Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability

We are happy to announce that Exchange 2010 is Code Complete!  Our senior leadership team has signed off on the final code, and it has been sent to our early adopters for one final look before its public release. This Release to Manufacturing (RTM) milestone means we are on our way to general availability and the launch at Tech·Ed Europe 2009 ( in early November.

For those of you attending Tech·Ed in Berlin this year, be sure to check out the Unified Communications track, which is packed with technical content on Exchange 2010. And be sure to visit us at the Exchange product booth in the Exhibition Hall and let us know what you think of the product. Crystal Flores, who interviewed some of you on video at Tech·Ed North America earlier this year, will be on-hand in Berlin in a few weeks, armed with a camera and interview questions.  A group of us are also marching to Las Vegas for Exchange Connections the same week where our fearless leader Rajesh is giving the keynote.

We hope to see you in Berlin or Vegas, but if you can't join us in person, tune in via the Web ( to be part of the launch.

- The Exchange Team

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  1. bday says:

    WOOOO HOOOOO!! Great job, everyone! -brian (yes the TAP one)

  2. Lee Walton says:




  3. Michael Dragone says:

    Congrats everyone!

  4. zoltan says:

    Congratulations. ;)

    The wow starts now.

  5. Francesco says:

    good job guys, it was the moment we’ve so long waited for!

    Thanks to the Team!

    -francesco (yes, the TAP one!!)

  6. pesospesos says:

    awesome!  when can the rest of us get our hands on it?

  7. Matt V. says:

    Congratulations to all.  It was great to be a (small) part of this project over the last couple of years.

  8. Devin L. Ganger says:

    Why are we not surprised that one of the Brians is the first responder? :)

  9. aaron says:

    Congrats Fellas,

    Can’t wait to get this stuff up and running.

  10. PTCruiserGT says:

    Wow, time files.  I still have Exchange 2007 RTM fresh in my mind, and here we are with Exchange 2010.  Kudos to Microsoft!

  11. Missy Koslosky says:

    Congratulations – I’m really excited about this release and am looking forward to getting Exchange Server 2010 into production!!

  12. Oliver Moazzezi says:

    Nice one guys, really enjoyed the TAP program for this one!

  13. Chris Lehr says:

    Linkback from

    Great job guys, can’t wait to get those bits!

  14. Jason says:

    Awesome! When will a Storage Calculator be released to start the planning process?  (Or is there already one released that I don’t know about)  

  15. Walter says:

    Let the DAG games begin!

  16. John Cook says:

    Indeed, congratulations

  17. Magnus says:

    Great work!

    And thanks, we really need the bits in some projects!

  18. WELL DONE! You guys ROCK! Cannot wait until it hits MS VLSC!

  19. Scott Pauls says:

    Just out of curiosity when will it be available on Technet?

  20. Peter O'Dowd (MVP) says:

    Fantastic news, well done to the whole product group!

  21. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Congrats !

    Looking forward to deploy and start migration of all my company sites as soon as its available :)


  22. EmailGuy says:

    Alot of chest beating here, especially by internal MS staff, lets see how well it goes when put to the test in the real world. Sounds good but like so many MS offerrings they sound good but fail to deliver in production. I hope it lives up to the hype cause it will make my life easier.

  23. ScottKorman says:

    Yeah. Let’s hear about some large reference sites.

  24. Paul Bowden [Exchange] says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and congratulations!

    Paul Bowden

    Release Manager

    Exchange Server Development

  25. IvanStone says:

    @EmailGuy & ScottKorman

    "Yeah. Let’s hear about some large reference sites."

    have you not been paying attention?

    or is the ten million on live@edu not big enough?

    Well done guys!

    been waiting (and salivating) for a while, but not noearly as long as I’d expected!

  26. Albert Frick says:

    Guys, you’ve Done a Great Job during the last Time. Congrats. Hope there will Be a fast Publishing of this product. Regards, A. Frick

  27. Albert Frick says:

    Guys, you’ve Done a Great Job during the last Time. Congrats. Hope there will Be a fast Publishing of this product. Regards, A. Frick

  28. Julian Dyer says:

    Congrats from the team at Cobweb (TAP), brilliant job, the best Exchange release ever.


  29. Dusan Semrov says:

    Job well done!!

  30. EIDOZ says:

    Congratulation product team for the great job.

  31. Bhalchandra (BATRE) says:

    Sure its gonna Rock..

  32. Viktor Petersson says:

    Is there any changelog or similar available somewhere?

  33. Russ Pitcher says:

    That’s fantastic news!  Well done to all.

    Not that I’m impatient or anything, but do you know when the bits will find their way on to Technet? :)

  34. Flemmig Riis says:

    Awesome looking forward to the rtm bits.

  35. Dave Stork says:


    Very excited to transition my own Exchange environment and those of our customers!

    Question: I know an inplace upgrade from RC1 to RTM will be supported (or was intended to be), but will Mailbox move requests work from 2010RC1 to RTM? Just to be safe, I prefer not do to an inplace upgrade.

  36. sacker says:

    Well Done !

    But not too fast guys… when will antivirus products be available for that new version… talking about ex2k7, i rembember we had to wait a long time before a reliable AV product.

  37. grinder2 says:

    Good work.  Well done to all.

  38. netmon1 says:

    Do you know when it will hit MSDN? Also will the RTM build number be the same as the final release? Meaning is it "safe" to put 2010 RTM into a small IT production environment?

  39. BGBR says:

    Can you list the differences between Standard and Enterprise?

  40. Chris Lehr says:

    I saw a lot of questions here last night that made me post another ex2010 entry on my blog on planning

  41. Jinesh says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work.

  42. Liam Dye says:

    Will the code complete version have better compatibility with 2007 SP2? I have a 2010 RC1 and a 2007 SP2 server. And my Hub Transport or Client Access are not visible from the other server (ie if you’re in the 2007 EMC I can’t see the 2010 CAS and Hub Transport or vice-versa).

  43. Exchange Scalability says:


    what about scalability? Can someone point me to a case study about large deployments of exchange ~ 100.000 mailboxes?

  44. ReneLuebke says:

    Great Job and a honour be a part of the program ;-)

  45. Chris Lehr says:

    Quoting @IvanStone

    or is the ten million on live@edu not big enough?

  46. Ramon says:

    Wow! Congratulations! can’t wait!

  47. Scott Pauls says:

    @Exchange Scalability 100 mailboxes isn’t that hard for exchange to manage. A truley large scale exchange environment would be at least 750 – 1000 mailboxes minimum. I have a friend who is going to run 250 mailboxes on one exchange 2010 box. You just need to have a good Drive array, decent amount of RAM(for 100 Mailboxes i would recommend at least 3gb on server 2008 or 2008 R2 but I would go with 5gb or 6gb if you can) and a dual core system.

  48. Exchange Scalability says:

    Hi Scott,

    well, I thought more of 100000 mailboxes. :-) I thought that it’s common to write 100000 as 100.000 for better readability. We are currently having about 70.000 students at our university and at the moment we are using Communigate Pro which scales very well – even on low end hardware. But maybe we are moving to Exchange 2010 in the future. We just don’t yet if we should go the Exchange way or stay with Communigate  Pro.  

  49. Liam Dye says:

    @Scott Pauls

    I think that "Exchange Scalability" is European and using the decimal to separate thousands instead of a comma (eg 300.000 is 300,000). :)

  50. anonymous says:


    But i’m a little bit confused about the general availability of Exchange 2010. "This Release to Manufacturing (RTM) milestone means we are on our way to general availability and the launch at Tech·Ed Europe 2009 in early November." So the general availability will be at the Tech·Ed 2009?

    Or are are we on our way to the launch at Tech·Ed and later a release (that will be announced at Tech·Ed)?

  51. Scott Pauls says:

    @Exchange Scalability @Liam Dye Gotcha, sorry about the confusion. I am not an Exchange engineer by any means but a couple of things that make a HUGE difference in Exchange is lots of memory on the Client Acccess Servers, a very good Disk system and decent RAM on the Mailbox servers and decent processing power along with RAM on the Hub Transport servers. The more memory you have, the better Exchange will perform. I have seen other posts on other forums of people scaling Exchange 07 to the extent you would like to. I can only imagine that Exchange 2010 will do it better. As far as requirements of how many servers you would need for each role, Microsoft does have a couple of utilities listed here:

    I hope this helps a little bit.

  52. Nguyen, Bui Trung says:

    It is great, Exchange 2010 is really a good choice!

  53. pesospesos says:

    can the team confirm that the build # of RTM is 639.21?

  54. Jeff Guillet says:

    Congratulations, Paul and the Exchange Team!  Huge advances in Enterprise messaging have been made here.

    Pesos, yes, the RTM build is 639.21.

  55. Jeff Guillet says:

    See my series on Exchange Server 2010 RTM Upgrade and Installation.

    Phase 1 –

    Phase 2 –

    Phase 3 – In process!

  56. Jawed Iqbal says:

    Where can I find the Exch 2010 RTM build, I try looking in MSDN but only "…2010_rc_x64_417957.exe" build is available, not the 639.21 build?

  57. Alan Plummer says:

    I hope they fix the bug in ESEUTIL.

    Try creating a brand new public folder database in 2010 and run ESEUTIL /d "x:….PublicDB.edb" a few times.  Watch that EDB get bigger instead of smaller….

  58. Martin says:

    Can any tell me when it will be avaliable on MSDN to download.

    As there seems to have been a sudden silence since this anouncement.

  59. Akinzo says:

    Just cant wait to propose the WoW features to customers.

    Will appreciate if any can tell when the Exchange 2010 RTM will be available to Volume License customers having the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement with Software assurance ?

  60. jerry says:

    How about putting this baby on Technet so I can install it in Hyper V Dev???

  61. Scott Berger says:

    Is it my imagination or do I see a real RTM release on MSDN that I’m currently downloading!

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