Released: Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

Exchange CXP team has released Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2007 SP2 (KB979784) to the download center. The release of the rollup via Microsoft Update will happen on March 23rd.

KBA 979784 lists the fixes included in this rollup.  Here are some highlights of the product improvements and critical bug fixes:

Forefront users:

For those of you running Forefront, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup's installation process.  Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start back up.  You will need to disable ForeFront via "fscutility /disable" before installing the patch and then re-enable after the patch by running "fscutility /enable" to start it up again post installation. 

Again, you can read the list of issues fixed up in KB979784.


- Chuck Anderson

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  1. bday says:

    Cool. :) Anything new to help with Event IDs 2104 and 2147 that UR2 didn’t seem to fully fix? Feel free to check out PSS case 110022360577345 for reference.

  2. Link to KB 979520 takes you to unavailable link says:

    Kindly update the link to KB  979520. the link is not correct.

  3. Frank T says:

    I believe kb 979520 is not a public article so that’s why you can’t see it.  Some people might have had support cases that referred to it.  

  4. Jeff Guillet [MVP] says:

    I always thought it was strange that you have to manually disable and re-enable Forefront before installing an Update Rollup or Service Pack.  Although I do have to say that the process is greatly simplified from previous updates.

    Why can’t setup detect that Forefront is installed and do these steps for me?  Having to manually disable and re-enable Forefront means that I can’t deploy it via WSUS.

  5. tusharnextgen says:

    I have raised a question in our forum and didn’t receive any reply is it solved in this rollup.

    Link for the question

    Issue with Exchange 2007 SP 2 RU 1 Cannot open Recurring Meeting After moving mailbox

  6. Scott Roberts says:

    bday – This issue was addressed in E12 SP2 RU2 but there is one scenario where 2147 is still being logged. This is seen as a Windows Bug.

    Frank T  – Will fix the KB link

    Jeff Guillet [MVP] – Besides it being a bug in someone’s code and my rule has always been that the patch will not stop/start non-Exchange services with the exception of OS based services, I am now wanting to do this also . I opened a bug to get this done but it will not be delivered anytime in the near future. Once done, it will improve our install success.

  7. Scott Roberts (exchange) says:

    bday  – Sorry, I was a little short :). The problem is seen as a Windows bug. Exchange can work around it but first the Windows team gets an opportunity to fix the root cause since other products may be hitting it. Once we know more about this and if it is a Windows bug, Exchange can then make a decision to fix it based on that information.

  8. Priit says:

    As there was a problem with CommVault and OWA with the last rollup. Has this been solved with this update or is this expected to be solved by CommVault?

  9. Clive_QUB says:

    When I applied this update to one of our CAS servers (server 2003 64-bit) OWA stopped working. Investigation reveals that only one file appears in C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerClientAccessOwa8.2.247.2themesbase where there should be many.

  10. Martin says:

    @ Clive_QUB : I got the same problem as you. Any solutions?

  11. Clive_QUB says:

    I backed out the rollup, rebooted and reapplied it. It seems to be OK this time. Anyone any idea why this might happen? Machine had been quiesced beforehand i.e. IMAP and OWA services stopped.

  12. Why I cant find information about disabling FF in kb979784 and in other sources about RU installation?

  13. bday says:

    Hi Guys,

    UR3 is being offered to our CCR nodes via Microsoft Updates. Is this new? I thought clusters were always excluded, or is that only WSUS?

  14. Andrew Tatkow says:

    Rollup 3 has killed ActiveSync for us.  Has anyone else seen this?  This is from one "public" CAS serv to two "private" CAS servers and 5 mailbox servers.  

  15. James Tavares says:

    I’ve got the same issue as Clive_QUB… My OWA is DOA. Files in are all missing (except 1).

    Is there a fix for this?? Can I just copy the files from an earlier version, such as

  16. Jason says:

    Please provide more info on the ActiveSync issue reported by Andrew … we use ActiveSync for all executives, if RU3 breaks ActiveSync, that will be a huge problem for us.  Thank you.

  17. MikeZawacki says:

    Those who had issues with this update, I’d like to know more about your environments… we have a 2008 64-bit OS with Ex07.  We also use ActiveSync and OWA heavily.  If you could let us know what your solutions were for your problems that would be very helpful.

  18. Howard Goldstein says:

    I’m a bit confused by all of this, and I may be commenting in the wrong place.

    We are getting ready to upgrade from Exchange2003 to Exchange2007.  I’m getting ready to update the Schema and domains.  All of our current servers are 32 bit archeticture so I downloaded Exchange2007 32 bit system management tools.  Now I’m told that I’m going to have to upgrade the Schema domain for Exchange2007 SP2.  I found a 32 version of Exchange2007 SP1.  Does anyone know how I can my hands on a 32 bit version of Exchange2007 SP2, or at least how I’m supposed to upgrade the schema and domain by prepping for SP2 for a 64 bit OS on 32 bit hardware????


  19. MikeZawacki says:

    @Howard: I would say you are commenting in the wrong place, but I would advise you that MS does not support Exch2007 in a 32bit environment unless you are doing for testing purposes only.

    If you ever wanted support from MS in your situation they would tell you that you aren’t using Exch2007 in a supported environment.  Just load a 64bit OS and run it on that server.  There are many documents out there to tell you the steps to prep and install Exch2007.

  20. Draek says:

    I dont know where else to post this to get some answers. Exchange 2007 SP2 says it has PowerShell v2.0 support, but this is not true! If you list the version of the powershell snap in its only for PSVersion 1.0:


    PSVersion: 1.0

    Description: Admin Tasks for the Exchange Server

    [PS] C:windowssystem32>get-host

    Name             : ConsoleHost

    Version          : 2.0

  21. Dean says:

    I applied RU3 as part of Windows (Microsoft) Update on W2K8 R2, without knowing about the manual disabling of Forefront… I’ve had terrible troubles with Forefront blocking message sent via OWA ever since and performance issues on the server.

    Why is this not addressed by the RU itself? Why make it available to automatically install if there are manual steps required?


  22. Ch0wd0wn says:

    After applying this patch we cannot get to UNC share of our Mailbox servers

    They are CCR clusters.  We can get to \IP_addressshare but not \exchangeservernameshare  

    we can get to the \clusternode1share just fine

    Does anyone know a fix for this?  We need to get UNC share of our mailbox servers for many reasons….

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