Introducing the “Exchange Server 2010 Technical Video Series” on TechCenter

Struggling to find an overview of what the latest EAS features are? Planning your migration from Exchange 2003 and looking for a basic introduction to Database Availability Groups (DAGs)? These videos are for you!

The Microsoft Exchange team has produced a new portfolio of videos designed to give customers a fundamental technical education on Exchange Server 2010. There are currently seven videos in the series covering the following topics:

  1. Archiving and Discovery
  2. Mailbox Resiliency
  3. Management
  4. Mobility
  5. Outlook and Exchange
  6. Outlook Web App
  7. Unified Messaging

The objective of the video series is to provide an introductory curriculum for IT professionals to learn more about the benefits of Exchange Server 2010. While TechNet provides great technical documentation at a more granular level, this video series should help bridge the gap for those who are new to Exchange 2010 and still trying to learn about the technical fundamentals of the product.

Each video runs 20-30 minutes long and includes an overview of the workload as well as a technical demonstration of 3-4 core scenarios related to that workload. The “Exchange Server 2010 Technical Video Series” is hosted by Ann Vu and presented by subject matter experts from the Microsoft Exchange team. You can find these videos on the front page of Exchange Server TechCenter on TechNet.

Please help us evangelize these videos to anyone who wants to learn more about Exchange Server 2010 and let us know your thoughts. As always, your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Many thanks in advance!

Steven Chew
Technical Product Manager

Comments (13)
  1. ed says:

    Ok. Why are these stored on Bing while most technical videos are stored on Technet (Edge)?

  2. David says:

    Unwatchable, constant buffering. Lucky if I hear 10 words before I see the buffer counting up to 100 again.

  3. Great. Appriciated.

  4. David Winter says:

    Buffering Buffering buffering – put them on youtube!

  5. Gas Pedal says:

    I know I am stupid, but I can not find a link anywhere in the blog post that actually links to those videos…

  6. David says:

    On the blog post above click Exchange Server TechCenter link then at the bottom of that page the video's are featured.

  7. Petri X says:

    How to download these? So I don't need to care about "buffering, buffering, restart, buffering buffering…"

  8. cristal says:

    Would love to watch these, but with all the 'buffering,' you have to put up with, it's hard to learn anything.  Come 'on Microsoft… you can do better than this!  

  9. Mike V says:

    I don't see any video links at the bottom were they are featured. Have they been pulled? If so when will they be available again?

  10. nickparlow says:

    @mike v.

    here they are –…/default.aspx

    at the bottom. click the little blue pills right at the bottom of the page to get differnt videos.

  11. Mike O says:

    Can these video's be downloaded. I clicked on a video and and was sent to a new page but it was blank in the content area.

  12. Jose V says:

    Can someone post the link directly to the videos?  I cannot find a link to play the videos. Thanks.

  13. Jose V says:

    Never mind, I needed to have Microsoft Silverlight installed.  Mike O, maybe that is the same problem you are having?

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