MEC Check: Are You Registered?


Just 8 ½ weeks until the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 kicks off in Austin, Texas!

We’re putting the finishing touches on sessions, speakers, content, parties, and all of those wonderful and quirky touches that make MEC different from any other conference. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time, because hotels are filling up fast and your chance to win rock star treatment ends on Feb 10. Here are the key things to know about MEC 2014:

When March 31st to April 2nd

Where Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world.

Who A diverse group of folks who all share a passion for Exchange. We’ll have an all-star lineup of executive speakers, joined by planeloads of people from the Exchange engineering team, plus MVPs, partners, and customers from across the globe.

What We have 100 unique sessions planned, including new formats like Experts Unplugged sessions where you can hear experts give unscripted answers to your toughest questions, and a Future Look @ session series where upcoming Exchange features will be disclosed in detail for the first time.

Why Whether you are a MEC veteran or a first-timer, it’s the best possible way to take your Exchange skills, knowledge, and connections to the next level. Want more details? Check out or watch some of the MEC 2012 keynote to get a taste of the type of experience you can only get at MEC. After you register, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter by following @MEConf and using the #iammec hashtag.

We’ll see you in Austin!

The Exchange Team

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  1. @Bill – Of course! A few examples: "Exchange Server 2013 Transport Architecture", "Exchange Server 2013 Architecture: mailbox and client access", "Plan it the right way – Exchange Server 2013 sizing scenarios." Lots of Experts Unplugged sessions on these
    topics too. Full session list is here:

  2. @Xavier – Yes, we’ve heard this request from many customers and partners, so we’re assembling a session on this for MEC. We hope to have a session description published to in a week or two, after we lock the speakers and put the finishing touches
    on the title and abstract.

  3. CWWoods says:

    Will there be an opportunity to attend some of the sessions virtually? Or at least be able to buy video recordings of the sessions after the fact? I’d love to attend, but I will be working during the same time that this conference is being held.

  4. @pesos – Sorry, we can’t address individual support requests via blog comments. Please contact support at

  5. MEC Check: Are You Registered?

  6. @D’sNotPlanters – Nope, those two things are completely decoupled.

  7. @CWWoods We don’t have remote viewing options during the conference, but we’ll be posting recordings of many sessions after the conference is over, like we did with MEC 2012. Sorry that the timing doesn’t work out for you to be there in person.

  8. bill says:

    Are we going to see some good Deep Dive Exchange 2013 On-Premises sessions??

  9. D'sNotPlanters says:

    Let me guess, the SP1 release date/information is being kept under wraps until MEC?

  10. pesospesos says:

    can someone check PSS case 113122011043395 and advise if this will be fixed in SP1?

  11. bill says:

    @Jon Orton Super, we have bought tickets & Hotel. Looking very much forward to good Deep Dive Exchange 2013 On-Premises sessions :-)

  12. Xavier says:

    I’m not a troll, but will there be any sessions that will directly tackle the issue of all this NSA surveillance? My customers are scared to death to put anything in the cloud and I would really like to give them some reassurances about the security and
    protections that will ensure them their data is safe. It seems like every single week we are reading about security problems and last week it was that the Syrian (or whatever) group broke into Microsoft’s own mailboxes and stole confidential NSA security requests.
    Will there be a topic that will help us address these concerns above simply placing data centers in other countries?

  13. Joe says:

    @Xavier – "customers are scared to death to put anything in the cloud", Public Cloud is Infested with Security Issues (NSA………..), DO NOT be naive, advise your Customers to have ALL data On-Premises :-)

  14. Xavier says:

    @Joe – I would like to hear this answer from Microsoft regarding this specific MEC event. Again, I’m not a troll, I really want to know if this will be a topic that is discussed as I keep hearing the issue over and over again. That is the number one concern
    on my customers minds at the moment.

  15. Billnottoolong says:

    Hi Exchange needs boost, not because its not good its great just suffers from bad publicity lately… I hope this will help Looking forward to recording,can’t attend

  16. Surprised says:

    @John, you should have multiple sessions on the NSA topics. This is by far the NUMBER ONE problem with your Office 365 offering right now. You should HEADLINE how you are dealing with this and how we, as customers, can be assured that neither the NSA nor
    ANYONE else can access our data without the proper legal procedures being followed. As it is now, it appears that EVERYTHING is compromised and the NSA is sucking up everything and it has already been proven the OWA interface is subject to hijacking as well
    as various e-mail accounts already being compromised. A single session is laughable, the ENTIRE MEC should be focused like a laser beam on this very subject and you should kill any and all doubts. If you don’t, it’s just going to be the same old bullshit we’ve
    been hearing for months in the comments of these forums and the FUD is just unbelievable. I HIGHLY recommend you pull your act together and HEADLINE the entire event with guarantees about data security in the cloud. We aren’t screwing around here. We’re a
    bank and we’ll be damned if we’re going to the cloud with all the FUD that is being passed around at the moment. You HAVE to assure us.

  17. Tim says:

    @surprise – You need to Wake up buddy :-) YES PUBLIC CLOUD servers have backdoor access. And no one can do anything about, that is the POWER of NSA, good luck LOL

  18. NSA says:

    @surprised – Yes at MEC, they do have a session regarding Public Cloud / Office 365 servers with NSA Backdoor Access. Look for Session "Yes Public Cloud / Office 365 servers HAVE NSA backdoor access, so live with it" LOL Your solution is Private Cloud
    & On-Premises ;-)

  19. Xavier says:

    @Jon – You are just now "assembling a session"? Just one session? I must say I’m a bit disappointed. This is a massive, overwhelming problem that you read about literally every day and must be costing you millions. The comments to these blogs are constantly
    plagued by people hammering you on NSA and security issues and you are just now putting together a single session? I’m sorry Jon, but it sounds pretty clear that Office 365 is not ready to handle anything with security concerns. You don’t appear to be taking
    this issue seriously enough for customers like banks, hospitals, Nasdaq, and other compliance requirements. We have serious and real security concerns. Thank you for your response, but it sounds like Office 365 is not something we will pursue and attending
    the MEC won’t be worth our time.

  20. Bob Hyatt says:

    @Xavier – why worry about Public Cloud / Office 365, it is what it is I.E. Public Cloud / Office 365 is infested with Security Issues. Think about a Solution to this issue I.E. build a Private Cloud…………… :-)

  21. Shut up already! says:

    Can Bob, NSA, Tim, and all the others just please shut up about the NSA. People are trying to ask legitimate questions here and you are causing the feedback to be a mess. Look, the Exchange team is fearful of their lives to get the wrath of the NSA down
    on them and I would be too. They are under legal agreements that they cannot tell us the details of how the NSA scoops up all the user data from Office 365 and from a legal perspective, the NSA is holding all the cards. You’re not going to get the Office 365
    team to acknowledge the problem let alone tell you you it is a secure platform. It’s not. It can’t be. The US government prevents Office 365 from being secure. Okay? Enough now. If you have SEC and other requirements DO NOT go to Office 365, but you already
    know that. What more could they possibly tell you that would make things all better? It’s the cloud and it’s impossible for Office 365 to be responsible for what the government does behind their backs. This is about the MEC coming up. Let’s stick to that topic,

  22. Patel says:

    @Shut up already – What?? WOW?? "the Exchange team is fearful of their lives", "the NSA scoops up all the user data from Office 365", "Not going to get the Office 365 team to acknowledge the problem let alone tell you it is a secure platform. It’s not.
    It can’t be" WOW………….

  23. JJBrookes says:

    Obviously the security issues need to be addressed at MEC beyond a single session.

  24. news today says:

    "Recent revelations about NSA surveillance programs have created a "misimpression" about the U.S. technology industry and are eroding trust in those companies, said Dean Garfield, president and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI).
    The furor over the NSA surveillance programs could lead to lost income in the tens of billions of dollars for U.S. cloud providers, and many U.S. tech vendors are already hearing complaints, he said."

    This need to be discussed, in depth, to assure us that no hanky lanky is going on with our data, e-mail, contacts, publicly traded private information, and court case documents.

    If the Exchange Team doesn’t feel this is worthy information, then I’ll give you the middle finger while saying "hell no" to the MEC and any other event. We will go back to cc:Mail running on OS2 Warp if we have to rather than trust and untrustworthy Microsoft
    Office 365 offering.

  25. more news today says:

    "People should have the ability to know whether their data are being subjected to the laws and access of governments in some other country, and should have the ability to make an informed choice of where their data resides," Smith told the London financial

    "The events of the last year undermine some of that trust; that is one of the reasons new steps are needed to address it," he added, referring to the Snowden leaks.

    Microsoft spokesperson Kathy Roeder confirmed that the quotes were accurate, but was not able to explain whether this would affect consumers or business users.

    Sorry, you need to explain all this at the MEC since your "official" spokesperson can’t.

  26. Tim says:

    @News Today, YES PUBLIC CLOUD servers/ Office 365 servers have backdoor access & and no one can do anything about. Build your Private Cloud with no worries :-)

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