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Few weeks ago, Cathy mentioned in her monthly Exchange Server Documentation Update that Exchange 2003 documentation can now be annotated by people like you. Then David mentioned that too on his blog, reminding me that I really wanted to call this out, too.

Essentially - what has happened is that our UE team has worked with TechNet folks to give you the ability to add content to any topic in the Exchange 2003 online library.   The basic idea here is to add brief, useful pieces of consensus information that will enrich the topic.  The process is straightforward:   The first time you click on the "Add Community Content" link at bottom of a topic (shown in the screen shot below), you’ll be asked to register as a participant (you sign in with your Microsoft Live ID); from then on, you'll be able to add information about topics that you feel others would benefit from having.   Within moments of typing in an entry, you (and everyone else reading the topic) will be able to see your contribution as entered on the page.


Here is the page section you should use for this (click to see bigger version):

I think this is going to be a great and very focused way for knowledgeable people to share their experience across the Exchange community. 

I can already hear someone asking - "That's cool, but what about Exchange 2007 documentation?" Yeah, that is being worked on!

My UE friends have asked me to remind everyone, too, that this new functionality isn't intended to replace the existing content feedback mechanism - the five-star widget on every page that reads "Click to Rate and Give Feedback."   That online process is still the right way to let people here know whether a particular topic has or hasn't not met your needs, and why.  The Exchange UE team reads and evaluates all the feedback it gets through that channel, and a lot of our content improvements originate that way.  Microsoft people will be reviewing the Community Content for appropriateness, but not to gather bug reports.  

So - keep those ratings and comments coming using the feedback chrome - and, when you see a topic in the Exchange 2003 library that you feel can benefit from your annotation, scroll to the bottom of the topic, click on "Add Community Content," and go for it.   


- Nino Bilic

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    I would comment.. when will SP2 come out for Exchange 2003 ;-).

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