Announcing a Windows Phone app for the Exchange Team Blog

Are you always on the go? Do you struggle to find time to read our blog because of your busy schedule? Or do you just need an excuse to read our blog on Windows Phone 7? It doesn’t matter which of the categories you fall in, we have an answer for you!

We’re excited to announce availability of “The Exchange Team Blog” app for your Windows Phone. You can download it from here or directly from the Marketplace on your Windows Phone.

What does it do? Glad you asked!

The app allows you to read our blog posts on the go. Some notable features are:

  • Favorite posts you love and refer them quickly
  • Follow our tweets from the same app
  • Quickly filter and read posts by tags/categories
  • Send us your suggestions
  • Share posts with your social networks

Here are some screenshots:

We are sure you'll love the app and enjoy it on your Windows Phones as much as we do!

How did the app come about?

Bhargav Shukla, a Sr. Premier Filed Engineer supporting Exchange and Lync., has been trying to learn developing Windows Phone apps. Being a Messaging PFE, his first choice was to create an app related to Exchange. Along the way, he discovered FolloowMyFeed, which helped him create an app that allows him to read the Exchange Team Blog on his Windows Phone when he's on the go.

As Bhargav puts it, “any Exchange engineer not reading EHLO blog is NOT an Exchange engineer, period.”

Let us know what you think of it! And if you have ideas for cool Exchange-related apps, feel free to share by leaving a comment!

Bharat Suneja

Comments (17)
  1. SHIMSOFT says:

    Please release same App for iPhone/iPad.

    Windows Phone 7 devices are difficult to get in Japan.

  2. ExLover says:

    Nice app Bhargav.

    I love the blog. It gives people that use Exchange the direct contact needed. Contact without the idiotic bureaucracy and massive layers of management. Something sorely needed.

    When will we see a WP7 Outlook client with conversation view? Or is that the Outlook team? Or the WP7 team? Or someone else? So we'll see it after about 1000 meetings right?

  3. Davis says:

    Seriously, what's the point of interface design guides if you ignore them to replace carefully considered typography with a big, white background image you copied off the the blog header?!

  4. M says:

    Very nice! Please hand the VS project to CRM Team Blog members, would love to see the same app for CRM :)

  5. rdrtkd says:

    great idea. how about ios devicess also?

  6. JD says:

    An iPhone app would be more appropriate since most real admins use real phones.  ;)   Seriously, I've tried the Windows phone, its about 3 years behind all the others…  you'd cover more users with apps for iOS and Android.

  7. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @everyone: Thanks for the great feedback! Yes, an iOS app would be great. We'll check with Bhargav and welcome others to create one. We'll post the details here! :)

  8. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @davis: Thanks for the feedback. We've noticed the blog image background – will be fixed in the next update.

  9. Davis says:

    ^ Bharat, well, that's some future positive for the visual design integrity of the OS at least!

  10. Thanks for feedback everyone, keep it coming.

    @Davis, As Bharat mentioned, we're addressing the image in next release.

    @iDevice lovers, we'll see what we can do. If you are MSFT and know iDevice development, please reach out to me or Bharat.

    @M, please email me, I may be able to help.

  11. MattCline says:

    Any chance of an Android version?

  12. freddofrog says:

    Forgive my ignorance, I don't actually use a smartphone, but why do you need yet another app for something that is already published as an RSS feed?

  13. Frank T says:

    It's true, you could get this info through an RSS reader or *gasp* a web browser but there's a craze to make everything it's own app nowadays :)  Can't blame the team for getting on board. It does allow for a richer and more customized interface.

    Hmm maybe add functionality for the Remote Connectivity Analyzer and Storage Calculator. I'm not sure if I'd really want to do storage calculations on a smartphone but it's an idea :)

  14. Anand V says:

    Yes. Fantastic. I love it. Thank you guys.

  15. eljefe says:

    who actually has a w7 mobile device?

  16. aha_tom says:

    ye, will be greate if has one for iPhone and Android… Then Exchange will dominate the market further…

  17. Ratish Nair - MVP Exchange says:

    Whoa… this is soo awesome… Would be nice to have one preped up for iOS if Im not asking for more…

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