Exchange 2010 Webcast series incoming!

MsEvents featured an eleven-part webcast series on Exchange 2010 during June and July of 2009. These webcasts are now available for on-demand viewing. Simply select the webcast you would like to view from the list below, register for the webcast, and then select how you would like to download the file.

A new webcast series on Exchange 2010 is starting at the beginning of June and we wanted to make sure you do not miss it. Here are the dates, titles, abstracts and registration links for the entire series:

NEW! TechNet webcast: Storage in Exchange 2010
Exchange 2010 carries on the tradition begun in Exchange Server 2007 of dramatically reducing mailbox storage costs. View this webcast and learn how we've enabled new levels of storage flexibility in Exchange 2010 and find out the technical details that will help you select the right storage for your Exchange 2010 environment.

Exchange 2010 High Availability
Welcome to the future! The future of Exchange high availability, that is. In this webcast, we reveal the changes and improvements to the built-in high availability platform in Exchange Server 2010. Exchange 2010 includes a unified framework for high availability and disaster recovery that is quick to deploy and easy to manage. Learn about all of the new features in Exchange 2010 that make it the most resilient, highly available version of Exchange ever.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Overview
This webcast will introduce you to Exchange Server 2010, reviewing the major areas of investment for this release and highlighting marquee features.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Management Tools
Exchange 2010 includes new capabilities that make the operation of your Exchange environment more efficient. Learn how we've made the Exchange Management Console more powerful, extended the reach of PowerShell, and made it easier to delegate management tasks.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Archiving and Retention
This webcast will introduce new ways to address archiving and retention with Exchange Server 2010.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Architecture
This webcast describes the overall architecture of Exchange 2010 and key considerations for the scalability and performance of each server role. This webcast will provide the background and framework for the other Exchange 2010 webcasts, serving as a bridge between the overview session and drill-downs in each product area. This webcast is a recommended pre-requisite for the Exchange 2010 transition and deployment webcast.

TechNet Webcast: Federation in Exchange 2010
Federation is a key part of the architecture of Exchange 2010, powering new organization-to-organization sharing scenarios. Learn how federation enhances the capabilities of Exchange 2010 and enables advanced coexistence between Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Voice Mail enabled by Unified Messaging
Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging is Microsoft's second generation unified messaging and voice mail solution. In this webcast, learn about the features, benefits, and architecture of Unified Messaging in Exchange 2010.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Information Protection and Control
This webcast will introduce you to new ways to address information protection and control with Exchange Server 2010. A discussion of the use of encryption and rights management in parallel with Exchange will be included as well as an introduction to new functionality in Exchange that supports information protection scenarios.

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2010 Transition and Deployment
In this session we will cover the migration planning and deployment path to move an organization from Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

- Erin Briney

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Comments (11)
  1. MattShadbolt says:

    Will these webcasts be recorded and available for download?

  2. Marc Poljak says:

    That would be very helpful, especially for folks which time zone differs a bit from PT (UTC+1).

  3. John says:

    I too would like to ask if these webcasts will be available for download after they happen.  It would be most helpful.  Looks like a good schedule.  Thanks.

  4. Matt Ward says:

    I’d also like to request that these webcasts are recorded and made available for download and/or on-demand streaming at a later date. Looks like a great schedule. Many thanks.

  5. Shawn Martin says:

    The titles seem to be the same as the TechEd sessions. Are these webcasts the recorded sessions?

  6. Adam Gates says:

    Looks like great information on the way.

    Thank you!

  7. Dinesh Mundra, says:

    Recorded session will definately help.

    Please let us know if these sessions will be available for the download.

    Many Thanks.

  8. Karsten says:

    Could you please check the Powerpoint – seems to be missing in the download for the first webcast.

  9. Doug says:

    The 6/15 webcast on OWA reports "You are unable to view this event as you do not have sufficient permissions." for me and at least one collegue.

  10. Vaibhav Deshpande says:

    Yes all the video are available for download. Thanks to Exchange 14 team.

  11. Doug says:

    The 6/15 webcast still reports the same error for me.

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