Exchange Online Migration Guided Walk Through (GWT) released


Over the last year, as more customers have gone down the path of Hybrid Migration, we have seen more questions and forum posts on the subject. When looking at the reasons for this, it seemed clear that customers are in need of some additional guidance on how and when to perform troubleshooting steps if something goes wrong.

Currently there's a wide array of troubleshooting documentation out there in the form of blog posts, KBAs and videos. Unfamiliarity with the moving parts involved in a hybrid migration can make troubleshooting tricky.

Introducing the Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter

To help you with troubleshooting, we have released a new guided walkthrough (GWT) for Hybrid Mailbox moves. This link will soon be surfaced in various KB articles as well as the support ticket creation process.


The intent of this GWT is to take a tenant administrator step-by-step though the common troubleshooting tasks to solve their hybrid mailbox move issues and allow the customer to continue their deployment. We took the most common migration failure scenarios and put them into this easy to follow guide.

Feedback and Distribution

The Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter is a tool that will continue to evolve over time. If you see any issues with the troubleshooter or think there are situations that should be added or improved, please let us know at

A special thanks to all that contributed to the creation of the GWT: Kevyn Pietsch, Nagesh Mahadev, Richard Roddy, Jeff Miller, Timothy Heeney. And to the writers and KE team for assisting with collaboration and coordination efforts: Charlotte Raymundo, Dee Dee Woodward, Sharon Shen.

More GWTs for Cutover, Staged, and IMAP migration coming very soon… stay tuned!

Timothy Heeney

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  1. This is great, guys, and although I wish I’d had it for use with a half-dozen hybrids, it will be great to be able to have it available in the future. I’m particularly happy to see your plans for adding a GWT for cutover migrations. I currently have to
    reference 5-6 different articles to have everything I need for details and sequencing, and for DirSync minutia.

  2. Nicolas R says:

    Hybrid architecture provide the best of both world: On-Prem and Online. The MS solution provides a way to move data in both direction using native admin. tool. This guide would provide a starting point to troubleshoot hybrid feature issues.

  3. Exchange Online Migration Guided Walk Through (GWT) released
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Marius Solbakken Mellum: Thanks for the feedback! @For Bill: Thanks for chiming in!

  5. bill says:

    Over the last year as more Customers have gone down the path of STAYING ON-PREMISES due to Security Issues with the Public Cloud (NSA……..) we have seen more questions………… :-)

  6. Shut up about the "I’m on-perm" whining, and accept others are embracing the cloud! I find that mailbox moves are never the problem. Coexistence with multiple forests is always the main issue. Currently doing a 6-forest Exchange migration to O365 combined
    with AD consolidation. Full coexistence working fine :) What I would find useful is to have migration batches from multiple endpoints. Would be helpful when migrating from multi datacenter organizations with limited wan but good internet connections. (can
    of course start multiple batches, but hey)

  7. For Bill says:

    So other than the NSA, your on-prem environment is rock solid and locked down tigher than O365? Have you watched the latest video from GOWP that summarizes the encryption and security features? You can honestly say you have implemented all of the O365
    security features, encrypted locally on-prem (if so, how?), deployed DLP, RMS, etc? If so, congrats. If not, you’re a hypocrite with baseless complaining.

  8. Patel says:

    Agree with Bill.

  9. John says:

    Let’s keep it professional guys :-) no need of name calling. Yes we have two camps, On-Premises guys and others……..but it feels like lots of Articles here are for cloud……….

  10. OnpremisesCloud says:

    I am not sure people need all that security anyway(its always the human factor that messes any kind of security measures anyway … cloud or no cloud) and im not sure its cheaper either in the long run … for both small and big businesses(when combining
    everything together not just licenses, hardware…) from my experience(both smaller and ent) office 365 had more outages then both of them in one year… btw I have customers on 365 also:)

  11. nick says:

    I agree with Bill.

  12. Two Camps....... says:

    We have two camps here, On-Premises guys and Ok with Cloud guys……….Microsoft needs to keep the peace and show more love to On-Premises guys or this will get ugly……this is not hard to see.

  13. jackson says:

    Agree with "Two camps".

  14. Tim says:

    Agree with Bill.

  15. Jay R says:

    The cloud- Pay to get in, pray to get out.. Just wait until you see how helpful your cloud vendor is when you want to take your data out, or even worse *shudder*, migrate from one cloud vendor to another.

  16. Bramwyck says:

    Great Guided Walk Through. I know these things are probably difficult to put together. Keep up the hard work.

  17. sog says:

    Cloud or on-prem… personally I don’t care much as long as everything works. However it is not a secret what MS prefers, so it’s (unfortunately) "normal" that new stuff for Cloud will appear more often and mostly. It is all about the money, so sorry for
    me and other on-prem guys. We may cry about it or deal with it. As for me I find crying a waste of time, especially when I’m sure it won’t change anything, but it’s your life and your choice.

  18. tom says:

    Why give the Vendor access to my Data? With all these Security Issues. Forget about Hybrid………

  19. CloudCloudCloudCloudCloud says:

    Why migrate to O365 when on-prem is cheaper with DAS 7.2 RPM SATA drives and less headaches with a hybrid solution? O365 for 50K user environment = staff 20, on-prem for 50K user environment = staff 2…. Think about it…

  20. mike says:

    @CloudCloudCloudCloudCloud – I agree with you 100%, IT Managers need to think before listing to Cloud Sales Guys………it is all Sales talk……………..

  21. carl says:

    Yep agree, listening to the Cloud Sales Guys & falling for the Cloud Marketing talk can cost you dearly………..and I have seem Enterprises moving back to the Exchange On-Premises…….

  22. Richard says:

    Next time someone chimes in with how cheap on-premises is. Please share your cost matrix which includes real staff costs, overheads, infrastructure, buildings, energy consumption, admin staff, licensing, unlimited support, scaleability, resilience, disaster
    recovery…… 365 stacks up. £15 pppm? You can’t even get a phone for that!

  23. moe says:

    @Richard, spin up couple VMs for Exchange On-Premises and have a Messaging Engineer that does Exchange/Lync/BES/Archiving/MDM/AD. So as you see On-Premises is better. Sound like you bought the Sales BS of the Cloud Sales guy LOL. Also with On-Premises you have your Data Not the Vendor.

  24. lee says:

    @Richard, Yep the Vendor has your Data with Backdoor Access, now how much is your Data worth LOL……you get the picture :-)

  25. adam says:

    Great to see all the callouts to great engineers!

    It would be excellent to see a breakdown of the types of tests the wizard is going thru. Customer environments run the from the simple to the wildly complex, so understanding what the test is trying to do under the covers would be greatly helpful to an engineer in the field.

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