Exchange Server 2007 Component Architecture poster in December 2007 TechNet Magazine

EDIT: The poster actually comes in December 2007 issue, not November 2007.

You might be interested in this:

December 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine comes with a 30" x 20.5" poster called Exchange Server 2007 Component Architecture. Here is a preview (click on the thumbnail to open larger version):

The above is of course still too small to use. We have blogged about the downloadable version too, but unless you have some serious printing capabilities, you might not be able to print this properly in high quality.

Well, the good news is that - if you head over to TechNet Magazine site, you can order the December 2007 issue as a back issue order and get the actual glossy printout with it. It'll serve two purposes nicely:

  • help you with understanding of Exchange 2007 Component Architecture and serve as a quick reminder or a learning tool
  • look really impressive on your wall, and boost your Exchange geek-factor by a good amount


- Nino Bilic

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  1. Poo Ching Loong says:

    Its a great one for bed time story anyway :). Any scale down or break down version?

  2. Lynn_Lunik says:

    If you are searching for the comparable ‘geek poster’ specific to Windows Server 2008 created by Martin McClean and Astrid McClean you will find it at the link above.  Very valuable stuff!

  3. RobG says:

    I’m so glad I’m blessed with a full-color plotter at work.  I even blew it up to about 110% of the original with no visible loss of quality.  It is quite impressive.

  4. MEK says:

    Actually it looks pretty good at 36" x 24" :)

  5. tim.doerr says:

    Finally you can download Exchange Service Pack 1 as of November 30th. Email i got from Technet.

    On November 30, you will be able to download Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 1 <; ..

  6. DReller says:

    You mean everyone doesn’t have a full-color plotter at their disposal? ;)  I’m thankful that our company deals with large network diagrams, and thus has one that we can use.  Not that I need it, as I got it in the December issue, but I know others that I consult that don’t have one and would like the poster.  I’ll point them to the back-issue ordering to get it.

    This is a great poster to have.  Good stuff to geek out to, or just to put up and let people walk by and ooo-and-aahhh at. :)

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