Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 Removed from Download Center

Update 7/14/11: When contacting Microsoft Customer Support to obtain the Interim Update, you can reference KB 2581545 (please note that the article will be available at a later date on
7/27/2011: Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 has been re-released. See Announcing the re-release of Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 4. We also provide more details on what actually happened and what improvements we're making to prevent this in the future, in An Update on Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Rollup Update 4.

We have discovered an issue impacting some customers who have installed Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 into their Exchange environment and as a result have removed SP1 RU4 from Download Center and recommend customers do not proceed with any planned deployments of SP1 RU4.

A small number of customers have reported when the Outlook client is used to move or copy a folder that subfolders and content for the moved folder are deleted. After investigation we have determined that the folder and item contents do not appear in the destination folder as expected but may be recovered from the Recoverable Items folder (what was previously known as Dumpster in older versions of Exchange) from the original folder. This behavior occurs due to a customer requested change in SP1 RU4 which allowed deleted Public Folders to be recovered. Outlook and Exchange are not correctly processing the folder move and copy operations causing the folder contents to appear to be deleted. OWA and Exchange Web Services clients are not affected by this change and process the folder move or copy actions correctly.

We will be providing a fix in Exchange 2010 SP1 RU5, scheduled for release in August, which prevents the content loss in the target location during the move/copy process. In addition, we are also working with the Outlook development team to examine their code for proper behavior and identify if a fix is necessary from the client. If you have already deployed SP1 RU4, we recommend obtaining an Interim Update that resolves this issue.

If you are a customer seeing this issue or would like to receive the Interim Update, please contact Microsoft Customer Support.  When contacting Microsoft Customer Support, you can reference KB 2581545 (please note that this article will be available at a later date on  When installing the Interim Update, you need to install this on all Client Access and Mailbox servers that have SP1 RU4 installed.

We are commencing an internal review of our processes to determine how we can best prevent issues such as this one arising in future.

Once again, on behalf of the Exchange Product Group, I want to thank you for the patience you continue to show us while we work through these issues. We deeply regret the impact that this issue has had on you, our customers, and as always, we continue to identify ways to better serve your needs through our regular servicing releases.

Kevin Allison
General Manager, Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. BBHorrigan says:

    Thank you for the quick turn around on this.

  2. Is this issue related to all supported Outlook clients (2003/2007/2010)?

  3. Lars Bornich says:

    Is this issue only related to public folders or does it also affect personal folders in the user's mailbox?

  4. @Martijn Westera – all versions of Outlook exhibit this behavior with SP1 RU4.

    @monkiibiz – When using the Outlook client to COPY a folder stored on an Exchange server to a different location (e.g., User Mailbox, PST or Public Folder) a new folder is created, however message items in the folder being copied, including sub-folders, are not created in the destination folder.  If the Outlook client is used to MOVE a folder stored on an Exchange Server Information Store to a store of a different type (e.g., Mailbox Store, Public Folder Store or PST), a new folder is created, however message items in the folder being moved, including sub-folders, are not created in the destination store and the items are deleted in the source location.  Items deleted can be recovered in the source location using the Recover Deleted Items functionality available within the Outlook client.


  5. AnnoyedChris says:

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for this. I can imagine things must be pretty rough there with a second Ru in a row to be pulled because of bad QA.

    Ru 3, pulled

    Ru 4, pulled.

    I am going to install the interim update and stay the heck away from RU5 for a few months at least, who knows what you guys are going to break with that one… I for one am tired of being used as a beta tester. Can you please provide a link for the interim update? Its the least you guys can do

  6. Mark Brislane says:

    Another workaround is to put Outlook into Cached Mode. This allows you to move folders between mailboxes successfully.

  7. Chris Smelt says:

    Can you post the link to download the interim update for those of us who already installed RU4?

  8. @Chris – You need to call into Microsoft Support to obtain the Interim Update.


  9. Ross, do we have to take the blue pill for RU4 or will there be an RU4v2 even after releasing RU5?

  10. Mike Crowley says:

    @Michel de Rooij, I believe you can get the interim update or wait for RU5.  No RU4v2.

  11. @Mike: I read that, but it will gets very messy now. Also, countless remarks along the lines of "here we go again" and "QA?". You know who are in the field getting questioned, explaining this to customers on our "rock solid messaging platform".

  12. Mike Crowley says:

    I hear ya.  I’m sure the product group has gotten an earful already, but I can understand the sentiment.  Personally (and I’m sure you too), this isn’t a real deterrent from going to Exchange, however many naysayers will use this as ‘evidence’ to support their position.

    To keep it in perspective however, how many hundreds of updates does our favorite OS endure?  ;)

  13. Early Adopter says:

    Haven't experienced any issues so far with RU4.  Can't wait till RU5 so I can sleep a little better.  I still love you guys.

  14. SMLoftus says:

    I've been designing and deploying Exchange since version 4 and I have to say the 2010 code is the worse batch I have seen for Exchange so far. What did all the developers take a vacation on code checking and verification. I love working with Exchange but I'm tired of my customers either looking at me like I'm pulling their leg or acting like I CAUSED the issue.

  15. Mark says:

    Could anyone on the Exchange Team advise when the fix for the "content conversion failure" issue (resulting in connections being dropped by the Exchange server without any response to EWS clients) will be included in a rollup? Will it be in Rollup 5??

    This issue affects Outlook for MAC & Entourage users … and is detailed here:…/352776de-ab8a-400f-9f09-fb13cfa89f52

    and the MS interim fix for rollup 3v3 is detailed in KB2449266.

    This has been a known issue for a long time now – and there are specific interim updates released to address it in Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollups 1, 2 and 3v3 … although none yet for 4.

    We are currently running the IU for 3v3 (Exchange2010-KB2449266-x64-en) and it is extremely frustrating to have to log a case with PSS to get the next non-public interim update each time we want to install a new rollup.

    The big problem we have is that *each time* we log a case for the issue, the phone support denies that the issue exists and we have to jump through hoops to "prove" it to them before we get escalated.

    (NB: We have a mixed MAC and PC environment – and can't afford for each new rollup to re-introduce this TCP dropped connection/delayed delivery issue).

    With each rollup release I have had my fingers crossed that this fix would be included … but not so far.

    What is the holdup? Can you advise when this will be publicly released?

  16. DLim says:

    Contacted PSS to ask for the Interim update for Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4. However they said there was no Interim Update available at this time. Is there something in particular we should be asking for? Or should we be contacting someone other than PSS?

  17. Vojin says:

    Are there any instructions for removal of RU4? I have it applied only in my QA environment.

  18. Bruce says:

    I had a call from MS Support last night to see if I had applied the update so they could close a call I had opened with them, so 12 hours ago they didn't know about this. Luckily for me the change control process at my client site is slow and we hadn't deployed it yet. I had also told my customer not to rush to deploy it as the previous update had been pulled and to wait and see what this update was like. Bullet doged.

  19. says:

    How do you get this interim update

    I contacted Microsoft support and they advised me they didn't know anything about it. I even went as far as directing the guy to this page and he still couldn't help me.

  20. xAnnoyed says:

    is there a KB article that we can use to reference?

    I have opened a case with PSS, but they are dragging their feet about providing the udpate.

  21. Gulab says:

    Thank you for the update…

    Should i uninstall the RU4 for or get the Interim Update?

  22. Brian says:

    Please post soms advise for customers who have already installed RU4. Thanks!

  23. Today my user report the same issue. But no RU4 installed – current versions is Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 and Outlook 2010 SP1.

    The user has a Outlook rules for automatic movement of  incoming mails into inbox subfolders. The user reported that he had not found several subfolders today. Then we have restored them from the Recoverable Items folder.  (Of course there is a possibility that the user has deleted subfolders himself).

  24. johnny says:

    This is the second time in a row I've been bitten by RU issues.  I guess that is a case of more fool me!  I'm getting really demoralized by this.

    The Customer Support link above is next to useless.  Please get a KB article up about this with a link to to the interim update.  Wading through the mire of Customer Support is not an appealing prospect.

  25. Mark Brislane says:

    @ Sazonov ILYA

    That sounds like a different issue, this one is for the draggging and dropping of a Personal Folder between 2 different mailboxes.

  26. Doug says:

    Anyone actually been able to get hold of the interim update? This is the only reference to it. Microsoft Support don't know about it…

  27. AnnoyedChris says:

    I received the  interim update last night, if I dont get nailed by MS I can provide it somewhere……

    Now to deploy it to my test site of 10 servers and give this a test, then spend more of my home time patching up the prod servers. I wish I could send the bill for my time back to MS for this…

  28. Ramy says:

    I think Exchange Server product is begining to obtain very bad reputation due to your lack of effective quality assurance process, I am really very sorry to say that.

  29. TommyG says:

    Just finished a migration project (ex2003->ex2010) at one of our customers. The setup of Exchange 2010 SP1 (DAG, CAS-Array etc.) was carried out with integration of RU4 (update-foler). I tested moving folders with content between mailbox and PST and vice versa when I heard of this issue. Everything worked as expected, no data was lost. All users use Outlook 2010 in online mode. So what is the recommendation? Leave everything as it is or talk to the customer (I think he will be "pleased" to hear this btw.) and remove RU4?

    In our own company's Exchange 2010 installation we have this issue with moving folders, so I'm removing RU4 currently. A colleage from the purchase department already lost data, so we need to recover this today. Well, great job…..again. Hope that RU5 will be thoroughly tested before getting released. Thanks!

  30. Garry Trinder says:

    Is it a MBX-only problem or is the CAS role also affected?

  31. dirk says:

    I think it's only cas, as I've not yet patched my mbx servers but I do have the problem. Does anyone have the interim patch available? Would you be so kind to send it to dirk<dot>vermeulen<at>live<dot>nl

  32. Joe says:

    We uninstalled Update Rollup 4 from both of our Exchange Servers last week.  Just went to Programs and Features –> View Installed Updates and removed from there.  Went fine, no issues whatsoever, and now our users are able to copy folders to PST files without losing content.

    I will NOT be installed RU5 until at least a few months have gone by, I tell you that!

  33. AnnoyedChris says:

    @Dirk, Its 30mb large so email isnt an option. For an FTP server I can upload this umm pic? I am just about to finish off installing it on my CAS servers at our DR site to test it. Hopefully I dont need to deploy this to mbx boxes as well.

  34. AnnoyedChris says:

    @Joe, unfortunatly I really need the fixes that Ru4 provided, namely the fix to migrating users from Ex2003 to Ex2010. I have been on a call with MS PSS for over 8 weeks trying to resolve an issue where 20% of our users migrating from ex2003 to ex2010 failed. This is a large number when you talking 1000s of users. The failed migrated users required manual intervention, about 5-10 mins per mailbox… I was not happy having to spend hours each night to setup a few users to migrate over. Ru4 fixed that and the DAG disconnection issue, so if the interim update works we will just stay on it for awhile. Agreed with you on the Ru5, not touching for a few months.

  35. @All – Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for your inability to obtain the Interim Update.  When you call into support you can reference KB 2581545.  Please note that this KB article has not been published, so it will not resolve on (it's forthcoming).  When you receive this IU, you must install it on all CAS and Mailbox servers that have SP1 RU4 installed.

    @Vojin – You can uninstall the IU, by going into the Control Panel, selecting "Uninstall a Program" and clicking "View Installed Updates".

    @Gulab and Brian – You can either uninstall SP1 RU4 which will revert your Exchange server back to the previously installed rollup/SP version, or you can obtain the IU from support and stay on SP1 RU4.


  36. Geoff says:

    Wow 2 rollup updates in a row needing to be recalled – well done guys!

  37. @Mark – We are looking at how to include a long-term fix into the Exchange 2010 product for the EWS content conversion error issue.  At this time, I cannot provide a timeline or speak to the vehicle it will ship in.  Unfortunately that means, you will have to continue resolving this issue with an Interim Update based on the rollup version you are deploying.  When the fix vehicle is finalized , the issue resolution will be listed in the release notes.


  38. says:


    I had to do the same thing for our migration from 2003 to 2010.  Stayed up all night moving mailboxes.  (We have about 1000)

    Not fun, and I'm glad it's over.

  39. AnnoyedChris says:

    right, I have just installed the interim update on just my CAS servers and it has resolved the issue. @Ross, howcome you say this has to be installed on both? Have you guys just tested it just installing it on CAS servers?  I am rolling it out just to our CAS servers tonight as testing shows me there isnt a point in upadting the MBX servers, unless you can tell us otherwise.

  40. AnnoyedChris says:

    @JMarg76, try over 5 000…. across 3 regions. And then frustration and annoyance creep in…

  41. @AnnoyedChris – As I stated in an earlier comment, public folder copy operations are affected as well when using Outlook.  Outlook clients connect to the RPC Client Access service on the Mailbox server role hosting the PF; therefore, if you want to ensure data is not lost as a result of moving or copying PF folders from one PF to another when using Outlook, you need to deploy this on your Mailbox servers.


  42. says:

    Support are utter useless for this, and can't provide a download even when given the KB number listed. The fool I happened to get wanted to collect Application & System Logs from "the" Exchange server. We have 15, so he was going to be a busy man. I hung up, and will try for someone else with a clue later.

  43. says:

    I have another suggestion for RU5.  You should finaly resolve the conflict with Forefront Protection for Exchange that causes the Information Store to not start back up.  These are both Microsoft products and should work together.  At a minimum there should be a pre-install notice.  Also how do you deal with doing this via windows update?


    “For those of you running Forefront, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup’s installation process.  Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start back up.  You will need to disable ForeFront via "fscutility /disable" before installing the patch and then re-enable after the patch by running "fscutility /enable" to start it up again post installation."

  44. Scott says:

    Ross and Kevin,

    Is the issue in Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 (KB2581545) also a problem in Exchange 2007?  Specifically is it safe to install Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2007 SP3 released 7/7/2011 to resolve issues with RU3?

    Thank you for your time,


  45. @Scott – no this isn't an issue in Exchange 2007 SP3 RU4.


  46. dirk says:

    Updating just the cas servers did the trick!

  47. Sahin says:

    When contacting support for the interim update, they ask for a client ID and Credit Card Information

  48. Tom Chen says:

    Contacted Australian MS Support twice, they were not able to locate the update base on the KB number…

  49. David Readman says:

    Just called Australian PSS.

    The Exchange engineer who called back knew what I wanted & is sending a link for a 30 MB patch for me to apply.

    I am told it will need to be removed before any future rollup or Service Pack is applied.

  50. powershellfans says:

    I am a SE, but I still want to say:

    Please forgive these SDEs & SDETs. From my opinion of view, SEs should do a fully test in their test environment before apply the patch in the prod environment. Thus, SEs can avoid this impact.

    These SDE & SDETs are pushed over the limit, actually, they are derived from the class which named PEOPLE, not MSFTPEOPLE. MSFT is only an attribute, and maybe this attribute can be named to Company.

    Managers, please try to slow down your pace of patches release.

    "Slow and Steady Wins the Race."

  51. xAnnoyed says:

    I still am having a difficult time with PSS.

    I was sent "the patch", but opening up what was sent, I have the patch name is "Exchange2010=KB2575734-x64-en".  This number does not match the KB referenced above.  Is this the correct patch, or do I need to press the CSR again?

    The read me references: Bug_Exchange14_489309

  52. @xAnnoyed – Sorry to hear about your troubles with CSS.  That IU does include the fix for this issue; however it also addresses several other changes that will be included in future rollups.  If you only want to deploy the fix for this issue, I would recommend contacting CSS again and requesting that they send you the correct IU (2581545).  If you have difficulty with that you can have the engineer email me directly.


  53. sandeep says:

    I installed RU4 ( "Exchange2010-KB2509910-x64-en") in my org  and I don’t see the reported issue in my org.

    Can someone advise me whether I install the interim update on my org?

  54. @Sandeep – Since you have SP1 RU4 installed, I would call Support and request the hotfix.


  55. Sahin says:

    Anyone have the number to call..????? I need the hotfix ASAP,

  56. Sahin, see…/international.aspx
    for a wizard that will provide you with the correct phone number based on your location.

  57. Larry says:

    Microsoft – with so many people having deployed this rollup since it was out two weeks, why wouldn't you make the patch available publicly and save everyone time calling into PSS for the match?

  58. sandeep says:


    Thank You for your response.

    I talked to PSS and received the patches.

    My query is, since we are not having the issue that described here, is it mandatory to install the patch on servers? Or can we wait for RU5, which is expected to realease on Aug, 2011.

    Where exactly i can get the details of the issue? Is this happening with all client versions?

    We have only Win outlook2010/MAC outlook 2011 clients/OWA clients.

  59. sandeep says:

    In addion, we dont have Public Folder data.

  60. Marton says:

    Do you have an exact date, when RU5 will be published? Which August?

  61. JD says:

    could you please confirm that the RU4 is overwriting custom throttling policy with default values?

  62. says:

    Really not great guys. After spending an infuriating 30 mins on the phone to support I'm told the KB number in this article is wrong, helpfully they advised me to find the correct KB. Great!

    Can someone please confirm the KB?

  63. Netadmin Jerry says:

    Will the interim update or RU5 finally fix the "No items to show in this view" problem in Outlook?  It was listed as being fixed in RU4, however it doesn't seemed to fix the problem.  

  64. Chris says:

    Microsoft – Why don`t you make the Interim Update available for download, instead of having to make a phone call?

  65. Geekcroft says:

    To anyone not able to get this through ringing support;

    The KB article number listed above is indeed correct. I had to use my companies Partner leverage to find this out though – and even then my contact couldn't find the KB ID in their internal search tool and had to raise it with 3rd line Exchange support (UK-based)

    So my guess is to raise a proper case with the Exchange/UM team (it will get refunded as it is a known bug) and talk to someone who knows the product and the bug rather than the front-line team :)…/ru4-for-exchange-2010-sp1-removed

    for more details :)

  66. johnm says:

    Here is a link to the Kb article…/2581545

    But even with this information, I have been charged for the call (hopefully refunded later) and told that I have to wait until an Exchange enginneer can call me back.

    Why is it so difficult to get an interim update for RU4.


  67. johnm says:

    Well, I got called back within about 10 minutes and the engineer not only provided the link but also a detailed step by step process on how to install the update. He also mentioned that the new RU4 should be available in a couple of days.

    Still not sure why I was charged for the call though.


  68. Simon Allison says:

    Thanks Kevin,

    We are undergoing a Exchange 2003 to 2010, and we will leave this update off for the time being.

  69. JimCass says:

    We recently began moving mailboxes in bulk from 2003 to 2010 SP1 UR4(v1). Two users out of ~1200 reported missing custom Inbox subfolders they had created the morning after their mailbox was moved. One found her missing messages in her Deleted Items but the other hasn't found hers. I did some searching and stumbled across the UR4v2 threads. I called MS Enterprise Messaging Support to find out if these reports of lost messages in folders while moving were related to UR4, and after checking with his colleagues he advised this is not something they have seen and didn't think it was cause to delay moving the remainder of the mailboxes. We discussed the production interruption for upgrading UR4 to v2 and I  was verbally told that there would not be any production interruption to update the patch, and the tech's e-mail which stated "This RU4 Update doesn’t require a restart . or We won’t have any downtime".

    It interrupted client sessions on the CAS servers while I was upgrading the patch, luckily I only did one CAS at a time and it didn't need any reboots. Then our physical mailbox server took almost 4 HOURS to remove UR4, required a reboot, then it took 8 minutes to re-install, and another reboot, before we were online. The mailbox server isn't exactly a slouch either, with a pair of 6-core 2.4GHz CPU's & 24GB of RAM. Whomever is providing the information on this process to tech support is completely wrong and they took our entire email system down for half the business day.

    I called MS back at 7:42PM (about 30 minutes before the uninstall eventually completed) local time and escalated to severity A and they said they'd call back within two standard hours. No callback on either number I gave them. This was COMPLETELY unacceptable. Thanks again for a quality product, Microsoft. Now it seems we'll need to export the remaining mailboxes to PST's for peace of mind before moving them.

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