Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updated to v 16.3

Please go to our Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updates tracking page to see what is in this new version!

A blog post explaining the calculator (updated for this new version) is here. The download is here.

Comments welcome!

- Ross Smith IV

Comments (4)
  1. Hasty says:

    Thanky you for the tool

  2. Exchange says:

    would be perfect to see also RAID 50 in the Calc.

  3. So the way the calculator does the RAID-5 parity calculations is in essence RAID-50.  For example, let’s say we need 32 1TB disks to meet the capacity.  To use a RAID-5 5+1 parity grouping, I need 7 sets of RAID-5 5+1 parity groups (or 42 disks).  They are in essence either concatenated together or striped together to form the LUN.  If they are striped than that would be RAID-0.


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