Migrate your public folders to Office 365 Groups

Over the last few months, we ran a TAP Program where our customers tested the batch migration process to move their public folders (both online and on-premises) to Office 365 Groups. We want to thank all of the customers who helped us out with the testing by sharing their experiences with us. The TAP program proved successful, and so we are now making this process available worldwide.

We encourage you to read Migrate your public folders to Office 365 Groups to learn about the advantages Office 365 Groups offers over public folders in a number of scenarios. Hopefully, you’ll want to migrate your own public folders to Office 365 Groups.

If you’ve already decided to migrate, you can click one of the following links to understand the step-by-step details of the migration process, which is dependent upon the current version of your Exchange environment.


Public folder team

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  1. Very nice but what about Teams?

    1. Mohammad Sarosh says:

      Hi Martijn
      Since we are currently only migrating mail and calendar items from Public Folders, we believe the appropriate destination for these would be Groups in Outlook. We don’t have migration to Teams on our Roadmap.

  2. Jonathon says:

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