The wait is over: Exchange Server 2007 SP1 has RTMed!

It certainly has been an exciting couple of months with the UC Launch and hearing a lot of great feedback and excitement from customers and press about the work we've done in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1).  Today we are announcing the release of SP1 to the web for existing Exchange Server 2007 customers and the update of our trial package for customers looking at deploying Exchange Server 2007 for the first time. 

I would like to thank our Technical Adoption Program (TAP) customers who have really shaped this release through their early deployments of Exchange Server 2007.  It was their feedback and participation in the SP 1 TAP that has driven most of the features in this release.  In a meeting with our TAP customers earlier in the week we asked them if SP1 was ready to ship; I would like to share with you a few of comments from that meeting:

"With the additional enhancements contained in SP1, Exchange Server 2007 is a "must have" for all organizations, large or small.  The enhancements (and there are many) we are most excited about revolve around an improved Site Resiliency Solution with the inclusion of Standby Continuous Replication and the continuous improvements to Outlook Web Access." - Gary Cooper, Horizons Consulting

"I've been really excited about some of the UI enhancements (especially bulk mailbox creation), but for my customers the OWA features have taken the cake! The return of Public Folder access, a monthly calendar view, and the ability to work with Personal DL's produced cheers from the troops.  The ability to recover deleted items as well as a great deal of added right-click functionality was also a big plus - we can now offer our staff and students truly robust access to their Exchange resources... anytime, anywhere!" - Sarah Windsor, Tracy Unified School District

"Exchange Server 2007 was a significant step forward for Exchange, raising the bar for performance, stability and scalability and allowing HP to consolidate our 260,000+ mailboxes from over 100 locations to 3 and reduce the number of Exchange servers by two thirds. Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 rounds out the enterprise features of Exchange Server 2007 with even better management, improved support for our Windows Mobile devices and takes disaster recovery and fault tolerance to a new level." - Stan Foster, HP Technology Solutions Group

"Kudos to the Exchange team for this landmark release, which has more new features and functionality than any other service pack ever. The Exchange ActiveSync experience has been wonderful, and so has OWA. Most of all, the High Availability improvements and addition of SCR make SP1 a hard-to-resist release. Participating in E12 and E12 SP1 TAP programs was a great opportunity to work with a very customer-focused product team - you guys rock! This is also one of the best documented releases of Exchange Server, and given the mind-boggling amount of information covered in the documentation, that's no small feat. Congratulations to the UE team for that!" - Bharat Suneja (Exchange MVP), Zenprise

For those of you who have deployed Exchange Server 2007 and are ready to apply SP1 you can go out and download the bits here. Please read the Release Notes located here.

If you are ready to try out Exchange Server 2007 SP1 you can download the trial here.  As this service pack is slipstreamed you can install Exchange Server 2007 SP1 without installing Exchange Server 2007; so there is no need to download the Exchange Server 2007 trial first.

- The Exchange team

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Comments (68)
  1. bday says:

    Pardon my French, but woo f’ing hoooooooo!!!! :D :D :D

  2. L@ngen says:

    Great, Finaly its out… now forefront sp1 and we can start installing and get a real released Exchange 2007 version :-)

  3. hector says:

    Great, we have been waiting for SP1 for awhile. How about Forefront SP1, has it been elease as well…I understand that if running Forefront then Forefront SP1 must be installed before installin Exchange 2007 SP1.


  4. paul says:

    Congrats guys.

    Now all we’ll be asking you is: When is SP2 coming out? ;-)

  5. Dennis says:

    Great News!  We have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  From what I’m reading it appears to be a seemless upgrade from RTM Exchange 2007.  Let’s hope that’s the case.

  6. Scott Schnoll says:

    FOREFRONT for SP1 for Exchange 2007 SP1  has RTM’d as well the location for this download is at:

    Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server with Service Pack 1

    Release Notes

  7. SAMI says:

    Thank you a lot!

    You just made my day (and week)

    Congratulations guys! :)

  8. james says:

    Question about the SP1 package – Why is the included ExchHelp.chm file from September? There was a SP1 Help File released in November (Version: 07Nov2007). Couldn’t/shouldn’t this one have been included in the SP1 package?

    So, after you install SP1, you’ll want to download the November 2007 help file (

  9. james says:

    Any issues with managing RTM Exchange 2007 from a client with the SP1 Management tools installed?

    I’ve spotted one issue that concerns me: I run Get-ADPermission from the SP1 Shell on my administators workstation and I’m getting the following warning:

    WARNING: Object domain.local/User Accounts/username has been corrupted and it is in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors have occurred:

    WARNING: The access control entry defines the following ObjectType ’89f15da4-ec0c-4536-929c-bd40fbe3786f’ that cannot be resolved.

    I did not see this from the RTM Shell and when I run this on the RTM Exchange server, I also don’t get this error. The user account that reports this errors does have specific ACEs in Active Directory related to being able to read confidential attributes (Permissions added per MSKB 922836).

    Once we have our Test environment upgraded to SP1, I’ll be interest to see if this warning message continues.

  10. ScarySpice says:

    I’ll check back in 3 months. :)

  11. Roger says:

    Uhoh!? We are currently running: Mailbox, CAS, Hub Transport, and UM all on the same Exchange RTM server. In the "Known Issues" portion of the release notes for SP1 it says "You must deploy the Exchange 2007 SP1 Unified Messaging server role on a dedicated computer. Specifically, no other services or Exchange 2007 server roles should be installed on a computer that is running the Unified Messaging server role."

    That sounds very bad…

  12. Rolf Szimnau says:

    I just did the upgrade to SP1, and since then my information store shuts down suddenly if I initiate a Active sync from my phone. It worked fine before installing SP1. Has anyone seen errors related to this?

    Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 2616, with parameters: E12N, c-rtl-AMD64, 08.01.0240.006, store.exe, mdbrest.dll, 4e0a0, c0000005, 102a, 08.01.0240.005.  ErrorReportingEnabled: False

    Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 2616, with parameters: E12N, c-rtl-AMD64, 08.01.0240.006, store.exe, EXOLEDB.DLL, d0cd1, c0000005, a9b2, 08.01.0240.005.  ErrorReportingEnabled: False

    Faulting application store.exe, version, faulting module exoledb.dll, version, fault address 0x00000000000d0cd1.


    Rolf Szimnau

  13. julian says:

    Excellent! I’ve just finish the installation on my production server… it took about 20 minutes (without counting the time it took me to found .net FW 2.0 sp1 and install it).

    Everything works perfect! Great work! OWA rules are the best!

    you guys are the best! :D Kudos exchange team!


  14. yotu says:

    i had download it. so carzy…

    i wait for at least 3 months…

    i luv exchange..

  15. John Gilham says:

    Great article…do you know if the remote SCR node can have all Exchange roles installed (CAS, and HUB) on the server, or does SCR limit that remote server to a Mailbox role only like other cluster topologies?

    Ideally, I would like to require only on server for exchange redundancy at the DR remote site.  At the primary site, we have a SCC cluster, and additional servers as the CAS/HUB role.

  16. Exchange says:

    Roger – that is an error in release notes. I have filed the bug for this to get corrected – thanks for reporting it! this is teh reference you should follow:

    Rolf – this is not a known issue at this time that I can find – please open a support case with Exchange support.

  17. Mike Crowley says:

    The OWA logon page says 2007 as opposed to before, it says 2006!  I don’t like telling strangers the patch level of our network!!

  18. Teddy says:

    Amazing man!

  19. Oguz says:

    Problems with my edge-transport. The Edgetransport service is stopping all the time. I try to create a new edge subscription and try to import it on the hub transport but It does not work. I’m getting an error that says "The version of the Edge subscription doesn’t match any Hub transport servers in the subscribed site".

    What to do? All external mailflow is cut off. Help.

  20. Ben says:

    Got it installed finaly but we had a problem first time arround.

    DPM 2007 was trying to snapshot exchange when setup was trying to stop the services, this resulted in setup failing & all exchange + IIS services being disabled on the server. After manually re-enabling all the services (exchange, IIS, remote registry, RPC, http ssl) it would let me re-run setup & complete. Worth making sure if you are using DPM that you disable the DPMRA service before starting the service pack install, perhaps that could be a pre-requisite check?

  21. Another Roger says:

    Will there be an SP1 ISO image to download from I have checked and there is still no SP1 media there.

    If not, is it possible to put a SP1 file in the /update folder like you can do with the Update Rollups so you install SP1 directly?

    – Roger

  22. Flemming Riis says:

    Roger the SP1 download is a "full" exchange without the UM languagepacks+forefront so you can install from that.

    UMpacks+Forefront is a seperate download.

    not sure if they will make a sp1 dvd would be nice though

  23. Exchange says:

    L@ngen – Forefront SP1 is now available:

    Roger – have you upgraded both servers (if those roles are separate)? If yes – please open a case with our support!

  24. sparky says:

    Do you know when the german version will be released?

  25. sparky says:

    Problem solved! The german version is available now.

  26. Techiedude says:

    Is there a timeline to add support for possibly a week view or monthly view in OWA Lite’s calendar? I’m an admin at a university and we’re pushing to get Exchange instead of the heap of smelly, open-sourced poop we’ve got right now. One of mgmt’s biggest complaints is the lack of available calendar views in OWA Lite using Firefox and Safari. Any ideas/insights? Timelines? This could go a looooong way in getting E2k7 approved for use in our environment…(By the way – thnx for a great product/app! I’m only able to run it in a test bed right now, but what we’ve used/admin’ed so far has been phenomenal! I honestly cannot praise the app or its overabundance of available documentation enough!)


    A Windows admin in an open-sourced (yet closed-minded) environment.

  27. Jeff25 says:

    Check out my blog posting, "Installing Exchange 2007 SP1: Notes from the field…" for details on the installation of SP1.


  28. Dan_IT says:

    At last summer’s TechEd, one of the techs mentioned that SP1 was going to modify the GUI so that we could (1) do bulk-recipient modifications, i.e., display the "properties" option on the context menu when bulk-selecting, and (2) display mailbox size.

    Am I missing these or are they still PowerShell-only options?

  29. bday says:

    Quick question. Does E2K7 RTM or SP1 add more auditing ability? In 2003 we’re stuck with "Mailbox Last Accessed By" being the same entry for someone trying to access Free/Busy info, or a a real mail folder. Has the possibility of tracking deeper than this been added so we can try to monitor for unauthorized entry attempts? Thank you! :)

  30. Tony Bunce says:


    I’m trying to install SP1 but the "Readiness" check fails with this error:

    "Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 setup cannot continue because this computer belongs to a domain that has a single-labeled DNS name"

    But according to this KB article you can’t change the domain name if you have Exchange 2007:

    So I can’t install SP1 without changing the domain but I can’t change the domain if I have Exchange 2007…Sounds like I’m stuck

  31. Stuck with Tony says:

    Got the same problem as Tony. F1!

  32. Alistair Young says:

    My SP1 install suffers a fatal error in the middle of the Mailbox role – a Windows Installer error 1603 trying to remove the Microsoft Full Text Indexing Engine for Exchange.  So now I’m stuck with a partially installed SP1 and can’t move forward or back.  Anyone else seen this one?

    (And/or know how I can move in either direction?)

  33. Drew Appling says:

    I recently installed Exchange 2007 SP1 and am having a problem with viewing calendar items created before SP1 installation.

    My clients have had to re-enter all of their calendar items…

    Is this a known issue?

  34. Eric says:

    I also have the same problem as Tony. As well as others.

  35. Exchange says:

    For those experiencing issues with calendar items (or any other issues really after/during SP1 application).

    Please open support cases with our support services so this can be looked into. This is obviously not the intent (referring to calendar issue specifically)

  36. Drew Appling says:

    Where do I go to open a support case?

  37. exadmin says:

    We have a big problem upgrading to SP1. when we start SP1 setup it tells us that the process exsetupui and setup.exe has open files, please close the process pid:xxxx This process is the actual running setup process if you kill it you kill the whole setup program. so whats going on there? we start setup and it tells us it has open files and wants to be closed?!?!?

  38. DT says:


    I got this 3-4 times installing in my test lab, which is in a virtual environment… I kind of chalked it up to that. I made sure any/all running apps were closed and restarted the setup. Even killed the setup.exe PID once or twice with ProcessExplorer. In the end it installed with no problems. Going to try and deploy to our pre-production servers this week.

    Good Luck!

  39. Jeff25 says:

    Tony, Eric, et al,

    The single-labeled DNS name error you’re getting is probably coming from the Edge server, right?  Make sure that the primary DNS suffix of the computer matches the DNS suffix of your domain (i.e.,  Check it in System Properties | Computer Name | Change | More | Primary DNS suffix of this computer.

  40. exadmin says:


    I can close any running app but at last the process exsetupui has allways open files… We have no virtual environment here.

  41. Eric says:

    Jeff, no I don’t have an Edge server. I have one 64 bit server 2003 standard w/exchange 2007. I have the Hub Transport, Mailbox, Client Access, and UM (which I’m not using yet) roles installed. I don’t know about the others (Tony, and Stuck with Tony).

  42. easy1ndian says:

    I’ve cursed, I’ve abused, I’ve harassed…

    Now let me just say THANK YOU for releasing SP1. I can finally start my project with Windows 2K3 R2, X2K7 SP1, DPM 2K7, System Center Essentials 2007 and SQL 2005 SP2 along with other 22 servers and services. Yes it’s big but the availability of products at last is a relief.

    Keep up the good work. For now, I wish you all the very best for the ‘upcoming’ (sounds familiar ;-)) holidays!

  43. ToddSWagner says:

    Has anyone gotten a clean install yet?  Jeez  I guess I will need to upgrade the following.

    1. .Net 2.0 SP1

    2. Possible high utlization patch for .Net SP1

    3. Forefront Security SP1

    3. Stop all exchange and forefront services and run SP1

    I have a feeling this product is over engineered, unlike Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003.  I have a bad feeling about an upgrade.  I need to do it get IPhones working and a few other things.  

  44. AK says:

    .net framwork 2.0 sp1 released as well, installed on active CCR node, it went great BUT on stand by CCR, FW 2.0 sp1 failed to install. It said there is not .net framwork 2.0a on the passive node. Tried to repair the FW 2.0, but failed. Tried to uninstall FW 2.0, failed. Someone said I have to delete /windows/winsxs/options directory and the server is not booting up.

    How do I evict passive node when the node is no londer available? Just evict the node from the cluster administrator? and setup a new node and install ex2k7 as a passive node?

    What do I have to do?

  45. exadmin says:

    We solved the problem! when you copy the install files to the same partition on where the exchange server resides this problem occures. We now copied SP1 fieles to another partition and it seems to work now, no further "open files handles in exsetupui process" error messages

  46. E2K7GURU says:

    I also have the same problem as Tony

  47. Anwar Ahmed says:

    WOW Exadmin – You r intelligent –

    I copied my Exchange Setup files on other drive and all works well.

    Salute to Micrsosoft for being so unintelligent


  48. Javier S says:

    I cant install SP1 on Edge Server, on the readiness check I keep getting a message saying that it Cant access local registry and to check Remote Registry Service, which is perfectly OK. It works fine on the other server with the rest of the roles (I’m not using UM) but I don’t want to install it unless I’m sure its going to work on the Edge too. I’m using the local administrator account to perform the installation. Can anyone help?

  49. Tony Bunce says:

    For all the people having the single labeled dns issue it looks like we are currently stuck without a solution.

    Someone on the TechNet forms contacted product support and they were told Exchange is not supported on single-labeled DNS domains.  The RTM installer didn’t block on install but apparently it should have.

    The worst part about this is the lack of documentation and the fact that there is no real solution.  I can’t find ANYTHING that says exchange won’t work on single-labeled DNS domains.  And since that requirement apparently has changed between RTM and SP1, or at least the enforcement of that requirement, there needs to be a way to solve the problem for the people on RTM with single labeled domains.

    You can’t rename a domain with Exchange 2007 so it seams like the only solution is to create a new domain, setup a new exchange server, then migrate all the accounts and mailboxes.   That doesn’t seam like much of a solution at all to me..

  50. Lorennerol says:

    Hour three of what should have been a one hour install. The SP1 doesn’t check all pre-reqs before launching, crashes, leaves services disabled, leaves services set to manual, and now has the remote server hung.

    You all get a big fat F for this. Exchange used to be a rock-solid, reliable app. 2007 is a disaster.

    Did you actually test this install in a single server environment?

    VERY frustrated.

  51. David says:

    Sorry aout your luck man!  I just deployed SP1 on 8 exchange servers and everything is working great :- )  Had to manually stop some SMEX services on the Hub’s and apply .Net SP2 to all boxes.  It took about 2 hours for all boxes.

  52. bday says:

    Quick followup to my question far above. I called PSS and they confirmed that 2K7 SP1 does not add additional mailbox access auditing capabilities. Maybe next time! :)

  53. MauriceW says:

    Upgraded my home installation this weekend and ran into two issues:

    1. SP1 doesn’t allow you to set the external FQDN name of the Default receive connector to something that is not the real server FQDN or NETBIOS name. This is because the receive connector has the "Exchange Servers" authentication method set. If you are running without an Edge server and using the Hub Transport as the external gateway, you need to set the external FQDN to your external host name. In the documentation, Microsoft advises not to change the FQDN of the Default Receive connector, because it will give problems when Hub Transport servers want to communicate with each other. Since my setup only has one Hub Transport server, I decided to leave the external FQDN set and turn off the "Exchange Servers" authentication option. This allowed me to install SP1 and mail flow is still working. FYI my mailbox server role is on the same server as the hub transport server.

    2. If you have any UM language packs other than US English installed, the SP1 install will not run and tells you to uninstall the additional language packs. After doing this, SP1 will install, but you will not be able to reinstall the language packs again. The error message you get is: A Unified Messaging Language Pack is already installed for the culture ‘nl-NL’ (for example). I discovered that you need to delete the appropriate registry value for the language packs that you uninstalled from: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftExchangev8.0UnifiedMessagingRoleLanguagePacks. After deleting they key, the language pack would install again.

  54. Michu says:

    I installed SP1 SDK on 64-bit machine with Exchange 2007 installed. I wanted to check how custom transport agents work. I built the BodyConversion sample agent, installed it and… it does not work in my environment. Is is supposed to add a disclaimer to emails, however if the agent is working the body of all emails is empty – there is no original content and no disclaimer.

    Can you confitrm that this sample is succesfully working in 64-bit environment? Or maybe you have another sample that can change the original content of emails?


    Michal [Outlook MVP]

  55. michaelcoop says:

    I wondering if I can do the following single labeled dns issue.

    Exchange 2007 is not in prodcution on the network.

    Unisntall Exchange 2007 rename the domain then reinstall Exchange 2007.

    Any issues that I will come up against?

  56. zpetersen says:

    I’m curious as to what kind of calendaring issues people are seeing. I noticed that something was mentioned earlier on in the comments.

    I have a thread going on the technet forums regarding a EXCDO error that if flooding my event logs.

    Heres the error:

    Calendaring agent failed with error code 0x8000ffff while saving appointment

    Heres the thread:

  57. Exchange says:


    That should work!

  58. We have a problem upgrading the Edge servers…. Setup can’t continue because it cannot acess the registry…

    Any solutions to that?

  59. Javier S says:

    Wolfgang I had the same problem and found that I had unchecked the Client for Microsoft Networks and Sharing Printers and files.. in Network configuration. Check them, install SP1 and when finished uncheck them again.

  60. Chris Z. says:

    When I try to install Exch 2007 SP1 (already have Exch 2007 installed) I recieve an error stating that "The Exchange server is in an inconsistent state. Only server recovery mode is available".  Also, when I try to uninstall the orignal installation via add/remove programs I receive the same error.  I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.  This is a "clean" server so if can do whatever is needed to repair.

  61. oyun says:

    Am I missing these or are they still PowerShell-only options

  62. RJ says:

    We just installed SP1 on our Exchange 2007 environment. We still have a 2003 backend mailbox server where most of our users are still located. After the upgrade, IMAP and POP broke. I looked everywhere for documentation on what changed during the SP1 upgrade for these two new tabs (imap and pop) but couldn’t find anything. I finally realized that IMAP and POP security settings had been changed/elevated. I had to change it from Secure TLS to Windows Integrated Authentication for both protocols so users could again connect with their client settings. The certificate had also changed so users were getting SSL errors – not sure why it pulled a different cert. IMAP and POP were working fine until the SP1. Some better documentation would have been nice. Also, when you upgrade the cluster service for CCR, it takes awhile. Plan for 20-30 minutes downtime when you upgrade your mailbox servers in CCR cluster.

  63. Kick says:

    Can’t believe the single-labelled DNS name issue. I’m now in the position of having to explain to my boss that M$ have screwed us good and proper. Changing our Domain name isn’t going to be an option- ever. We now have multiple sites with Exchange 2007 running that will never be service packed. Considering M$ are all "security conscious" nowadays they’ve truly dropped the ball.

    The only option I can see for my company is to remove the 64bit Servers we bought specifically for Exchange 2007 replace them with 32bit and throw Exchange 2003 at them.

    Cheers Mr Gates.

  64. Eric says:

    I’m with you Kick, we bought an 64bit server specifically for Exchange 2007. I had a MS tech look over my whole set before I went live and was told that everything looked great and that I could go ahead. And everything was going just fine until SP1. And now the rules have changed. I think from now on I will wait until at least a SP1 release to get any MS products or see what other options I have.

  65. Disgruntled customer says:

    Still no solution to the single labeled dns name issue, sad. Putting my money elsewhere next time.

  66. Exchange says:


    While we do not have the solution yet, I did want to make sure that you saw that we did blog about it and are working on it:

  67. stevenrlong says:

    I’m have the same issue that Oguz had or has…

    "The version of the Edge subscription doesn’t match any Hub transport servers in the subscribed site".

    I get this message when I try to import the xml file to my hub server.

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