya folks, Ned here again. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5’s release brings you a number of new Storage Replica features, some of which we added directly from your feedback during the preview loop: Asynchronous stretch clusters now supported RoCE V2 RDMA networks now supported Network Constraint Integrated with the Cluster Health service Delegation Thin… Read more

Storage Spaces Direct in Azure (TP5)

Hello, Claus here again. Enjoying the great weather in Washington and enjoying the view from my office, I thought I would share some notes about standing up Storage Spaces Direct using virtual machines in Azure and create a shared-nothing Scale-Out File Server. This scenario is currently recommended for testing and evaluation purposes only. In a… Read more

Building Work Folders Sync Reports

Hi, I’m Manish Duggal, software engineer at Microsoft. Work Folders enables users to securely access their files on a Windows Server from Windows, iOS and Android devices. Enterprise IT admins often want to understand Work Folders usage, categorized by active users and type of devices syncing to Work Folders servers. Overview In this example, I… Read more

Automatic Configuration in Storage Spaces Direct TP5

Hello, Claus here again. This time we’ll take a look at the work done around simplifying the deployment of Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). If you have been following along, you know that once you form a cluster you would 1) enable S2D, 2) create a storage pool, 3) define storage tiers, and 4) create volumes for your… Read more

NVMe, SSD and HDD storage configurations in Storage Spaces Direct TP5

Hello, Claus here again. This time we’ll take a look at the work we’ve done to support systems with three tiers of storage (NVMe + SSD + HDD) in Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). If you’re familiar with Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012/R2, it’s important to understand that both caching and storage tiering works very differently… Read more