Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updated to v 16.0

Please go to our Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updates tracking page to see what is in this new version!

A blog post explaining the calculator (updated for this new version) is here.

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- Ross Smith IV

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  1. Jeparo says:


  2. wallakyl says:

    The calculator seems to be lacking consideration for archiving and purging. I have a client who archives once the mailbox reaches 200MB AND they also purge anything older than 60 days. I can’t account for this in the calculator and so it does not provide me with accurate calculations. Any plans to include this in an update?


  3. wallakyl – Yes you are correct, the calculator does not take into account archiving/purging when sizing mailbox stores.  Ultimately in this situation you size for 200MB since that will come into play.  That is the worst case (that the mailboxes have 200MB of fairly new content (less than 60 days old).


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