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Microsoft Consumerization of IT Content

The Consumerization of IT content links listed below are to help educate you on how Microsoft can help you enable various aspects of the overall consumerization of IT shift in the industry of people bringing your own device (BYOD) to get work done.  Under this topic, there are many considerations which need to be taken…


Lync 2010 video demos

In this video episode of The Consumerization of IT Show (subset of Edge Show), we demo quite a few ways how Lync will help you “consumerize” your IT inside your organization.  Watch the video:


Natural user Interfaces at Microsoft

Recently, I interviewed Microsoft storyteller Steve Clayton about all of the natural user interfaces currently available and some of the natural user interfaces we can coming in the future.  There is lots of very cool things coming from Microsoft which will change the way you work/play! Here is the link to the actual video on…


Delivering applications to any device

There are a couple of videos I created and released recently which all relate to this concept – how can your organization effectively deliver applications to various devices like iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs (even “bring your own”), and Tablets?  There are a lot of options out there and in these two videos we break…


Why run IE9 and Firefox or Chrome?

It’s clearer now IMO that undisputedly Internet Explorer is the only real browser for Enterprises now that Firefox is on such a short release cycle like Google Chrome.  I mentioned the support lifecycle and patching as one of the major reasons in my – why IE9 is the best for Enterprises article. This video (below)…


FEP 2012 and SCCM 2012 features

At TechEd NorthAmerica I interviewed Mike Chan about the next version of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 and System Center Configuration Manager 2012.  He let us know about some of the technical details of what’s coming and gave insight into the new alignment of security and management development within Microsoft. Download the original video here


Windows Phone Mango Enterprise comparison

I did an interview with Paul Bryan on the Windows Phone product team at TechEd North America about the productivity features such as Lync integration, server search, conversation view, and pinnable email folders. After covering the productivity features, we dive into why an enterprise might want to support Windows Phone over the competition such as…


IE App Compatibility VHD VPC images update

So the base Internet Explorer (IE) Virtual PC (VPC) images were due for a refresh and I signed up for the job.  I thought it would be best to not only simply patch the images and place them up on the site, but to also reassess how we could optimize the images and options available….


IE 9 Tracking Protection Video

I interviewed the program manager responsible for the privacy features in IE 9, such as the IE 9 Tracking protection feature and we get into how it works, why you need it, etc.  This is the updated feature to IE 8’s Filtering protection feature.  There are a number improvements I see over IE 8’s filtering…