Meet the Exchange team!

During Terry's keynote on INTERACT2008 conference, we showed a 5 minute video that introduces some of the members of the Exchange Team and gives some insight into what they do. We figured that some of you might be interested in seeing it too so it is now posted for everyone to see here:

If you ever wondered how you could join the Exchange Team too, you should check out this site. And even if you are not ready to make that move now, you can use the related email signatures we made available for you.

- The Exchange Team

PS. We have heard that there are still people <gasp!> that do not know the story of Squeaky Lobster (also mentioned in the video). For more details about it all, read this and then head over here to read the comics, featuring Squeaky Lobster...

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  1. bday says:

    Thanks guys and gals. Any plans to put Terry’s keynote online too? Those of us who didn’t get to go would love to hear what he had to say.

  2. Oscar Soto MVP DS says:

    Congratulations for all of you.  

    Exchange ROCKS, because of you.


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