UDP Notification Support Re-added to Exchange 2010

I am very pleased to let you all know that in response to your feedback we are adding support for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) notification functionality back into Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. While Outlook 2010 is the best way to experience all that Exchange 2010 has to offer, you have been very clear that many of you have longer client deployment cycles or are waiting for a desktop hardware refresh before upgrading clients. Regardless of the reasons, those of you who have users running Outlook 2003 have seen those users' Outlook performance degrade with the removal of UDP. You can learn more about this issue in the related Microsoft Support article.

We've heard you loud and clear and so this functionality will be re-introduced in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 Roll-Up 3 (SP1 RU3). As a result, we have adjusted the RU3 schedule in order to complete the engineering work required to include UDP support within the rollup, which we now expect to release in March. We hope this change is welcome news.

As always, our goal is to improve your experience with Exchange overall, so if you have additional feedback, please continue to provide it. We are listening.

Kevin Allison
General Manager - Exchange Customer Experience

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  1. Those reintroductions of previous functionality are odd, isn’t that admitting to miscalculations? Also, these UDP packets were dropped for a reason; I assume they’re off by default as of SP1RU3 and can be enabled when required?

  2. raf says:

    This is a great winning for all of us. Some of my customers could not afford to upgrade all their client versions right now and with this re-addition of the UDP notification and support to OL2003, they will be able to have a little of extra time to strategize better their IT budget.  Kudos!

  3. Korbyn says:

    It’s been extreamly frustrating taking the heat for poor O2003 performance the last year.  Amazing how many users call in to complain about their emails hitting their BB’s or iphones before thier Outlook.  Who thought that everyone would be off O2007 as of E2010 RTM?

    Soooo glad you’re bringing it back.  Will be curious to hear the details; will it be an on/off switch or just client detection.

  4. justpaul says:

    You guys have made me very happy! This just shaved 18-24 months off of the time to deploy Exchange 2010. Thanks to all of the ears that let me chew on them regarding this (especially Kumar and Ross.) I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this happy about technology.

  5. Tim W says:

    Thanks. We figured we’d be stuck with pockets of Outlook 2003 for a few months after we rolled out Exchange 2010 later this year, and this was one of the things I was not looking forward to explaining to the boss.

  6. Constantino Tobio says:

    Does this also help with a lot of the issues BES 5.0 has with Exchange 2010 related to messaging delays? We’ve been dealing with that for months, and RIM has been pointing the finger at Microsoft (even though it’s lame that BES 5.0 still relies on this).

  7. Richard Sobey says:

    I can’t see what the problem is with simply enabling Cached Exchange Mode.

    Hopefully RU3 will include more features than this to make it worthwhile patching :)

  8. John Dunsire says:

    "I can’t see what the problem is with simply enabling Cached Exchange Mode. "

    Terminal Servers are are places were you don’t want cached mode.

    Thanks guys this has been a real issue for us and a welcome relief. But while your listening to your customers can we PLEASE have mailbox management back in ADUC? I sell a lot of U-Btech’s Exchange tasks 2007/2010 so the internal IT guys at my clients can manage mailbox’s like they did with Exchange 2000/2003. In a OCS environment it is a real pain that we manage everything the users in ADUC but not their mailbox and the 3rd party addon is the best solution that these are comfortable with.

  9. Henrik Walther says:

    Richard: It’s typically enterprises that publish Outlook using terminal servers etc. that run in online mode and therefore are affected by this issue.

  10. Petri says:

    Does this means that FW rule:

    E2010 — UDP High —-> Clients

    is required again?

  11. Tim W says:

    There are scenarios where cached Exchange mode doesn’t work so well (and they are on technet somewhere.) TS publishing is one, but also think about

    -Workers who use different computers every day or even every hour (kiosk style or shared offices)  with slow connections to Exchange

    -Companies with guidelines against storing sensitive information on local hard disks. Yes there’s encryption but it brings it’s own performance and supportability issues.

    -Heavily shared mailboxes

  12. Brad Hughes says:

    Petri: If you have Outlook 2003 and you want to take advantage of this feature, yes.  However if all of your clients are 2007+, you won’t be using this legacy type of notification anyway.

  13. Matt Huxtable says:

    Excellent news! Thank you!


  14. Karsten says:

    I wished we didn’t had to wait for that that long. Since Our Exchange 2010 Servers are ready since 6 Months but we didn’t wanted to move the users until we swithed from OLK 2003 to OLK 2010 because of the problems with OLK 2003 in Onlinemode concerning the missing upd protokoll.

    So its a great news that we can move in march.

  15. HotFix says:

    Thank you for adding this. It would have seriously impacted our Exchange 2010 deployment.

    I am hopeful that the next version of Exchange being developed now includes UDP support unless you all are absolutely sure customers will be off of Outlook 2003 (and earlier) by then.

  16. Nathan says:

    This news is most welcome. We deployed Exchange 2010 in November, and managing all the issues that have arisen from Outlook 2003 clients running in TS has been a miserable experience. RU3 can’t come soon enough…

    Kudos to the Exchange team for listening and bringing UDP back.

  17. Ilantz says:

    great news !! this will surly help a lot of customers that are having "slow/weird" outlook 2003 behaviors, I still thus feel a bit split minded because 2003 clients were just not really evaluated for RTM/SP1 of 2010..

    yet again good thing it’s coming back !


  18. Neill Tinlin says:

    Nice to see this coming back in.

    However I do think MS made a mistake originally when they removed the ‘free’ use of Outlook 2007 with an Exchange 2007 CAL.


  19. Steven says:

    Good choice as there are many cases in which a company desires to go to Exchange 2010 but is not ready to go to Outlook 2007 or 2010.

    And to the other poster questioning why cant one just use cached mode, well, off the top of my head, terminal services is one, as mentioned above, another is a case in which users need extremely large mailboxes, and a third are cases of high security in which no data is allowed to leave the premises.


  20. Aaron Ellis says:

    Very good news.  I’ve had a 2010 enviroment stood up for months waiting for our slow legal specific apps to catchup to office 2010.  No more waiting!

  21. Kobi Shmueli says:

    It’s about time, thanks guys :)

  22. Cynep says:

    Definitely a welcome improvement. You should update this article as well, to ensure accuracy:


  23. shannon says:

    Thank you so much!!!!  We (IT) have been taking heat on this for months..  I am excited to be able to tell our users that help for their pain is coming..

  24. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Cynep: Thanks for the feedback. The related post
    Common Client Access Considerations for Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2010
    has been updated.

  25. Oli says:

    In my understanding UDP is useful for Outlook 2003 in Online Mode.

    Why does not use these customers the Offline Cache ?

    The improved Outlook 2003 Offline Cache was the most important feature for us.

    It would give us great pleasure if the Product management work harder on valuable PublicFolder improvements.

    We have over 50.000 PublicFolders with about 200GB….

    Sharepoint is not the best choice for that.

    So, what are the ideas for the next 5 years ?

    best regards


  26. Ray Avila says:

    Like a previous post a few back  is this udp support being brought back

    to also address the BES 5.02 issues of delayed emails to device becuses of blackberry messaging agent wait counts caused by any sort of rpc

    slowdowns on the cas servers

  27. Treadstone says:

    It’s great to see that Microsoft is working as hard as ever to get the best for their customers.

    I had this same issue with one of my Outlook 2007 users.  I upgraded her to 2010 and the issue went away immediately.

    Do you think it could be the outlook client itself or is this problem extended to OL2007 users also?

  28. nano says:

    Great news!!  People are hunting us (IT) down for answers on Outlook 2003 issues… I hope for our sake this RU3 fixes most of those issues…

  29. George says:

    Hopefully RU3 includes more than this fix!  Due to not supporting UDP we have already upgraded to Outlook 2010.  Hopefully the actual BUGS in 2010 are being addressed such as the one in the public folder console where if you have more than 100 public folders it will display "Information is not available for this folder" because the CMDLET that runs in the backgroun doesn’t include the -resultsize unlimited option so only traverses the first 100 folders!

  30. Kevin says:

    Any updates on the release date? We still have a lot of Outlook 2003 clients so this update would be a relief for our users ;)

  31. martin says:

    Ditto, got both issues with Blackberry devices and Outlook 2003 frustrating delays when deleting items, cached mode is useless with aggressive AV scanning and older hardware.

    I’m sure I speak for alot of people here, in that if I had known these issues were not fixed in RU2 then I would have stuck with 2007.

    Are Microsoft going to put a date out?

  32. nick says:

    Anyone else having problems accessing this article?


    I’ve tried for 4 days, still no luck.

  33. Birij says:

    I’m getting the same problems trying to access the link


    nobody Knows why?

  34. Jeff25 says:

    Best guess would be that they are revising it for the update. I just wish they would tell us when that update was coming out. My users are not happy wiith 2010 because we still use Outlook 2003

    and can not use cache mode because I have 400 users on Windows 2008 R2 RDS. Did not budget for any client upgrade already had to scrape 400 2003 exchange cals becasue I went to 2010 now they want me to spend at least $80 per user for outlook 2010 which does not get my users anything. Thanks  M$

  35. Jeff25 says:

    Any one know if this will fix the Andriod 2.2 EAS issue with Exchange 2010 and SP1 ?

  36. joyie says:

    Is the fix still on target for release on 3/31/2011?  Our users have been patiently waiting.

  37. MonsterAxe says:

    I have downloaded this release today and have applied this to a test Exch2010 SP1 server. The update release runs and installs successfully, but there is the same result regarding the issues addressed in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2009942. (I have an Outlook 2003 Online mode user with a Exchange 2010 Mailbox on this server – same issues with moving/deleting e-mails folders – in fact the mails stay there beyond the theoretical 1 minute limit)

    I see that this page (kb 2009942) is now available, but under "Resolution", there is not reference to installing this update rollup.

    Can MS please confirm that the issues addressed in KB 2009942 are resolved in Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server SP1? In the MS page about the new rollup: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=2492690, it does reference that this issue is one of those many issues resolved, but if you look at the other kb pages for the resolved issues, they all reference that their "Resolution" is to install this update.

    Can MS please confirm?

  38. terry says:

    have you done the following:

    Subkey location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMSExchangeRPCParametersSystem

    Subkey name: EnablePushNotifications

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Value: 1

  39. MonsterAxe says:

    Hi Terry. Thanks for this. I noticed that that registry information has also made it into the MS article now as well. The resolution field was empty when I first looked at the kb article.

    However, after applying the update rollup, and the registry fix, I still get the same client experience. The same result as before the rollup. As I mentioned in my previous post, e-mails in the Inbox are deleted/moved. Some are actioned, others remain and do not disappear until the folder focus is changed and changed back again. Subsequent delete/move attempts result in the "Unknown Error" warning message appearing.

    Can anyone else confirm that this is also still occurring for them post rollup? I would also be interested in hearing if anyone has had any success,

  40. Andy says:

    Have you tried reboot the Exchange servers  and restart the client workstation just in case?

  41. JK27 says:

    RU3 for SP1 did not solve the Outlook 2003 delay issues and "Unknown error" message. I posted to

    http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2011/03/08/458566.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage as well. We are hoping for some sort of an explanation from MS as soon as possible, our migration (delayed nearly a year now) has been waiting for this, but now we’re
    right back to square one. If anyone else has had any success please post that here.

  42. manfri says:

    Based to my test the UDP notification packet arrive but not very immediately ( i've seen delays up to 1 seconds but misurable ) , so it is possible for a tester o a very compulsive user to be affected by the problem.

  43. manfri says:

    Based to my test the UDP notification packet arrive but not very immediately ( i've seen delays up to 1 seconds but misurable ) , so it is possible for a tester o a very compulsive user to be affected by the problem.

  44. Alex Jordan says:

    Also had a headsup this morning that RU3 has been pulled due to issues with BES …

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