Greg Taylor’s Bio

I started out teaching little old ladies in the UK how to use PC based Point Of Sale Systems in a retail store chain. I eventually became the IT Manager for that training company. I broke a lot of computers in the early days.

In 2000 I got into Consulting, working for a few different Gold Partners over a few years, before I joined MCS in the UK in 2005. I was fortunate to go through the Exchange Ranger (MCM) Program in 2005, achieved MCA | Messaging certification, and after a few years of working with some of Microsoft’s biggest customers, I ended up running that program.

Early in 2010 I moved to the Exchange Product Team where I am currently a PM in the Customer Experience team working in Redmond, where my role is to deal with customer escalations, produce guidance on how to work with Exchange, and I’m lucky enough to get to do presentations as well, where I strive to baffle and bamboozle my audience with deep information about Exchange that up until that point, they couldn’t even have imagined. It’s an art.

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