Announcing Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3

The Exchange team is announcing today the availability of Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3. Update Rollup 9 is the latest rollup of customer fixes available for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3. The release contains fixes for customer reported issues and previously released security bulletins. Update Rollup 9 is not considered a security release as it contains no new previously unreleased security bulletins. A complete list of issues resolved in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 Update Rollup 9 may be found in KB3030085. Customers running any Service Pack 3 Update Rollup for Exchange Server 2010 can move to Update Rollup 9 directly.

Update Rollup 9 is available now on the Microsoft Download Center and will be distributed via Microsoft Update in April.

We would also like to remind users of Exchange Server 2010 that the product is now officially in Extended Support. We plan to release one more scheduled Update Rollup for Exchange Server2010 after which we will move to on-demand releases. Lifecycle policy for Exchange Server and other Microsoft products can be found on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle web site.

Note: Documentation may not be fully available at the time this post was published.

The Exchange Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, This update also did not eliminate the discrepancy time zone for Moscow in OWA. So far, Moscow time in the OWA is displayed as (UTC +4). Anybody know how repaire it?

  2. GreysonM says:

    Has the hard-coding of TLS 1.0 always been in Exchange 2010, or was that restriction introduced in SP3?

  3. @GreysonM – Yes, TLS 1.0 has always been the only supported TLS revision level in Exchange Server 2010.

  4. after install this update appeared strange problem on edge transport – users can not sent mail to one clients- in the server logs i see (TLS negotiation failed with error IllegalMessage) then attempts to send to other MX for that domain with the same result.
    For some reason sending without TLS is not happening and the mail returned to the sender. When manually doing a retry queue mails going out (in plain text).

    Fortunately, the problem so far only with one domain.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just freshly installed Exchange 2010 SP3 with RU9, that is: downloaded Ex2010SP3, extracted it, copied the RU9-msp into Update-Dir and ran setup. Everything runs fine but now Microsoft Update wants me to install RU8. Shouldn’t this already be in RU9
    as they are supposedly cumulative?
    Or does "Customers running any Service Pack 3 Update Rollup for Exchange Server 2010 can move to Update Rollup 9 directly" mean I should have also included RU8-msp into setup?

  6. Christian Skaliks says:

    Will the Chile time-zone issue be fixed by this Rollup’s content?

  7. Ole says:

    "On-demand releases".. Is that like customer reported issues?
    And security fixes will be released until 2020, when relevant?

  8. Pieter says:

    Can this rollup be applied directly on vanilla SP3, or must at least one rollup version be applied already.

  9. Eric says:

    You mention above that customers on any previous SP3 RU can move directly to RU9 without having to uninstall previous rollups, however the KB article states previous versions need to be removed. Which is it?

  10. User1 says:

    Anyone had any issues during and post installation?

  11. prashant says:

    @Progresstech…. I also faced the same issue for time zone. Can you check the time zone on your exchange box does it show’s UTC + 4 or UTC +3. If it shows UTC + 4 than install this patch KB2998527 on the exchange box & reboot the server once.

  12. Matt says:

    Does this fix the showModalDialog issue with newer versions of Chrome and Firefox? Newer browsers have phased out this API, so users of Exchange 2010 cannot add attachments or view the address book using OWA.

  13. AMBW says:

    It’s mid-May and I don’t see this rollup up in WSUS yet, has it been released to Microsoft update yet?

  14. S Bennett says:

    Since we implemented RU9, we are seeing massive queues to our journal mailboxes on the CASH servers. The issue was resolved previously by implementing

    To the edgeTRansport.exe.config file. However since RU9, the issue has returned despite the above keys still being present in the config. Has anyone else witnessed a similar issue and dare I ask, a solution.


  15. Jeff25 says:

    Has anyone seen issues with LONG delays in ECP with IE when someone tries to add users to a distribution list they own? We have seen this with multiple IE clients. If Chrome is used, the issue does not appear.

  16. Digidwain says:

    Cant install it anyway – errors out.

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