KB3161916 Published to address issue with migrating from legacy to modern public folders

Customers currently in the process of finalizing a migration from legacy Public Folders in Exchange 2010/2007 to Modern Public Folders in Exchange Online or Exchange 2016/2013, should read KB3161916. We’ve identified a scenario which, although it doesn’t appear to be common, could result in a loss of data.  If you have previously completed a migration of legacy to modern public folders and believe you may have encountered data loss, please contact support services for additional assistance.

Exchange Team

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  1. So it is related to a segmented PF database infrastructure, but not if you use a single PF database?

  2. Bhalchandra Atre-MSFT says:

    @Thomas, correct, single PF Database environments won’t be affected by this issue.

  3. Aman Saxena says:

    Thanks Team for sharing this information….

  4. ilantz says:

    Thanks for the fix :)
    Any updates you can share about migrating Modern Public folders to Exchange Online?

    1. Michael Griffith says:

      That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I moved my public folders from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013. Now I want to move them to Exchange Online but I can’t (now without some 3rd party service).

  5. Kirk Delaney Miller says:

    How i go by modern my files and e-mail together

  6. Uwe says:

    Any experience in the migration of 500GB in 50.000 PublicFolders to Modern PF ?
    Source is Ex2010Sp3 latest RU.
    How long does it take?

    1. Søren Krogsgaard says:

      I did a migration for a customer a couple of months ago.
      Customer had 5000 Public folders, with a total data size of 950gb.
      initial sync took around 12 hours to complete with batch migration.
      Finalization took around 1 hour to complete. All PF servers was in same site.
      Was migrating from Ex2010 to Ex2013 with the latest RU/CU at the time of the migration.

      Be sure to check logs before completing migration, and fix the errors you probably will encounter.

  7. ITVisionIT says:

    Has this been addressed in the latest CU13 for Exchange 2013?

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