BlackBerry Enterprise Server fully supported on Exchange 2010

I'd like to share with everyone some good news today— BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES) is now fully supported on Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 and BlackBerry® Technical Support Services are readily available.

This is the earliest customers have been able to deploy BlackBerry smartphones with a new Exchange release - ever. Customers who rely on BES as an important part of their messaging and collaboration infrastructure have told us that more rapid support for RIM's solution is critical to them. So we partnered with RIM earlier in the development cycle to ensure organizations moving to the new release experience no user downtime.

In order to enable full support, three updates are required:

All three of these updates are available to customers of Exchange Server 2010 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server v.5.0 with Service Pack 1 at no cost. BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 1 and Maintenance Release 1 can be found here:

Additional information on the solution requirements, preparing the BlackBerry environment for Microsoft Exchange Server2010, can be found on the BlackBerry site here.

Today's roll up also includes other minor updates to areas including calendaring, OWA, and transport. You can read more about Exchange Server 2010 RU1 here.

- Paul Bowden, Exchange Release Manager

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  1. Joseph Durnal says:

    I can’t seem to find the answer to the most important question (at least I think so).

    Does BES do direct MAPI to the mailbox role?  The idea of 14 means that it shouldn’t, but, I’m wondering if BES will be an exception.  Sort of like UM can talk directly to the mailbox role.

    I was hoping that they wouldn’t continue to use MAPI, it seems that EWS would be a better method.  

  2. Paul Bowden [Exchange Dev] says:

    In Exchange 2010 (aka E14) MAPI-based clients have to go through the RPC Client layer (aka MAPI on the Middle Tier or MoMT). They don’t communicate directly to the back-end mailbox server (UM doesn’t do this either).

  3. Joseph Durnal says:

    UM: yeah – I think I had 2007 on my mind.

  4. Andy says:

    The link you posted for MAPI v.6.5.8147 goes to v 6.5.8131.

    Where can we get the new version?

  5. Exchange says:

    NOTE to everyone trying to get the MAPI/CDO download:

    The above URL is correct, but it currently still points to the older version of the MAPI download (6.5.8131.0). There is some replication that still needs to occur on the backend. Please verify the version before you download to prevent possible issues. We expect all of this to be sorted by tomorrow.

  6. ananth says:

    A quick comment on verifying the version. Check the version of CDO.DLL on the system where you have installed the download to validate that it is 6.5.8147.0.

  7. Chris Lehr says:

    pingback from:

    Can’t WAIT to get this deployed now.

  8. cadi9122 says:

    Yes, it would really be nice to have ALL the components at one time.

  9. Jürgen Pfeiffer says:

    Does it still need free busy as public folder?



  10. churchill says:

    YEs, when will BB start using EWS finally…

  11. OTTO4 says:

    @Exchange, the linked MAPI/CDO download is now displaying 6.5.8147.0, but it still downloads the 6.5.8131.0 version.  Any update as to the status of the correct download?

  12. Brian Hoyt says:

    Any idea when those of use with smaller sites using Blackberry Professional as opposed to Enterprise will get 2010 support?

  13. Flemming Riis says:


    My guess would be never since blackberry professional is no more as of version 5 , not sure if there is a license upgrade though

  14. Joshtaylor says:

    That is really good news. I am a big fan of blackberry..

  15. With ragards to the MAPI & CDO on Microsoft’s website… the first hit that comes up seems to be the incorrect version still. I did however notice that there is two versions… this is the newer version:

    This is the older version (which the link above points to):

  16. Jack says:

    Can someone clarify where the MAPI/CDO library should be installed? Is it Blackberry server, Exchange 2010 server or both?

  17. radmaz3 says:

    With the RBAC in place how does the permission of the BESAdmin structure change as AD ACLs don’t really apply for exchange 2010?

  18. Jeff25 says:

    CDO is installed only on the BES server. Just upgraded to Echange 2010 and applied the MR1. All is 100% functional. In addition to the RBAC role of view only, you will need to run 2 powershell commands to extend the rights and grant send as and info store permissions.

  19. Hosted Exchange says:

    This is great news.  We couldn’t even think about 2010 until BES 5 was supported.  Thanks for working together in the dev cycle MSFT and RIM.

  20. Here is the information on how to Configure BES to use Microsoft Exchange Web Services:

  21. Ben says:

    so BES 4.1 will not support exchange 2010?

    what do people with BlackBerry Professional Software do then?

  22. Ben says:

    I spoke to RIM today, there is a patch in the works for BlackBerry Professional  4.1 otherwise they want 3K to upgrade

  23. Martin W says:

    Hey Ben – did they give any indication as to how far away their update for BPS would be?  Should I wait, or chuck the Blackberry and get an iPhone (*shudder*)?

  24. paul says:

    Yeah, RIM and our company’s phone provider both said 4.1 won’t be supported, and it will cost at least $3K to buy V5.0…

    RIM are dreaming if they think people will accept that.  Considering that Blackberry’s are now one of the only buisness phones on the market that DON’T have native exchange sync, one must wonder who in their right mind would choose a blackberry, plus there is of cource the price of the hardware to host the blackberry server and the Operating system license.  Yikes… Good bye blackberry.

  25. Jason says:

    I’ve been talking to RIM and Dell, and both are pointing me to the same solution, so I thought I’d post it here…

    We were originally licensed for the SBE, later "upgraded" to BPS (freely), and up to today I’d only heard of the BPS to BES upgrade license for $2800 (with a little uncertainty whether that covered already licensed users or not).  Now I hear (and have an official quote) that RIM is allowing SBE licensees to purchase a 1yr support plan with which you can request a free Upgrade Key covering both the server software and up to 30 active users (BPS’ max user count).  The 1yr support plan cost is $1299.  I had a 3-way call with Dell and RIM to confirm just this morning.  Dell product is listed as: BES-ADVANTAGE PROGRAM INCLUDES 1-30 ACTIVE CALS LICENSE (A2819346)

  26. Roger says:

    I am literally blown away RIM developed something to actually keep up with someone. Now if they can just get their act together when it comes to OCS 2007 R2. It’s been how many months now and they still don’t support a R2 install of CWA.

  27. Ben says:

    jason, did you do that yet? or know anyone that has? I have a few clients that have need for BES 5.1 but can not fully justify the 3K+ for the upgrade, but 1300 may be do able

  28. Jason says:

    Yep, I’ve jumped on it – the TSupport plan is ready, and I should have some paperwork by this Wed 12/23.  From what I’ve been told, I just need to complete a form requesting the Upgrade Key.  It also sounds like this was something that needed to be mentioned in the TSupport buy-in by Dell when we put the order in to RIM.  I’ll post again once I know what’s happening next.

  29. Mark E. Smith says:

    I was only able to get BES 5.0.1 MR1 to work an E14 server if the RPCClientAccess is set to not require encryption (set-RPCClientAccess {casServer} -EncryptionRequired $false). I suspect that MAPI v6.5.8147 (that BES uses) has the same behavior as OL2003 and doesn’t support encryption by default.

    I’m not sure what the behavior is if the DB doesn’t have a CASArray object defined.  

  30. Ed Real says:

    I can’t move all the users from exchange 2003 to 2010 at the same time.  Would this work if you have users in exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010?

  31. Andrew Montague says:

    Blackberry are really kicking their users in the nuts with not having a version of BPS that works with Exchange 2010. Not everybody can afford to upgrade. Given how Blackberry as product is plagued with problems and ‘issues’ (the kind that are ‘just the way Blackberry works) I can’t see a future for it. However I have several customers who have made a significant investment in handsets and licences who are going to have a hard time justifying the write off cost of that investment.

    I hope this really causes RIM issues and finally makes them either get their act together or puts them out of business.

  32. E. Smith says:

    I’m still on BPS and Exchange 5.5. Upgrading servers now and even though we’re licensed for 2010, we are stuck at 2007 since I’m not buying a BES for < 10 Blackberry users.

    I really don’t want to have to switch, but Android is looking better every day…

  33. J. Lass says:

    We are in the process of switching our Blackberry Professional to BES 5.0 to move to exchange 2010.  Thanks to poster Jason I was able to Order the BES – Advantage + Trade up Promo from Jen x111 at   She said the Promo ends Feb 28th.  

    Here is a picture of the qoute

  34. hellecx1 says:

    Im pretty sure you need a data plan and for t-mobile that runs about $20 a month. Text messages are text but everything else usually is data driven which in turn means you need a data plan

  35. jay peterson says:

    Any one has an answer to Ed’s questions.

    "Ed Real said:

    I can’t move all the users from exchange 2003 to 2010 at the same time.  Would this work if you have users in exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010?

    January 4, 2010 11:38 AM "

  36. Jules Pedurand says:

    It works on BPS 4.1.4 to Exchange 2010 RU1 and MAPI v6.5.8147

    Only one think doesn’t work and I’m still on it

    The only think is the sync to terminal calendar to outlook calendar


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