The Future of Exchange Starts Here: Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Is Now Available

You have been eagerly waiting, and we have been working hard over the summer to deliver the latest Exchange Server 2010 enhancements as soon as possible. I am extremely happy to announce the availability of Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1, ready for download here.

We released the SP1 beta at Tech Ed North America in June. We also shared some of the SP1 enhancements in Yes Virginia, there is an Exchange Server 2010 SP1 back in April. Since then, almost 500,000 SP1 mailboxes have gone into production in Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customer environments.

Rather than recap all the SP1 features, I want to let a few of our Exchange TAP customers tell you what they loved.

Exchange has been the most resilient and trusted solution for enterprise Email for many years now and when Exchange 2010 originally RTM’ed, I thought, what else could be improved… But the Exchange product group and the TAP group members have done just that in Service Pack 1.

From improvements to manageability for both administrators and users to better control and resiliency within the SMTP stack, and fantastic improvements in Unified Messaging, the list of improvements and features in Service Pack 1 amazes even an old Exchange guy like me (who has worked on Exchange since early 4.0 days). Of all the improvements in SP1, my favorite so far is the Audit Logging improvements available in the Exchange Management Shell and the Exchange Control Panel.

All I can say is, “Great job Microsoft Exchange Product Group on another fantastic product!”

Gary Cooper, Horizons Consulting

Calendar publishing is awesome. When working with people outside our organization, instead of fumbling around in multiple emails or phone calls “Is Tuesday at 3 PM good? How about next Wednesday at 9:30?” I can just send them a link to my calendar. Now if more organizations would get to Exchange 2010 and federate their free\busy (including Microsoft)....

Joseph Nguyen, University of Oklahoma

One of the most common criticisms from our customers regarding Exchange and OWA had been its lack of cross-browser and open systems support. Although we saw major improvements in Exchange 2010, SP1 has built upon this and taken things to the next level. SP1’s OWA experience is now class-leading and the addition of open standards calendar sharing is a feature we’ve been asked for many times - and have now been able to deliver. With SP1, our users can choose to share their Calendar in HTML and iCal formats, enabling real time sharing with external colleagues or access to their calendar from platforms and clients without Exchange support.

In addition to the OWA improvements, we’ve been delighted with some of the other new features. On the client side features like auto mapping of shared mailboxes to user’s Outlook 2010 profiles will remove a support headache.

In the datacentre, the support for online archives on a separate database from the primary mailbox is the green light for archiving implementation. Finally the ability to import and export PSTs without needing Outlook installed are a welcome addition and will be particularly useful when we begin importing archive PSTs back into Exchange for online archiving.

Steve Goodman, Aston University

And a word from Dimension Data, one of Exchange’s Global Partners.

Exchange 2010 SP1 is a great example of how Microsoft is rapidly responding to customer and partner feedback. We believe these new enhancements to the archiving functionality, improved Outlook Web App experiences, and expanded mobility capabilities can only accelerate the already strong customer demand we’ve seen for upgrades. And, the continual innovation delivered by Microsoft Exchange enables our business to maintain strong relationships with our customers by always having the ability to offer them new, next generation scenarios to consider and deploy.

Peter Menadue, Group General Manager, Microsoft Solutions at Dimension Data

Once again, a huge thank you to all of our customers, TAP participants, and EHLO readers for downloading the SP1 Beta, and the constant stream of great feedback. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Kevin Allison
GM – Exchange Customer Experience

Comments (149)
  1. bday says:

    Hip hip hoorayyyy!!

  2. Wohooo! Congrats to the Product Group!

  3. Pat Richard says:

    Excellent work as always by a dedicated team!

  4. Francesco Bosticco says:


  5. kmoreta says:

    Has SP1 addressed address list segregation?  Last I saw a white paper was still in the works to migrate address list segregation from E2K7 SP3.

  6. itKansas says:

    Can Exch2010 SP1 Beta be upgraded to the RTM?

  7. Jeff Sullivan says:

    Kudos to the Exchange team for a FABULOUS release! It has many of the features we really, really wanted, including archive and primary mailboxes on different databases.

    Any news on the Outlook 2007 update to allow archive access?

  8. Exchange says:

    @ Kelvin – we do not have new Address List Segragation guidance yet. Please stay tuned for additional information on the subject.

    @ itKansas – this is not a tested scenario; we do not support Beta products in production environment. I fthis is the lab that you are talking about, I’d suggest joining other SP1 machine into it, and move mailboxes etc.

  9. Aslam Surve says:

    GREAT WORK !!!! congrats to Product Group!!!!!!

  10. Dave Espinoza says:

    To answer Kelvin question of "Has SP1 addressed address list segregation?  Last I saw a white paper was still in the works to migrate address list segregation from E2K7 SP3."

    Status has not change we are still looking at this issue and will have more info on this in a later post, but no SP1 does not address addressed list segregation the support statment is the same.  

  11. Serkan Varoglu says:

    Great Newsssss

  12. Exchange says:

    @Jeff Sullivan (explanation expanded for the benefit of the rest of the readers) – In my April blog announcing the capabilities that are included in SP1, I also announced our plans to introduce an update to Outlook 2007 which enables users to access the Exchange Server 2010 Personal Archive.  We are excited to have been able to bring you SP1 so quickly this summer rather than later in the year as we originally forecast.  We are still committed to delivering the Outlook 2007 capability and this update will be made available along with a broader set of updates for Outlook in the first half of 2011.

    -Michael Atalla

  13. Jeff Sullivan says:

    @matalla: Thanks for the update. Are we talking later in the first half of 2011?

  14. @Jeff Sullivan – as soon as we can provide a more precise delivery date, you can be confident we’ll share via this blog.

  15. Shawn B says:

    I’m excited to install this and start utilizing the archiving improvements.  In the article, one of your customers states "On the client side features like auto mapping of shared mailboxes to user’s Outlook 2010 profiles will remove a support headache."  What is auto mapping of shared mailboxes and where can I find more info on this?

  16. Morten Kjønnø says:

    Congratulation! Great work!

  17. GoodThings2Life says:

    Awesome news and great timing! I will be able to coordinate an upgrade to SP1 prior to my implementation of a Cisco CallManager VoIP system over the next couple months! :) I feel like it’s Christmas come early!

  18. MadsD says:


    I’m a bit baffled, that my lab-computer (Server 2008 R2 Standard, domain controller, exchange 2010 mbx, cas & hub-role) needs to install updates from 4 different KBs

    It’s the CAS-role that requires the following:

    3 of them (if I count correct) refers to being applicable to Windows 7 – Now I know that it’s basically the same codebase as server 2008 r2, but honestly – One of the hotfix’es aren’t even available as a download-link without first contacting MS-support :( aaaand it’s patches from 3 different microsoft sites! As if, they’re not quite done and thoroughly tested yet.

    For further info, I can say I have MySQL running on it, together with PHP5 ISAPI-plugin to IIS (but that shouldn’t have anything to do with the ASP.NET-issues I reckon.

    Have anyone else run into this? I’m gonna wait with upgrading to SP1 now until given enough time, that I actually want to install these updates :D So, this is just info from me saying.. hey.. if you have that problem too, then, you’re not alone! :D

    Anyway, good news – Looking forward to having SP1 installed eventually :)

  19. fer says:

    I just downloaded the new SP1. I’m look forward to see all the benefits from it!!! A question that come to my mind is, why the download page states the following? : I have several Exchange 2010 in place already and I have plans to install some more. Thank you!

    Expiration Notice

    For new installations, this time-limited, free version of Exchange Server 2010 SP1 will end 120 days after installation.

    Current licensing information will be preserved if the SP1 update is applied to existing installations of Exchange Server 2010

  20. Justin King says:

    It requires a filter pack update to 2010 and _4_ Hotfixes not published to Windows Update or any service packs yet.  Makes for pretty messy pre-req downloading via

    Hopefully these will be pushed to windows update soon?

  21. turbomcp says:

    wheres the missing updates required for unified messaging?

    (windows server 2008 R2)


  22. gerard says:

    Upgrade failed in our environment during Install-MailboxRole due to not being able to resolve the "Discovery Management" group, even though it does exist. I’ve posted the full error on the forum. We’re running all roles except Edge on a single machine in a single domain forest. We were upgrading from Rollup 4 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

  23. Art Braune says:

    Justin can you elaborate on your post?

    Justin King said:

    It requires a filter pack update to 2010 and _4_ Hotfixes not published to Windows Update or any service packs yet.  Makes for pretty messy pre-req downloading via

  24. Jo says:

    Great news, is it possible to migrate from Exchange 2007 with multi-tenant configuration to 2010 SP1 hosted ?

    Thx ;)

  25. Scott Landry (MSFT) says:

    @Jo – I assume you mean migrating from HMC to /hosting?  Yes it is possible to migrate, but you must move to a new forest in the process and the guidance is not yet released.  In your planning you should also consider that there are some features that cannot be used in multi-tenant mode.  See this for starters:

  26. Robert Greenlee says:

    This is awesome..  we are in 2010 pilot right now and were holding off on full deployment until SP1 comes out since we are doing the upgrade for the new archive features.  You guys just made my day.  We will probably let it bake a month before deploying it but thank you for getting it out much earlier than you expected.

  27. Jo says:

    @Scott Landry : Yes i was talking about HMC :) Ok so we need to create a new forest with new DC ?

  28. will says:

    Now that SP1 is out, personal archive is finally able to deliver the features needed for me to yank EV out, but when are we going to see the patch to make it usable in Outlook 2k7?

  29. AAR says:

    @Art, I got this, which is what he was talking about:


    This computer requires the Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs. Please install the software from

    Client Access Role Prerequisites



    Install hotfix Microsoft Knowledge Base article 982867 from

    Click here for help…


    This computer requires the update described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 979744 ( Please install the required update to proceed.

    Click here for help…


    Install hotfix Microsoft Knowledge Base article 983440 from

    Click here for help…


    This computer requires the update described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 977020 ( Please install the required update to proceed.

    Click here for help…

  30. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Will: Please take a look at Michael Atalla’s response in comments above.

  31. Dean says:

    Agree with Justin.

    This is a messy one with a bunch of hotfixes that have not been regression tested. Why?

  32. itKansas says:

    @Exchange Alright — So I know its not "supported" but SP1 Beta folks do exist.  Since its not supported, its up to the community at large to do the work.  Of course I recommend taking backups of the store prior to any upgrade, especially this one.  That being said, I had no problem apply the update from SP1 Beta to SP1 RTM.  Store has mounted, I ran an integrity check, all is good.  All functions (mail flow, client access, OWA, etc) are testing fine.  Offline defrag and remounted, all good.  So for those who are running SP1 Beta, at first glance, the upgrade to SP1 RTM seems to be fairly easy and pain free.  Of course, your results may vary and again, backup backup backup, prior to starting it.

  33. Kazibole says:

    I agree with the filter pack and 4 hotfixes. At least bundle them with the SP1 install!

  34. jeevan says:

    Great newz. is CAS to CAS proxying issue been resolved? EX2010 users were unable to set OOF from OA. Hope this is been addressed.

  35. alex says:

    Finally! Hopefully the beta experiences will be fully confirmed in this RTM!

  36. mpbk says:

    I noticed on the list of discontinued features is the free antispam updates.  It refers me to a link to Forefront.  Last I checked, Forefront wasn’t free.  All I need is lightweight SPAM handling like Exchange 2003 has done for years and Exchange 2010 RTM has done for the past few months.  Why have you removed this feature?

  37. Sumit says:

    This error was being reported when trying to install SP1

    Client Access Role



    The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();

    Start-SetupProcess -Name "iisreset" -Args "/noforce /timeout:120"

    " was run: "Process execution failed with exit code 1062.".

  38. kkp says:

    Cool, we are waiting for this release.


    KAmal K. Paliwal

  39. Albert Gotink says:


    Has anything been changed to the UDP notification (problem with Outlook 2003) ?

  40. Nice. Calendar sharing is a welcome add-on, but noticed that the url given to users is on a http protocol and not https. This is unfortunate as our owa server is not available on http. Manually changing the url to https works, but would be nice if this could be set in the configuration.

  41. Exchange 2010 RTM Version:

    AdminDisplayVersion : Version 14.0 (Build 639.21)

    Exchange 2010 SP1 Version:

    AdminDisplayVersion : Version 14.1 (Build 218.15)

    Why the build version is totally different?

  42. jeroen says:

    I’m busy doing a transition from Exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 (both sigle server), is it usefull to upgrade Exchange to sp1 or to wait after the Exchange 2003 server is completely removed from the enviroment?

  43. Alec says:

    I have remote domain called "Default" with "*" as domain name. After upgrade I see warning:


    Microsoft Exchange Warning






    The object Default has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened:


    You can’t specify the "*" domain as the Target Delivery domain.

    Get-RemoteDomain  -Identity ‘3b49610a-ac82-4344-8370-bf5930fcd39f’



    The object Default has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened:


    You can’t specify the "*" domain as the Target Delivery domain.




    Can You explain this?

  44. kkp says:

    Awesome…Great work done by Exchange Product Team….

    Many-many congratulations and thanks to this team.

    There are many cool features and visible enhancement in Exchange 2010 SP1 and these enhancement starts form its installation itself.

    Like the Exchange pre-requisite installation which is always time consuming and user always misses one or more items. So now with SP1 new installation wizard, which bundles pre-requisites installation step  and allows users to install all the pre-requisites needed for Exchange 2010 except the filter pack and 4 hotfixes. I hope Microsoft will bundle all the missing filter pack and needed hotfixes in the update service very soon.

    Kamal K. Paliwal

    Advaiya Solution Pvt. Ltd.

  45. COLG says:

    Outlook Cross-Site Connection Behavior

    Awesome work team well done, I am in the middle of a new deployment of Exchange 2010 in a multiple site DAG solution ,  one feature I looked forward to in SP1 was the Outlook Cross-Site Connection Behavior, is this missing from this release?

    Colin Giles

    Business Systems Group

  46. adam says:

    Got an "AuthorizationManager check failed" halfway through the mailbox server upgrade and now the server is totally screwed. I had to delete my windows profile just to get powershell to work again and now I can’t do an install, upgrade, uninstall or /RecoverServer – looks like a total rebuild to get it working again :(

  47. Mark says:

    SP1 is out, personal archive is finally, but where ist the patch to make it usable in Outlook 2007? What is the KB number? Give it a Beta Release of the Outlook 2007 patch?

  48. Jannes says:

    Where ist the personal archive patch to Outlook 2007?

  49. ducu says:

    Congratulations to the whole team! I must say I dind’t expect to release this SP1 so soon. However, where do we find a list with all fixes and upgrades that brings SP1?

    For example, does SP1 resolves the OAB issues: "OABGen could not generate full details for some entries in the offline address list for address list ‘Global Address List’." ?

  50. Nk says:

    In a co-existens/transition environment with Exchange 2003, the owa redirect fails after applying SP1?

    Any work around for that? It just says that "a change in server configuration is temporarily  keeping you from accessing your account try later"

  51. Andreas Badur says:


    thanks for the nice service pack :-D.

    Now I upgraded two of my exchange servers in my test lab, but at the end, the exchange management shell is missing.

    Both Server runs Server 2008 R2. And both has the exchange console but no exchange shell anymore.

    I am missing something?

    kind regards

  52. vb says:

    When upgrade exchange on PC with forefront protection and tmg 2010 sp1,  after install i get this error : Description: Command failed with error: The term ‘Get-AntispamUpdates’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again

  53. Sergey Kalinin says:

    It`s Amazing news !!  Thanks Product Group for the creation new SP.

  54. vb says:

    I find that in the exchange sp1 was lost ‘Get-AntispamUpdates’  cdmlet, so TMG don’t work!!!

  55. AAA says:

    Where is bugfix list what is fixed in SP1 ???

  56. Erwin says:

    I give up !!! Why not bundling the needed Windows updates with the sp ?

  57. mike says:

    Great list of new capabilities but is there no fixes list?

  58. Art Braune says:

    Exchange 2010 Prerequisites: Exchange 2010 SP1 Help

    Should have been on the announcement…

  59. Chris says:

    I get the same failure like Sumit during the upgrade of the CAS role:


    The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();

    Start-SetupProcess -Name "iisreset" -Args "/noforce /timeout:120"

    any ideas?

  60. RobM says:

    They killed the anti-spam in SP1, and instead you’re meant to fob out more gobs of money for forefront + it’s subscription + a pile of unwanted exchange ‘premium’ cals.

    They really don’t like us cheap ‘standard’ users do they. We don’t get that much mail and were ok with a basic string filter on top of the AV. Now will have to change from one (not MS) provider to another (not MS), or go with worse spam prevention than Exch 2003 SP2.

    Have they fixed the bug in the 2010 license checker that claims that all Exchange 2010 users require a premium license?

  61. Missy says:

    Super excited about this release, wish I could deploy TODAY! Congratulations to all involved!

  62. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @Art Braune: Thanks for the feedback. The post has been updated with a link to the prerequisites page.

  63. Scott Landry (MSFT) says:

    @Jo – yes, new forest is required to take advantage of the /hosting switch.  I recommend trying it out in a lab for a while, we’ll have the migration guidance very soon.

    @vb – yes, the cmdlet has been removed as the functionality is now in Forefront.  The correct way to manage Forefront in SP1 is to use the Forefront cmdlet.

  64. Chris says:

    I was finally able to solve the iisreset problem :

    The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();

    Start-SetupProcess -Name "iisreset" -Args "/noforce /timeout:120"

    Analyzing the system log i found the following entry:

    Log Name:      System

    Source:        Service Control Manager

    Date:          26.08.2010 18:27:36

    Event ID:      7003

    Task Category: None

    Level:         Error

    Keywords:      Classic

    User:          N/A

    Computer:      XYZ


    The Net.Msmq Listener Adapter service depends the following service: msmq. This service might not be installed.

    After installing the Microsoft Message Queuing Server I was able to successfully install Exchange 2010 SP1 – I am glad this happened in my test environment first…



  65. Brian says:

    Is it worth upgrading to Exchange 2010 (from 2007) if we don’t have Outlook 2010 clients and plan to skip Office 2010 due to funding? I’m unclear on which features require Outlook 2010..if you had a breakdown of the features that require Outlook 2010 and which ones don’t it would be very helpful.


  66. Chuck says:

    Having an issue insatlling SP1 on 2008 R2. I have all the prereqs but am getting the error:

    I have a root domain with no users or Exchange adn then a child domain with all the users and Exchange.


    Setup needs to contact the Active Directory schema master but this computer is not in the same Active Directory domain as the schema master (DC=xxxx,DC=xxx,DC=xxx).

    Click here for help…

    I tried this articel, but does nto work.

    Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: Exchange organization-level objects have not been created, and setup cannot create them because the local computer is not in the same domain and site as the schema master.  Run setup
    with the /prepareAD parameter on a computer in the domain jconcrm and site Bond, and wait for replication to complete.

    Click here for help…

  67. goten tee says:

    Robm — you always needed the premium CAL in order to have the premium anti-spam, which is the one where you used the cmdlet for automatic updates and the other advanced features.  The free antispam (called "Exchange Content Filter") with free updates from Microsoft Update is still in the box without Forefront.  Nothing has changed except for the name of the premium experience and that the premium Forefront experience is now Cloudmark instead of SmartScreen.

  68. JUPP2 says:

    I’m having an issue installing SP1 on 2008 R2. I have all the prereqs, but am getting this error on pre-flight-check:

    Multiple objects of type ‘Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.ResourceBookingConfig’ have the same identity. Use a unique identfier, such as GUID.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  69. mrshehabi says:

    Dear Exchange Team,

    thanks for the efforts.

    I have installed SP1 on Windows 2008 R2. I have 5 servers, 2 CAS, 2 MBX and 1 Edge. After finishing the installation, I deleted the DAG and created a new one, and now I am not able to make a MBX DB copy. I receive this error.

    Registry key has subkeys and recursive removes are not supported by this method. and a warning that an unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated.

    Any help, thanks

  70. tom says:

    Installing Exchange 2010 SP1 I get an error after the "Introduction" screen.  Error says "Some control’s aren’t valid. You must specify the /hosting parameter."

    I tried doing this like ‘ /hosting’ and it says that I’m missing required parameters…

    Any ideas?

  71. Scott Landry (MSFT) says:

    @Tom – You should not be running setup /hosting unless you either have a brand new forest or have previously installed with /hosting.

    Since I’m assuming this is NOT the case, you may have hit an issue — can you contact me offline or open a CSS case?  My email can be found by using my <first> DOT <last>

  72. Chris Lehr says:

    Congrats.  Would be nice if the 4 downloads were integrated or made into a single download or something.

  73. Sumit says:


    90% of our mobile users have iphones running 4.01 – pre SP1 we were running exchange 2010 RTM Rollup 4 with no issues. After installing SP1 last night – all our iphones are experiencing issues – mail will download to the iphones – but no content is being displayed. Error being spammed on the server:

    Watson report about to be sent for process id: 4836, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 14.01.0218.011, AirSync, MSExchange ActiveSync, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.InboundConversionOptions.CheckImceaDomain, UnexpectedCondition:ArgumentException, be7f, 14.01.0218.015.

    ErrorReportingEnabled: False

    We have palm treo’s users that are experiencing no issues with their activesync email – so looks like a iphone to exchange 2010 SP1 issue

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  74. Alvin says:

    Deployed SP1 on CAS servers and lost the OCS functionality provided by Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Web Service Provider.

    Tried to reinstall it and got:

    "Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Web Service Provider requires Microsoft Exchange v14 Client Access to be installed and configured."

    I miss my OCS integration in OWA.  

  75. vb says:

    @Scott Landry (MSFT):  How can I use Forefront cmdlet, if i use only console of TMG Email-policy? And TMG use only ‘Get-AntispamUpdates’  cdmlet ???

  76. Sergey Kalinin says:

    Hi Exchange Team.

    Yesterday i installed SP1 on my HUB/CAS server (Win 2008R2). When i started setup.som i detected what Sp1 required some hotfix, when i click on hotfix link available in the Readiness Checks i discovered what all hotfix links in the Mailbox Role Prerecuisites was corrupted. Please repair correct links for the KB 979744, 982867, 979099, 983440,977020.

  77. Erwin Jansen says:

    Does anybody know the Schema version for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1?

    For Exchange 2010 RTM the objectVersion attribute on Microsoft Exchange System Objects container in Domain NC is:  12639

  78. Kristof Vansant says:

    Has anyone tried to upgrade from a Exchange 2010 SP1 (hosted mode) BETA to this official release??

  79. mhess2010 says:

    To update an existing Exchange 2010 RTM Schema/AD for SP1, which commands needs to be executed once again:

    – setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions

    – setup /PrepareSchema

    – setup /PrepareAD

    – setup /PrepareDomain

    If it’s only a Schema update, (setup /PrepareSchema) should be enough, or ???

    Best regards


  80. Nige says:


    Has anything been changed to the UDP notification (problem with Outlook 2003) ?"

    I’m interested in this, too.

    Any response?

  81. Jo says:

    @Scott Landry  Thanks Scott for your help. Last question, I suppose in the guide that  only way to migrate will be to create a new forest right ? no other way ?

  82. BoForce says:

    @Erwin Jansen I just performed the upgrade on one of our CAS Servers. The Schema version has changed to 13214.

  83. Leiby says:

    Where can we get the Outlook 2007 Archive plugin ???

  84. exchangeadmin says:

    "On the client side features like auto mapping of shared mailboxes to user’s Outlook 2010 profiles will remove a support headache."

    I would love a feature like this one… anyone who can explain it? Where do I configure auto mapping?

    btw. thanks for this great servicepack!!

  85. Chreag says:

    I’ve been waiting for this so we can use the archive, but like many others am a bit disappointed that the ETA for the Outlook 2007 patch has been pushed back into 2011.

    Moving to Outlook 2010 isn’t an option and we need to implement an archiving solution ASAP – I’ve been putting it off too long!

    Is there at least going to be a Beta release of this soon?


  86. Chuck says:

    I solved my issue :

    I had to run setup /prepareschema and /preparead from the SP1 setup. There error message I was getting stated that, but did nto say to run it from SP1 setup. I was redoing it from the original RTM setup.

  87. Richard Sobey says:

    Whilst it’s super awesome to see SP1 available, it’s the complete opposite of super awesome to have to download 4 hotfixes, one of which has to be specially requested. Absolutely ridiculous to make us jump through these hoops.

  88. Scott Haigh says:

    Also received the iisreset error in the CAS update section as reported by others here.      I had to reboot before I could attempt the update again,  but after the reboot the update completed on the second attempt without issue.

  89. Erwin Jansen says:

    I found the Schema changes for Exchange 2010 SP1

    This is the whole  list for all the Exchange 2000+ versions

    Exchange Forest (rangeUpper) Forest (objectVersion) Domain (objectVersion)

    2000 RTM 4397 N/A 4406

    2000 SP3 4406 N/A 4406

    2003 RTM 6870 6903 6936

    2003 SP2 6870 6903 6936

    2007 RTM 10637 10666 10628

    2007 SP1 11116 11221 11221

    2007 SP2 14622 11222 11221

    2007 SP3 14625 11222 11221

    2010 RTM 14622 12640 12639

    2010 SP1 14726 13214 13040

  90. Art Braune says:

    @ Richard Sobey:

    Are you talking about this PreReq?

    A .NET Framework 2.0-based Multi-AppDomain application stops responding when you run the application

    -This is an MSDN Code Gallery download

    -Use this link to download:

  91. alp says:

    Has anyone got any tips for correcting the formatting of OWA through UAG.  Its very broken right now.

  92. alp says:

    Thanks Ross.  

    Yes, this was a previously working Exchange2010RTM published through UAG2010sp1.  It appears the UAG publishing rules are prohibiting themes, getting file access errors in UAGeventlog:  The URL /owa/14.1.218/themes/(various) contains an illegal file path.  The rule is Default rule.  The method is GET.

    Thanks again for the reply.  Loving the new look, just cant see them externally.

  93. Hans de Jongh says:


    Will it be possible to upgrade an existing Exchange 2010 enviroment with SP1 to an multi tenant enviroment?


  94. Ramy Messiha says:

    Go Exchange Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  95. Robert says:

    Annoying – my Exchange Server’s IIS settings were arbitarily changed during the SP1 update.  Had to reconfigured the SSL (All the Virtual had been reset to require SSL) settings to get OWA to work.  Come-on Microsoft – don’t change things like this without telling us your are going to or have done so.  My OWA back up but this kind of thing is a pain.

  96. matthias says:

    @Scott Landry (MSFT) and @vb:

    I can confirm that Forefront TMG doesn’t work after installing SP1 for Exchange if you’re having TMG, FPE and Exchange Edge bundled on one server (like promoted by Microsoft). It’s not that we manually try to use Get-AntispamUpdates but Forefront TMG does so. As a result of that, the Forefront TMG Managed Control service won’t start up.

    Please help us with this urgent issue.

  97. Scott Landry [MSFT] says:

    Matthias & vb: thanks for the confirmation of this issue.  We have a repro of this issue and are working with the TMG team to find a solution.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  I would suggest opening a support ticket if at all possible.  Per policy you will not be charged for the ticket and it will allow us to contact you when we have a solution.

  98. Exchange says:


    We’ll go back in the lab and review the UAG configuration settings to see which rule needs modification.  A quick fix is to set ‘Verify without enforcement’ checkbox on the published app.


  99. matthias says:

    It’s possible for me to open a support case. Does it make a difference if I open it with PSS or Premier (especially as I reside in Germany)? I can do both.

  100. nick piotrowski says:

    do i need exchange roll up 3 installed before i install this service pack?

  101. Bharat Suneja [MSFT] says:

    @nick piotrowksi: The prerequisites page is linked at the top of the post. Additionally, take a look at

    Roll-up 3 (or roll-ups in general) is not a prerequisite – you can install SP1 on an Exchange 2010 RTM server with or without any roll-ups installed.

  102. angeliejohnson23 says:

    Very informative article. Keep this up!

  103. Hennin says:

    I have the exact same problem as Sumit. AtiveSync to Iphones are broken. It also impacts OWA. Common error is "Exception message: imceaDomain must be a valid domain name."


  104. ivan says:

    Same problem here, iPhone and OWA is broken with "Exception message: imceaDomain must be a valid domain name."

  105. Martin says:

    When trying to install KB979744 on W2K8R2 – None of the products that are addressed by this software update are installed on this computer. Click Cancel to exit setup. Where is problem ?

  106. SvenC says:

    There is still a "german translation bug" in OWA 2010 SP1 for the word "to" in the context of "Send to". "to" should be translated to "an" instead of the (in this context) incorrect word "bis".

    Sometimes "bis" is correct for "to", like in "go from location a to location b" but not in the context of "send to".

    I reported that after SP1 beta came out. Didn’t help :-(

    Is there a better place to report bugs to the Exchange team than this blog? Looked at but that either does not exist or I do not have access with my liveid.

  107. alex says:

    Error using POP3 (or IMAP) protocol. It is ok on "user", "pass" and "list" command, but when trying "retr" command, get and error "-ERR Server Unavailable. 21"

    There is detailed POP3- log:


    2010-08-30T06:20:35.365Z,0000000000000074,4,,,alex,62,10,34,pass,*****,"R=ok;RpcC=19;RpcL=32;LdapC=2;Msg=""User:alex:1bd8ff46-86b5-4dd7-a9b8-a22022a7d926:Mailbox Database"";Budget=""Conn:0,HangingConn:0,AD:$null/$null/0%,CAS:$null/$null/2%,AB:$null/$null/0%,RPC:$null/$null/1%,FC:1000/0,Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_48276fb6-487b-4da7-82b7-2baad37e3f62,Norm[Resources:(DC),HistLoad:0),(Mdb)Mailbox Database MX2(Health:-1%,HistLoad:0),]"""

    2010-08-30T06:20:35.412Z,0000000000000074,5,,,alex,46,6,29,retr,1,"R=""-ERR Server Unavailable. 21"";RpcC=6;Excpt=""imceaDomain must be a valid domain name.-ArgumentException"";Budget=""Conn:0,HangingConn:0,AD:$null/$null/0%,CAS:$null/$null/2%,AB:$null/$null/0%,RPC:$null/$null/1%,FC:1000/0,Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_48276fb6-487b-4da7-82b7-2baad37e3f62,Norm[Resources:(DC),HistLoad:0),(Mdb)Mailbox Database MX2(Health:-1%,HistLoad:0),]"""

    2010-08-30T06:20:35.427Z,0000000000000074,6,,,alex,0,4,61,quit,,"R=ok;Budget=""Conn:0,HangingConn:0,AD:$null/$null/0%,CAS:$null/$null/2%,AB:$null/$null/0%,RPC:$null/$null/1%,FC:1000/0,Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_48276fb6-487b-4da7-82b7-2baad37e3f62,Norm[Resources:(DC),HistLoad:0),(Mdb)Mailbox Database MX2(Health:-1%,HistLoad:0),]"""

  108. Garry Trinder says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for these official release of sp1. great work team.

    do you know when sp1 will be available within a install medium of exchange 2010 via technet or other sources?



  109. Martin says:

    I have the same problem with iPhone and ActiveSync – it doesn’t work anymore.

    After installing SP1 for Exchange 2010 I lost my Exchange Management Shell!

    Installing SP1 was a mess.

    The first upgrade failed when the Unified Messaging Role was updated.

    Windows Firewall must be enabled – if not – the Upgrade will fail!

    After that enabling the Windows Firewall and re-running the Upgrade setup the upgrade was running fine. But now I have a Exchange 2010 with SP1 – all mobile users with iPhone cannot sync, the Exchange Management Shell is gone and Active Directory settings for the homeMTA attribute for all users was messed. I had to edit each users homeMTA attribute because the Exchange 2010 SP1 Upgrade misconfigured these.

  110. alex says:

    I have same sympthom with homeMTA attribue – they was changed to something deleted from AD. It have :DEL: in homeMTA path.

    As result – "imceaDomain must be a valid domain name" problem.

    In other hand – i also update 2 another Exchange organization and everything OK, so this happens not always – just in case you have messed homeMTA values.

  111. Rick Lawsha says:

    I upgraded Exchange 2010 to SP1 and it broke OWA and Active-Sync. I noticed in Exchange Powershell, running the command

    ‘Test-OutlookWebServices’ that there were too many redirects. Problem was caused by IIS configuration. SP1 had marked the check boxes to redirect the web sites to themselves.  solution was to go in to IIS, select OWA and Active-Sync virtual directories, click on redirection, uncheck the box which redirects site to itself.

  112. ivan says:

    homeMTA changed but problems are still there. Redirect config in IIS it’s ok in this deployment.

  113. Henning says:

    homeMTA changed here too, problem still present. Recreated OWA and ActiveSync virtualDIRs as per MS support advice, still NO CHANGE.


  114. Robert Greenlee says:

    Will SP1 support setting a archive policy to NEVER archive Notes.  This is a issue we have had with RTM.  Alto SP1 says it supports policies for Calendar and tasks now.  Is this only administrator applied policies.  Outlook 2010 still does not give the user the option to select their own policy.  Thanks

  115. M. Amir Haque [MSFT] says:

    Everyone who is experiencing the EAS/iPhone and OWA issue, could you please log related information and comments in the related Forum post (link below). That would help us in addressing this issue better. Thanks!


  116. Irwin Smith says:

    I have two questions:

    1.  How often does OWA client check for new messages, is it the standard 1 minute intervals.

    2. What is the impact of users opening large file attachments via OWA on the CAS (these attachments will not be web ready docs)?

  117. Harry says:

    Realy disapointed that the Outlook 2007 Archive plugin is not been released, dispite of the promise MS has made on this one!

    What is the use of the Archive function while most costumers are running Office 2003/2007?

    Microsoft once stands out in making half solutions!

  118. randy says:

    The "New Mailbox" button is removed from ECP?

  119. Frank T says:

    Randy: If you have selected the RBAC split permissions model, some cmdlets may not be available.  See

  120. Jo says:

    @Randy No, the button is here, you can create a mailbox from ECP ;)

  121. AndyJUK says:

    When I try and install SP1, when I install hotfix 979744, it tell me that i cant install it as it effects nothing installed on the server, however, when I try to run SP1, it tells me it cant continue without the hotfix installed – HELP!

  122. Milo145 says:

    Does SP1 enhance the new Roaming AutoComplete feature?  I’m looking for the ability to turn this off period or even better turn it off for Mobile Devices.  My Droid2 now has all autocompletes listed as contacts……  Not too happy ;(

  123. Erwin says:

    Finally downloaded all required Hotfixes from different download sources (spent 2 hours) !

    Upgraded a LAB environnement succssfully. Tryed upgrading a productive server : No success, lots of cscript errors. Found the reason. Upgrade did not stop SCOM Agent !

  124. Sebastian says:

    @Alec and his problem with remotedomain

    i had the same problem with our exchange-organization. we have an exchange 2007 server and new 2 exchange 2010 server. i had activated -usesimpledisplayname on the exchange 2007 server and that was the cause of the problem. maybe it’s the same by you? deactivate the feature on the server where it is activated get-remotedomain | set-remotdomain -usesimpledisplayname $false. after that the problem was gone.

  125. Mark Bulgier says:

    Like two other commenters above, I am prevented from installing SP1 because I don’t have the KB979744 hotfix, but the hotfix won’t install, saying "None of the products that are addressed by this software update are installed on this computer".  Grateful for any advice on this.

  126. Exchange Migration Los Angeles says:

    Fantastic news! Many have been eagerly awaiting the enhancements SP1 would provide. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  127. JefB says:


    I’ve just installed exchange 2010 SP1. But now the opions button in OWA doesn’t work anymore.

    anyone a sugestion?

  128. El Kabong says:

    To Chuck & any others who may have encountered the AD Schema error (or something like it) shown below:

    "Setup needs to contact the Active Directory schema master but this computer is not in the same Active Directory domain as the schema master (DC=xxxx,DC=xxx,DC=xxx).

    Click here for help…

    Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: Exchange organization-level objects have not been created, and setup cannot create them because the local computer is not in the same domain and site as the schema master.  Run setup
    with the /prepareAD parameter on a computer in the domain <RootDOMAINNAME> and site <SITENAME>, and wait for replication to complete. "

    I got this error while trying to install 2010 in a child domain (with empty root containing Schema Master) after I had gone through all of the schema extensions/preps using the pre-SP1 code (NOT beta/RC, but bits downloaded from Premier site).  

    I got my hands on the SP1 code, and after discovering that it is indeed the whole enchilada, and not just a patch I tried to perform an install using that source.  That’s when I got the errors during the  pre-req checks.  Strange, in that that they didn’t pop
    up when I used the pre-SP1 code, but there was  no getting by them with the SP1 bits.

    So, I copied the SP1 up to my Root domain, RE-RAN all of the Schema extension commands using the new bits, and re-tried the install back in my child domain.

    Guess what?  It worked this time!  No AD schema errors thrown.  

    So.  Exchange team, does SP1 introduce new schema values/attributes that require a re-run of the ‘/prepareAD’?  This is REALLY strange and any confirmation 1 way or another would be appreciated.

    El Kabong

  129. Graham Gosling says:

    Well we have it installed and it’s great and then we found out that our Outlook 2007 users have no access to the archives (I’m sure I saw a video of one of the team stating that it would be available at release).

    Is there a definitive answer from MS on when an update or plugin will be available for Outlook 2007? We cannot afford to move everyone to 2010 just for this feature.

  130. Microsoft Hater says:

    Note: COMMENT EDITED to remove explicit language.

    Wow, guys you really (removed) up this install.  Really did I need to have to download 5 other hotfixes before install this.  Oh of course get a browser like Chrome to even view pages on a browser that link to your site.  Because there are so many links to and that are blocked so I get a bunch of (removed) pop ups.  Microsoft when are you going to learn how to make something easy.

  131. David Johnstone says:

    What can one say about the "mess" of hot fixes that need to be applied.  Surely Microsoft could at least provide them at a bundle rather than having to download and install 6 separate hot fixes.

  132. Richard says:

    I’m scared to death to install this SP1, is MS planning on repackaging this update to correct many of the above issues?  I just implemented a new mail system, if i break OWA or AS phones my job will be terminated.  Microsoft please fix the EMC break and AS breaks/OWA breaks.

  133. Albert Gotink says:

    Has anyone tested the Move-TransportDatabase.ps1 script?

    I does not work when not all arguments are given. The RTM script worked OK with 1 or 2 parameters.

    I think the "param" section in the script should not containt "[String]"

    Can anyone confirm this?

  134. Oliver Luy says:

    Great features! I had an eye on the anonymous calendar publishing. Is there a way to force https links for the published calendars? I noticed that from the Web App option "send links to this calendar" the links are displayed correctly to be https but the recipient always get the http links. Most owa installations require a secure connection, i guess.



  135. Peter Casper says:

    If I wanted to use a command-operated email system then I would have bought one. Anything that can only be performed in the Exchange Management Shell is a failure. While SP1 is better it still fails to meet this simple test.

  136. parti$an says:

    Hello. Question certainly not in a theme,… but I do not know where it to post.

    It would be desirable to learn, whether it is possible any way to receive debugging modules (PDB/DBG) for

    Exchange Server 2010 (or 2010 with SP1). Earlier, for example for Exchange Server 2003, they could be received from MSDN or to download from a site (with by means of WinDbg.

  137. thomas sabo onlineshop says:

    Great features! I had an eye on the anonymous calendar publishing. Is there a way to force https links for the published calendars? I noticed that from the Web App option "send links to this calendar" the links are displayed correctly to be https but the recipient always get the http links. Most owa installations require a secure con

  138. ALC says:

    Is there an Exchange 2010 Architecture poster available?

  139. Trapps says:

    I am petrified as well to even attempt to install SP1….we work fine the way we are,,,except for the UTC time thing where read reciepts show the time to be 5 hours ahead…..i dont want any problems,,,so,,,,i think not to SP1..any other fix for the UTC thing ????

  140. ugg stiefel says:

    petrified as well to even attempt to install SP1….we work fine the way we are,,,except for the UTC time thing where read reciepts show the time to be 5 hours ahead…..i dont want any problems,,,so,,,,i think not to SP1..any other fix for the UTC thing ????

  141. industrial_design says:

    Great news. Thanks for the info.

  142. John Lee says:

    What time the Outlook 2007 patch out that allow user access Personal Archive in Exchange 2010 SP1 ?

  143. Megatron says:

    PATCH PATCH! Do the 2007 patch asap! Pleeeeeeeease….

  144. Brent says:

    I was really hoping you’d come to your collective senses and put file share and wss document access back in with SP1. The feature was used more than I think you believed it was, especially for smaller companies. Obviously, removing it was nothing more than a business ploy to ‘urge’ people into SharePoint 2010 w/ web apps or even better – sign up for 360.

    To this day, the 2010 documentation still says the functionality is there. At the very least you could fix that. Perhaps you could offer up some realistic suggestions for replacing this functionality? In the long run wouldn’t it just be easier for you to put this back in?

    Finally, how do you expect us, your partners, to sell customers on functionality built into your products only to have you turn around in 3 years and remove it? I’ll tell you one thing, features like these might not be important enough for you to keep developing, but to our customers they are.

    So, who are you developing products for – your customers, or yourselves?

  145. luis says:


    I have Exchange 2010 running in my organization and backups are made with DPM 2010.

    If i install SP1 in Exchange 2010, will my backups be affected?

  146. Byron says:

    Outlook 2007 archive abilities please..

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